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  1. citaDELer

    Suggestions thread

    do every month in WG stream an duty, to contest best idea here with a huge reward. + implemented idea with mega reward. because... hundrets ideas here, and nobody from WG cares, nobody read this topic..
  2. citaDELer

    unify key bindings of consumables (2020 edition)

    this is no discusion. now is wrong. game must have setting for every consum. / button.
  3. we have plenty WG videos about in-game technic but WG leaves standart of battles on the lowest level, and did never education tactic video tictac we have:)) thats yes.. everyday 70% of battles in random: - showing broadside (even after ap hits) - losing on points somewhere in map corner --- no fight for a cap - torping with bb and cruisers - again> showing broadside - no even basic support for DDs - scary from enemy in cap, and never go to fight in cap.>> but opposite action always yes..running from battle. my picture only includes catastrophic random reality, how hopeless desperate it is, when CV used to get some cap...
  4. citaDELer

    Nováčci, otázky & odpovědi

    ako presne funguje damage upon your spoting? co treba vlastne splnit ak mam urobit 40.000?? aky vyznam ma tato polozka..dmg upon your spoting.. diky
  5. to be serious, is not puting traps! WG put an quite trap, because all directives were.+-.ok...and suddenly!!! last two are not possible to do in time like others.
  6. no. all directive need some time (also British directives now are standard) . but PR 6,7 directives were extrem compare to standart.
  7. citaDELer

    unify key bindings of consumables (2020 edition)

    i send this for WG like a year ago. this is very needed. player must be able to customize, that way, that same consumable will have always the same button.
  8. citaDELer

    0.9.0 - British cruisers: Early Access

    from 0.9.0 you cann hide ugly hallowen (and other) camos..but the benefits stays. this is truly wonderfull !! finally WG no we need next wise steps like: - not dropping fighters. but manually steering like other planes. with possibility to leave them on any place to patrol.. - stop causing fire non deck !!!, when hitting with HE the ships waterline..!!! - show in game compare tab ship to ship - in harbour one-button music switch, and auto camera moving, and fix an individual point of view.
  9. citaDELer

    info from WG about puerto rico

    there was some "standart hidden" info about time&grind but counts only clear info, in mane page in game...
  10. WG shame, for non information about stage 6, 7 time needet!!!
  11. citaDELer

    WG surveys

    WG has to give a big rewards for this..(you give ideas there!!)
  12. citaDELer

    There will never be a BB with bigger guns then Yamato...

    fake post only yashima was this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_battleship_Yashima
  13. citaDELer

    puerto rico you dont need. why? heris an answer:)

    you can be in T10 - 10 years, but like above you can't see real arguments, you are not capable do arguments. PR and stalingrad are the same category. but the wise one uses Stalingrad, never buy PR... is useless when you can have more powerfull ship, like to buy a weak one.
  14. citaDELer

    puerto rico you dont need. why? heris an answer:)

    cruisers, radar, heavy cannons. and this guy say...thats are diff ships!!!! yes they,are diff. pr is useless vs stalingrad. .. a say it again!
  15. i heard very very wise thing: when you cann have stalingrad, there is no reason to have pr. pr is in comparison absolute useless ship., ..so don't cry, don't buy.................... focus stalingrad :)