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  1. BlueNautilus

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Got my third "Major Contribution" in Ops. Looks like IJN DDs can still work in Ops even after the revamp.
  2. BlueNautilus

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Starting to get the hang of French DDs.
  3. BlueNautilus

    Issues with divisions

    Still having this division bug... quite possibly the most annoying bug to date... :(
  4. BlueNautilus

    Update 0.11.10 - Bug reports

    As others have already reported... I cannot play in division any more, I get the 'too many players in division' message. I also now see the 'critical error has occurred' message every time I exit the game.
  5. I have a soft spot for IJN ships and I really wanted to like the new CLs, but as the Daily Bounce reviews suggested, they are indeed pretty awful. Based on my experience so far: Agano is just a slightly different Yahagi. Let's just say it's not a forgiving ship to play. Gokase feels meh. I think the biggest problem is the main gun, e.g. Nurnberg has 6 sec reload on 3x3 150mm with 16.5km range, whilst Gokase has 9 sec reload on 4x2 152mm with 13.9km range. I'm yet to be convinced that Gokase's concealment advantage (9.8km with captain skill vs Nurnberg's 11km) makes up for its mediocre guns. Shimanto feels very meh. Compared to Atago: it has worse concealment (10.1km with captain skill vs Atago's 9.3km); it has 3x5 guns and decent range but shells are rather floaty and crucially the reload is really atrocious (15 sec reload compared vs Atago's 16 sec); and of course its survivability is also really atrocious (very flimsy and no heal). And that's just comparing to Atago. Chapayev, Mainz, Charles Martel, Edinburg, etc. all feel a lot more playable compared to Shimanto. Even Hipper is more forgiving to play. If this sets the tone for the rest of the IJN CL line, then I fear that Takahashi and Yodo won't be any better. I think WG really needs to revisit this line (particularly the guns), I just don't think they're viable when compared against other simliar cruisers.
  6. BlueNautilus

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Didn't have much luck of late, but finally got a decent game; Anime ships for carry!!
  7. BlueNautilus

    Z-35 - Fresh Look

    Not denying that, I actually quite like Z-35 too. However, I think the point you were making implicitly or otherwise (apologies if I have misinterpreted you) stands that Z-35 isn't necessarily a "good" DD as such, and to get the most out of it, one needs to accept and enjoy the way in which it differs from other DDs.
  8. BlueNautilus

    Z-35 - Fresh Look

    I second this view.
  9. Munchen is perfectly viable on Narai, provided you have half-decent team mates. I tend to go north for the carrier, or south for the transport. If those "spots" are taken by others, then I can always spam HE from afar :P If other operations that cater to Tier VII becomes available, I reckon it will be equally good. If Tier VIII, Mainz might be good.
  10. BlueNautilus

    Update 0.11.7 - Bug Reports

    Not sure if this has already been reported, but I just noticed that when you're in a match, the name of players are not shown in the chat, and instead all players are labelled as [object DataProvider]. Sample screenshot attached.
  11. BlueNautilus

    Artillery camera key (Shift key) problem

    I had the same issue with the "sticky" Shift key and my keyboard is SteelSeries. The link to NA forum posted by @Yamashiro42 above was the solution for me; I have uninstalled the SteelSeries engine as a temporary workaround and it has done the trick. This will remove the ability to customise the keyboard but at least the Shift key now behaves normally.
  12. BlueNautilus


    Interesting! Thanks for looking into this.
  13. BlueNautilus

    Oh dear Wargaming why have you done this?

    I'm looking forward to seeing I-400 in the game :D Maybe they'll introduce a ARP captain...
  14. BlueNautilus


    I noticed that on the rear deck of Ragnar, there is a funny-looking device. Does anyone know what this thing is?