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  1. citaDELer

    Suggestions thread

    ranked: for every 50 first places, in afterbattle lists secure for him FIXED rank or give 30% from offered steel pool reason: when best player gets worst teams, cannt reach rank1 even in 1000 battles. so...with this you do in ranked some honour also for personal qualities. @MrConway
  2. citaDELer

    Suggestions thread

    do every 3 months in WG stream an duty, to contest best idea-sugestion here with a huge reward. + implemented idea with mega reward. because... hundrets ideas here, and nobody from WG cares, nobody read this topic..
  3. citaDELer

    When will you fix ramming?

    ramming . this is correct: - slow speed no dmg. -bad angle less dmg -detonation only rammed ship by high speed (not both!!) in the middle - even bb cannt ram dd by bad angle - flooding by most angles, for both ships
  4. citaDELer

    ranked - in 5 min all dead

    guys. .. saving a star is genial system,,because when youu good, you cannt be punished by horrible teams. but... absolut zero players are so many, that even best player gets like 700x worst team, and didnt get rank1 even with 200x be first one in the list! so..to give a little honour to personal quality, there have to be steel reward for up place in lists.
  5. citaDELer

    Your fav T7 for upcoming ranked?

    ??????? its pure random. ONLY sign, that man is good, is when he is often 1. in list. how cann you do rank1 in 150 battles , when in 100 battles 4 losers die in 5 min ????, and this happens not rear, but standart.
  6. citaDELer

    Your fav T7 for upcoming ranked?

    belfast, atlanta, -- this two in team against you-- you know have allready lose
  7. citaDELer

    ranked - in 5 min all dead

    when you get bad teams, even 1000 battles you didt get 5 rank. weak peoples are extrem in ranked., and a good man what gets? only save a star and even nothing, because anyway no higher rank. so all good man,, for every 50x to be first in afterbattle list, must get 1000 steel. pls vote thx.
  8. citaDELer

    VE Day event 19450 base xp

    wargaming info is for years an big chaos. ( milion pages girls roman, for a thing that can be described with two words and one picture.)
  9. citaDELer

    XP chaos

    WG have to set FINALY !!!!! ---- an special mark for base XP ones they wrote XP..then next second they mean base XP... chaos chaos chaos
  10. citaDELer

    the supercontainer value

    when you hit +- 30x try luck, you get one SC that means... you lose 30 x 2000coal. so one point of view for super container value can be this 60k coal... :)
  11. citaDELer

    Idea for more balanced teams - yay or nay?

    stop this""!!!!! the balanced theme is only for the poorest players!! i will not wait 10min for yours f..ing balanced battle!!!! pls WG...do important evolutions in-game..not this poor captains criees!!
  12. citaDELer

    Server issues?

    few days i cannt move ship. its like ping 20 000...,...
  13. citaDELer

    tis will be interesting...real DD vs BB

    no torps. i mean only DD cannons. only cannons
  14. when DD will shoot like 24h on BB in real life..will actualy hurt BB? in game its realtively easy for DD to kill BB with cannons---- its near to reality? and maybe its time to reset it..and do it extremly hard for DD cannos to kill BB...
  15. citaDELer

    no ingame response

    and i got pink..because i must off the battle....because of no chance to move the ship