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  1. BlueNautilus

    German or japan CV. Or maybe Midway?

    I personally find the Japanese CVs a bit easier to play than the German ones. I say this for two reasons: (1) the German rocket planes. They are a bit useless against DD/BB, plus they are tricky to play (yes you can citadel CLs but it requires very precise targeting) (2) the German torpedo planes. They are good for mopping up low HP targets and maybe flushing out ships sitting in smoke but otherwise I find them a bit useless. They’re supposed to be good for going after DDs but they’re nowhere near as effective as other nations’ rocket planes for this role. Sure the German AP bomb planes can be devastating in the hands of the right CV captain but in random matches, where CVs are typically expected to deal with DDs, I think German CVs are a bit handicapped compared to other nations.
  2. BlueNautilus

    Armada: Ise

    I have been playing Ise for several days now and I think she is a fun ship. She brings diversity to the gameplay of BB which can otherwise be slow-paced and a tad bit monotonous (I only say this as a DD main). People seem to be having an allergic reaction to the planes, but the torps don't really hit that hard, and it's hard to land all 8 of them on the same target even if it's a slow-moving BB. Moreover, if you get matched against Tier VIII, don’t expect your planes to survive long enough to drop all 8. To do well in this ship, one needs to play this as a BB that happens to have planes, rather than a CV that happens to have guns. The planes are a nice perk but at the end of the day, you still have to rely on your guns to eke out the numbers (and you have to do so using the awkward turret positions and firing angles!). I don’t think this ship is OP because of the damage potentials. As LMW said in her review, if Ise is OP in any way, it is because it has the ability to spot stuff, reset caps, etc. using its planes whilst being a BB: "While I don't expect Ise to be a powerhouse in terms of damage dealing, she doesn't have to be to influence the course of a battle. Like Haida and Asashio before her, Ise's ability to change behaviours of the enemy team is what makes her overpowered. " By the way, if you manage to sink anything using Ise's planes, be prepared for some salty reaction...
  3. BlueNautilus

    Armada: Hyūga

    I tend to agree with this view. I have played around 15 randoms and around 20 operations (Narai) with Hyuga and so far, I quite like it. I'm not a BB main and I only play BB occasionally but I think this ship can be quite fun. It definitely needs to be played very differently from other Tier VII BBs like Nelson, Scharnhorst, etc. You don't always get to use all 12 guns but this ship will reward you well for judicious positioning and timing, perhaps more so than other BBs. I don't think this ship is as bad as some people feel it is. If played correctly, you can get decent results - perhaps the same goes for pretty much any other ship in this game.
  4. BlueNautilus


    Yeap... I got Yudachi from the Xmas crate but I find that to land good hits with her torps, I need to ambush from behind an island (map dependent and highly situational), or try a yolo rush (99% of the time I get deleted before I can launch), or hope to find one of those fat and slow-moving American BBs going brodside (doesn't happen as often as I would like to). At least it's a permium so I can put captains without respeccing but there are better premium ships for training.
  5. BlueNautilus

    Update 0.10.3, High School Fleet

    We already have a Tier VIII HSF Harekaze in game, with the option to mount different hulls/guns. Curious to see how the new Tier VIII Harakaze 2 differs.
  6. BlueNautilus

    Ghost ship in Raptor rescue?

    There's an achievement called "Insert Coin" linked to that - you need to torp it.
  7. Come join us, we do fun stuff like this:
  8. BlueNautilus

    How It Works: Modules

    Poor Fuso, used and abused, again... :(
  9. BlueNautilus

    post cpt rework builds

    For Smaland, I started by copying the build suggested by Yuzorah et. al. (see here) and I am currently trying the following variation. When I play Smaland, I often find myself engaging other DDs at the edge of my detectability range and this build seems to work for aggressive play style. Main Battery and AA Expert might work but I try not to engage bigger ships unless it's safe to do so, and I'm not too bothered about range. Dazzle might also work but I tend to be spotted by other DDs pretty close to me and I'm not convinced of its benefit, yet. For Friesland, I am leaning towards this build. I think it would also work on Smaland for a more conservative play style. If I wanted to spend more time sitting in smoke and harassing larger ships at long range, I could perhaps drop Priority Target and Main Battery and AA Specialist, and instead opt for Consumables Specialist and Main Batter and AA Expert. Of coures, only you can decide what suits you. For example, if you are good at timing conusmables and you rarely use all consumables in a match, you might be prepared to forego Superintendent and use the points elsewhere. I suggest you make the most of the current free skills reset and experiment! :)
  10. BlueNautilus

    No Chat tabs No Armory No Naval Battles after

    I managed to get the game client to work properly by first launchign the game by selecting the x86 client mode, exiting, and then launching the game by selecting the x64 client mode. I can now see the chat, clan listing, etc. If you are still having problem, this might work for you as well...
  11. BlueNautilus

    Meniu access fails after game update 12.18

    Same here - can log into the game and even play the game, but lots of featuers not accessible from within the game client, e.g. premium shop, armory, clan page, news, captain's logbook, inventory. Earlier this morning, I was able to do naval battle but my clan mates cannot access naval battles.
  12. Anyone know why Somers is being removed...?
  13. BlueNautilus

    Christmas Crates Drop Rate Project

    @black_falcon120 Just wondering if you are planning to do this for 2020...? :D
  14. BlueNautilus

    Torped Belfast 43

    Yeap. I detonated today in my Roon, from 100% to 0% in one salvo - it can happen. And there are some BB players who complain about detonating after getting hit by torps. Apparently that is possible too...
  15. BlueNautilus

    Tier 7-8 Premium Ship