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  1. citaDELer

    2 years posting, WG ingnoring

    ????????????????? 1. not possible to manual stear during flight is mega bug, its simply totaly absurd. its like some bad 1. april joke 2. again...i dont know which letter cannt be understood. when you are with CV, in good hidding position, very near island, and you need to move forward even when result will be hitting island, CV doesnt go forward..but runs backward. simply near islands is autopilot a joke. not functioning joke. -------------solution is do manual stearing during flights, or mega zoom on map to possible really efectively use autopilot
  2. citaDELer

    2 years posting, WG ingnoring

    well not possible manual stearing during flight.... thats another hyper bug,.. ..
  3. citaDELer

    2 years posting, WG ingnoring

    when you hit, on BB forward, and you will go backward, will help you your advices???? this is technical problem and bug, nothing with skills and when warning system doesnt work,,looking on minimap will not help you.
  4. CV near island , no stearing possible - avoid torps, you hit forward. WG logic decides for you allways this way: no, when we move forward, we may beach, or scratch ship near island, so we go backwards, to take all torps. thats better, thats how we in WG using brain. _______0₩0 warning about be spotted in CV is nor working!! its a big bug. for a few seconds you get warning on no islads area,then warning disapears (!!!) even when DD is nearing to you, then DD shows up near your CV ,without any spotwarning. 👏👏👏👏👏👏 WG..i salute you
  5. citaDELer

    clip of the day

    no teamkill today??
  6. citaDELer

    clip of the day

  7. citaDELer

    WOWs connectivity issues

    you forgett one thing..ping problems.
  8. citaDELer

    extrem BUG ???

    i need only now 30k xp , but it ask me for full 120k.
  9. citaDELer

    CV warning system

    i was confused with aslain, they offer ONE billion hyper big images, for warning system, you dont need in planes.
  10. citaDELer

    CV warning system

    i get like 100x absolutely useless BIG warningings , that my planes are spoted. but never when DD is nearing..and reaches my spot. pls send mi pics how it looks..and where it is, when CV is spoted by dd. thx
  11. citaDELer

    Cant access Premium store or Armoury in port?!

    armory, clan section, the premium iare not accessible to this moment
  12. who has found that container on wows web? pls link.thx
  13. citaDELer

    Testing the Shortlist theory.

    ??? WG got a promise, that shortlist is deleted. so how cann you still get shortlist ships???