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  1. WWDragon

    Christ, how bad is the Zao now

    Yes, those are kitting cruisers with bad armor and huge citadels but its the whole line that is like that. Heavy Cruiser is related to armament so Zao is a CA due to having 203mm guns but the ship is very poorly armored that cannot really compare with the Des Moines that are similar armed but have much better armor. I said CL simply because armorwise they are similar. We have ships that on average perform poorly but show entirely different performance when filtered towards the 5%. This is why I pointed out Salem that despite being viewed by most of the playerbase as "worst that Des Moines" when filtered she have a significant better WR so following the so called "logic" of balancing ships on their performance on the 5% clearly Salem needs a nerf (that would kill the ship) and/or Des Moines being buffed, as much we have "spreedsheet balance" done by WG the same is done by the playerbase. Also amusing enough the higher placement seem to be caused by number of planes destroyed as otherwise Salem have worst statistics that Des Moines and yes, I used her a example so people dont get caught on "muh stats" because her placement is entirely based on having one stat higher. I dont know what you can do to Zao to buff it to improve their WR, in the end some ships will always be in the bottom of the list because even in a "perfectly balanced" situation there will be a list and someone goes to the bottom even if by virtue of alphabetic order.
  2. Oh bit I dont hate LOGH, I marathoned the OVA back in the day except the movies because ... well they are kinda events that already took place before the OVA started so I kinda knew how it would end anyway. The New Thesis on the other hand ... I have problems with so dont presume this is "hate" towards other cultures, a lot of people do have issues with WG filling the game with silly unhistorical things and even more fantasy elements but I am not one of then, this is a exception I make.
  3. WWDragon

    Christ, how bad is the Zao now

    The concept is the same as the IJN cruiser line that doesnt work that well anymore because Zao firing range is 16.23/18.83km as the rework forced certain upgrades, you have to take the range upgrade and play Zao entirely as a kitting cruiser firing from maximum range as otherwise you risk deletation but that isnt exactly new for CL cruisers. Besides Zao have a WR of 48.94% with the oh-so-broken-because-certain-CC-said-so-russian-bias-reee Smolensk have 49.06% that is just slight above it with Goliath 51.28% so I guess its balanced? Salem and Yoshino are the ones at the bottom, at least for overall stats (the 5% show a diferent picture but hey, Salem beats Des Moines there so nerf Salem because WG should balance the game according to my feefees the top players?)
  4. Its forced because missions get activated by default and your choice became play or not, its not avoidable. Can I avoid it? No, participation is mandatory as long you play the game ... even the "rewards" are automatically claimed, what I can avoid I will make sure that I will.
  5. WWDragon

    Submarine Testing

    You cannot compare modern electric submarines with WWII era diesel submarines, oxygen depletion would be depending on several factors but more important would be battery.Even modern electric submarines cannot remain submerged indefinitely ... of course since WOWS battles are 25 minutes even a WWII era submarine would remain submerged and operate normal for more that a hour. As for radio, depends on depth really since they would need to pop their radio antenna out of the water to send and receive radio communications. As for sonar, again WWII era hydrophones but WOWS is a arcade game and not a simulator. As for CVs ... there was no "anti sub torps" with one exception, Mk 24 Mine leaving the US with the only air dropped acoustic torpedo as nobody else had then, its strange that CV dont get ASW planes when USN and RN certainly had then, the rest didnt operate fleet carriers but they certainly have at least landbase aircraft capable of dropping depth charges as Germany had the Blohm & Voss BV 138. I do feel that leaving ASW out of carriers is wrong, then again if WG wanted to introduce a "escort" CV line that are CVs designed for support and not attack (like Fleet) that might make sense for the current CV lack of ASW capabilities but as such lines make sense of USN, IJN and RN they would not for the KM and Soviet lines that are already heavily "paper".
  6. WWDragon

    Fantasy vs reality Submarine Edition.

    The problem comes down to the notion strategic bombing would end wars ... except it didnt, ever. Plague outbursts in a city in the US would just lead to quarantine it, not US surrender just like the "fire bats" would not made Japan surrender because its not as if the USAF wasnt firebombing then for a year now, the nuke worked simply because Japan was already in the verse of surrendering and there was no way to stop it if the USAF was using entire squadrons to drop then ... all it needed was one plane to drop one, didnt even needed to be right on target and that was enough to annihilate their target and even that needs to actually be proven in the field since it took two for Japan to surrender when they were already in a position of offering surrender. Besides I think I did say the British did employed fire balloons (Operation Outward) with success.
  7. WWDragon

    and again event only for RU

  8. I will be skipping this on purpose.
  9. WWDragon

    Fantasy vs reality Submarine Edition.

    No, the I-400 was a project from Yamamoto to attack the West and East Coast as well the capability to reach any point in the world and return without refueling. With his death the project started to be reduced, the attack on the Panama Canal come much later in the war when the Japanese realized that such attack was feasible due to security growing lax,, the idea was to destroy the canal locks as it would render travel impossible for about six months. Unlike other IJN operation this one was actual feasible. Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night was another of the IJN MEGA GALAXY BRAIN ideas that was using airplanes launched from the I-400 to drop plague-infected fleas over San Diego because you know, because their incendiary balloon campaign worked out so well (the British one directed to Germany actually did), the whole thing was nonsese and yes, it would likely kill people but not in the scale that those UNIVERSE SUPER MEGA BRAIN would have hoped because they were looking at their "successes" in China and thinking the same would apply in the US because we all know China and US had exactly the same living conditions in 1940's ... ugh, just checking this out given me a headache over how dumb those people were.
  10. WWDragon

    Jingles on the state of Operations in WoWs

    Ops usually have lower tier ships as fodder, I mean there is a Campbeltown in Narai and it can really screw the team by getting a transport. Also you can work with slow speed ships like Narai does were even Colorado can keep the pace despite pretty much every other BB being able to outrun her, a defensive Operation (that is not stupid as Newport) also allows slower ships to take part, its a question of bottlenecks as well visibility, the people that complain about CVs know that how useful they can be in Operations because they extend spotting range as DDs end up being impaired due the often small room to maneuver as well being forced into close quarters with "lower tier" ships that simply are entirely capable of out DPS then besides being forced into following a path. The same can be done to higher tier ships, just make the face tier 6-7 fodder, boss ships cheat (because no way in hell that Koenig in Killer Whale is stock) and they only really need to do Tier VIII and IX Operations, even Tier X can be done using that method.
  11. WWDragon

    ST 0.10.7, changes to commander skills

    I am also talking about game balance here, DD get nothing but buffs because "muh survivability" to the point they are a ridiculous class, this is why I pointed out what gets DD killed ... secondaries even in the older system were barely a threat to then, only the ones with improved dispersion could make then pause or be a threat to DDs that thought that engaging in a gun duel with a battleship was a good idea. And cruisers secondaries are beyond useless to the point WG could just save on the server data and just remove then or is that "game balance" having a weapon system that have about no impact on the battle?
  12. WWDragon

    ST 0.10.7, changes to commander skills

    A destroyer should beaten up at close range by secondaries, allowing then to just ignore damage is getting to the point of stupidity. The reason why cruisers and battleships even had secondary guns was exactly to engage destroyers and other small ships when they got into close range, according WG "historians" was because apparently they just wanted to increase the ship weight. Also you cannot solve a problem that is cause by players being dumb, if you playing a DD know your concealment instead of rush in and try to torp the broadside of a ship, even in co-op that is a very risky move, most DDs get killed because they are spotted and focused fired, the instance they died to rockets and secondaries would had happened if they were engaged by any other weapon system.
  13. WWDragon

    Fantasy vs reality Submarine Edition.

    Actually the record of the longest range hit by a naval gun does for ... its a tie with Scharnhorst hitting Glorious and Warspite hitting Guilio Cesare at 24km. Also Yamato? The Cannone da 381/50 Ansaldo M1934 had a range of 42km beating both the 16-inch/50-caliber Mark 7 gun (Iowa) and the 46 cm/45 Type 94 naval gun (Yamato) yet WG gave it just 18.12km but the same dispersion it would had at 42km.
  14. WWDragon

    Fantasy vs reality Submarine Edition.

    Please dont bring up facts, it disturbs the narrative.
  15. WWDragon

    ST 0.10.6, changes to test ships

    Untrue, using repair party during the attack mitigates AA damage because it a heal over time effect as well since there is no backup squadron every plane will get to eat the AA during the strike. You shouldnt use the heal after the first strike, it should be done during it to preserve planes during the strike and make sure it actually pushes on high AA cover, this is how you can make Kaga Torpedo planes work in heavy AA cover. Slow planes without much health with only one strike isnt going to work very well because they cannot attack anything within a blob without a heal as the AA will eat then up and since its a one strike squadron what happens is they lose most of the squadron if not all during the attack and this affects the reserves, without a strong plane regen they end up deplaned if they actually try to be aggressive, turning this into a case of waiting game unless red team is scattering and they can actually strike, exception is going to be tier IV maybe simply because of the general poor AA of that tier, the Tier VIII and X will be a shitshow (especially if the Tier VIII gets in a Tier X game) due to heavier AA on those tiers, even FDR does OK despite the heal because of the high HP of the planes as well having a very large squadron to soak AA damage, something these planes cannot do, the concept was a inverse FDR with no flight reserves and a heal to offset AA cover ... this wont work, I suspect it was removed because the high alpha with minimal squadron losses due to the heal but instead of lowering the number of planes in squadron to lower the alpha, they just increased the number of planes on deck and removed the heal so now they cannot really attack anything within a AA bubble as they will suffer losses they cannot really recover from, I am sure some people can make it work but this is another skill gap increase for CV players leading to then being nerfed due to some people doing really well with then and turning then unplayable for the average player. I have no interest on playing Ark Royal as a Tier VIII carrier, Chkalov might just de-crowned GZ as the worst carrier in the game.