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  1. I have to point out that before ships were announced and certain CC would make clickbait about how OP the ship was and then it was nerfed during the testing cycle being declared DOA at released. A couple of years ago WG changed so ships start testing with underwhelming stats and over the cycle are buffed and nerfed, they also changed how ships reviews (of the actual ship, people can still theorize on published stats but not from their own closed testing experiences) could not be published until the ship was released so people would make clickbait using ingame footage of ships that were still in development. I dont want to talk much about the RN battlecruisers except that they are mostly a logical progression of RN battlecruiser concept, the short fuse AP is because ... battlecruisers were never intended to engage battleships, they were meant to destroy cruisers and then battlecruisers so the shortfuse AP makes sense, Hood used to have short fuse AP too as for torpedoes, they are either had then or are based in projects that had then but then again historical accuracy only matters when its WG apparently. The role of battlecruisers is *shock* to sink cruisers and battlecruisers, not to do slug matches with battleships as they were never designed for such roles outside Germany that had their own reasons for doing what they did in relation to armor and caliber.
  2. WWDragon

    Random Operations... really?

    The notion in MMORPGs is that "endgame" is when you reach level cap and just do dungeons, getting there is just getting there, this is a rather self-defeating attitude as endgame is nothing but a endless grind for BiS gear that is rendered obsolete the next expansion/update that pretty much only expands on the endgame. "World of" games is the same really, you progress to tiers to reach Tier X and then you "win" the game, the economy is set so higher tier/higher reward so players are incentivized to play at high tier, WG monetizes it so the mindset of players is the same ... if you are a Lv38 Warrior or playing Tier VI ships is to progress to the next level/tier, not because they enjoy it. In a MMORPG that is something unavailable in a sense but they are attempts at fixing that, Genshin Impact have something called "World Level" and it will level scale to your level that as I dont like that mechanic (because its a cheap way to not balance zones) I admit it a attempt at making leveling less important (a poor one because then we have things that DONT level scale, likely by design), in "World of" the problem is down to economy really, lower that Tier V are "dont exist" Tiers as they cannot progress for Daily rewards (by design to make people to either pony up for Tier V+ Premiums or rush Tier I-IV as fast as possible), rewards are also scaled by tier ... if they were normalized this would ceased to be a problem with Tier only existing as a balancing mechanic so people couldnt just bring WW II era ships and face WW I era ships.
  3. Not sure about CVs, take Narai ... you have limited targets and King is a CV and CV vs CV interaction is not great but the worst part is the harbor battle, first because they spawn in groups and its AA heavy but also the harbor itself isnt good for torpedo runs due to the islands. The good map for CVs always been Killer Whale due to map size and enemy composition. Also I rather scaling started at +3, just because Newport is a T7-8 Operation and I dont want to be roped into it, really NOT a fan of enforced sociability.
  4. WWDragon

    Random Operations... really?

    Yes, they always been because they want people to pay2skip and make T10 the goal of playing. The problem is they are pushing same mentality of MMORPGs were you have to reach the endgame so you can now "play the game", not the in-out of current MMOs that after you get by the tutorial all the loyalty systems open up (daily log-in, monthly rewards, etc), WG model is stuck in the past, monetizationwise they been pretty much up to modern model (only missing battlepass but they have a subscription system instead) but designwise they are a decade old, they are trying to speed up matches but instead of doing the logical thing (reducing teamsize) they have instead decreased survivability leading to the current state, for WG player satisfaction is not only irrelevant but against their model because players are expected to became frustrated and pay2skip. The moment WoT dies so does WG because they have no plan B, their design basic have not evolved.
  5. Nay, wrong ship. Siegfried was the one that got screwed as range was normalized, Siegfried secondary range could been up to 11.49km vs Agir 8.01km, firing angles are better in Siegfried but Agir have extra secondary turret on each side. Now both have a secondary range of 9.54km but since same secondaries that just gives Agir a extra turret vs worst firing angles, Agir problem is that it have Odin historical and famous 305mm with battlecruiser dispersion, Siegfried have the 380mm guns from the Bismarck with cruiser accuracy, of course that it have its own overpen problems.
  6. WWDragon

    IJN CL incoming

    Err, no. Japan had limited dockyard capability, they could build a bunch of light cruisers that would be ... outmatched and outnumbered by the USN cruisers, they gone with Heavy Cruisers because they would need to match USN that, mind you, outside the Atlanta that were designed as Destroyer Leaders also just build Heavy Cruisers, only nation that keep building Light Cruisers was ... the UK but the Royal Navy was in a rather different place (look at the number if RN battleships and then compare then with say the RN, they had 8 Heavy vs the RN 19 BBs) and of course Light Cruisers were very much a London Naval Treaty creation, moment that ceased to be they had no reason to go around with underarmed cruisers as the only difference of Light and Heavy was caliber of the main gun,, maximum tonnage limit was the same and of course everyone got more tonnage limit for then (because before it everyone was building Heavy Cruisers). Japan building light cruisers would be in fact a waste of resources, they not only didnt need too but also they would be going against nations that outnumbered then already.
  7. WWDragon

    The experience of a new player

    Oh let me take a peek at the OP stats. New player with 50.45% WR, 9 Kraken Unleashed, 5 Brother-in-Arms, 13 Confederates ... Do I really need to say more?
  8. In a month should be Global anniversary and so free gems and I have a lot of commons I could delete before that.
  9. 100 builds, no Garibaldi and being spooked by a Elite that is not even good (but her skin is). Also Taihou L2D is a cutie, she is so afraid of Albacore.
  10. Eh, no. Both were removed for the simple reason Tier IX as Steel ships face the problem of cost, you risk being uptiered and the price difference of IX and X is both small enough and large enough so people will only buy Tier X Steel ships, this is caused by the game design that favors Tier X over everything and poor pricing decisions. The same will happen to the Pan-American Cruiser as sure you COULD buy a Tier IX Steel Cruiser buy WHY would you do that?