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  1. ........ I think nobody on this forum EVER even suggested that submarines did NOT attack enemy surface ships. It would have been nice (and frankly honest) if you were to have mentioned that the VAST majority of these sinkings were occasions where submarines were lying in ambush position, and in pretty much all of them operating completely independently of a surface fleet. And where some ships simply had the bad luck to stumble upon them - like HMS Cressy and Aboukir, USS Indianapolis, and IJN Shinano. This also is only a TINY percentage of the total ships sunk by submarines (the VAST majority being merchant ships and transports). Which again, confirms the basic premise: Submarines are ships designed to operate independently and at decent to great distance from a surface fleet, with as primary goals providing intelligence and attacking vulnerable targets - ships sailing alone or with little escort, merchant ships - often from an ambush position. It also does NOT take away from the argument that from a game design perspective submarines simply DO NOT FIT World of Warships, and most likely CANNOT be made to fit the game in any acceptable fashion that is healthy for the game as a whole.
  2. Dutchy_2019

    please fix the aiming lock and x key

    Dear WG, the aiming lock stuff NEEDS to be fixed. Auto-locks on random target, even when previously locked on another target REFUSES to auto-lock on the ONLY target in the sight nightmarish to lock on the proper ship when here are multple ships close together. And on occasion when zooming out, autolocks on ANOTHER target, not the ship you had selected. There is NO consistency on what it is locking; getting this thing fixed would make more people happy and do more good for the game than the messing about with submarines you are currently doing.
  3. Dutchy_2019

    Limit of activated codes of the account reached? WTF?

    The problem is that CC codes are linked to a patch. If you got 2 CC codes linked to the April patch and redeemed them in April, and the one you got in may was ALSO a code from the same patch (because the CC was late in handing them out), you are out of luck. Therefore CCs should either be up to date, or mention what patch the codes are from.
  4. Dutchy_2019

    Wargaming updated the Fletcher model but not Black one?

    You can mount it, but that Transformers camo presents the shape of the old Gearing Model, not the new one (so the ship is wider, and some other differences).
  5. Dutchy_2019

    Wargaming updated the Fletcher model but not Black one?

    They also messed up Gearing - the Transformers has not be refitted to fit the new model, but fits the old model.
  6. Dutchy_2019

    Are they nerfing the Kobayashi camos?

    Nope - It gives the same bonuses as the other three
  7. Dutchy_2019

    Are they nerfing the Kobayashi camos?

    @Seraphice Am I correct in assuming that the same holds true for the Yamato Kobayashi camo (which is NOT listed in that table) as is posted for Roma / Ashitaka / Kii?
  8. Dutchy_2019

    Abuse of report system???

    My record is a -3 reports in a game we lost, but where I ended up with over 2300 Base XP in Amagi (uptiered). My guess is one or two enemy players who I sunk, and a few players who got angry as I left to support the other flank, while they should have won their flank (which they obviously did not). I have also been reported in game by a BB player who (a) refused to shoot priority targets, then (b) maintained caps were not important, then (c) Yolo suicided into a Fiji, and (d) requested we (two of us) as low health DDs should also Yolo in.
  9. Dutchy_2019

    How to fast-train new Commanders?

    Not sure the fastest way, but what works for me: Get the 21 pt commanders I have on my Premium ships and play them there Play Clan Battles with a 21 point captain Play Narai with either the captain you want to train up OR a 21 point captain, and play them on a ship you like and generally do well in in Narai. Play Ranked with a 21 point captain Save Elite Commander XP as much as possible -> ECXP is ONLY used to train captains for new Tech Tree ships up to 10 points and for that particular ship. Train captains while grinding said ship. Train Lütjens (or other special commander) for the intended TT ship while still at low points using ECXP, then play Lütjens himself as much as possible. Once you have a 21 pointer on a good Narai ship, you are pretty much set. 60k ECXP (when fully flagged up and with the good camos) is a regular occurrence.
  10. Dutchy_2019

    How to fast-train new Commanders?

    And that is why I mostly get Fire Prevention Expert as my first 10 point BB skill.
  11. I have whaled quite a bit - but based on not whaling Stee: now between 1 or 2 per year (with coupons) Coal: 2 to 3 ships a year (of the expensive ships) Research Bureau: Probably about 3, maybe 4 per year (all my Free XP goes into Harugamo resets) at the rate I am going.
  12. Dutchy_2019

    Can We Nerf British BCs' AA?

    Per WG, that was NOT supposed to be the case, as otherwise DD players would be overwhelmed. So they have been reduced to powerless victims.
  13. Dutchy_2019

    Can We Nerf British BCs' AA?

    BTW, target selection is relevant for ALL classes! Fairly basic requirements for a player to be mediocre to good (as I see them) Compare that to DDs: Know enemy concealment ranges Know enemy radars (which ships, which ranges, and duration) Know enemy torp spreads Know enemy hydro's (which ships, which ranges, and duration) Keep eyes out on enemy aircraft (including the fighters, which are more spotter planes than anything) Know enemy DD gun DPM Cruisers: Proper positioning Enemy (especially BB) gun ranges and shell arcs Enemy radar Enemy ships that overmatch you Enemy DD torp ranges Enemy DD torp spreads BBs: Proper positioning (especially in slow BBs) Mini-map shooting Spotter plane shooting Now compare that with CVs CV's Enemy flak ranges and flak bursts - the ONLY CV specific skill you need to know that others do not have to deal with Concealment: - mostly irrelant due to where you are on the map Radar: Irrelevant Torp spreads: Irrelevant Proper positioning: bad positioning means longer flight time, but is often not as detrimental as bad positioning in a cruiser or BB, where it usually means you die early, or you are irrelevant to the battle for most of it. Hydro: irrelevant Enemy aircraft: somewhat relevant, but not as much as for DDs by a long shot Enemy DPM: Irrelevant Enemy overmatch: Mostly irrelevant (unless the enemy tries to CV snipe). CV Benefits over ANY other class: Can effectively NOT burn (short fires, endless DPM) Cannot flood Cannot detonate Ridiculously tanky compared to other ship classes, especially in higher tiers. Compared to cruisers and BBs, pretty much NO adverse weather effects in storms and typhoons, where BBs (especially), but also cruisers immediately lose their targets and cannot reliably attack them from range. You do NOT risk your hull in an attack, whereas most other classes do much of the time (if only by being lit up when firing). Arguably best AA (consistently) of ANY class Can still affect the battle for a long time even after it dies (assuming the captain got a full squad off). It ALWAYS has the initiative in ANY battle Good positioning by a surface ship becomes irrelevant, because a CV can completely negate that by flying in from a different direction. Even specific targeting from the start (with arguably the exception of a specialised CV snips squad) is often very detrimental to the team, because that usually means that the ship hunting the CV is not involved in much else in the battle (therefore putting your team 1 ship down, effectively). If CVs were so difficult to play, why do so many people have significantly better statistics in CVs than in ANY other class If CVs were so difficult to play, why do they rank near the top of just about every statistical category (exceptions being things like caps and potential damage), where most other classes only rank high in one or two categories? You seem to misunderstand the concept of skill floor: Skill floor: the minimum level of skill needed to play that class somewhat effectively. Those are highest for cruisers and DDs BY FAR. It is not even up for debate (for one, look at how quickly you can die (and many players die) in those classes). In the case of CVs, arguably how hard it is to get deplaned. Skill ceiling: How to play to get the maximum out of that ship (or ship class). This all assumes (of course) that the player would be willing to put in some effort to learn that class. Also, CV is just about the only class where even the biggest idiot player can have a serious impact upon the game, simply because of the stupid spotting mechanic. Worse, even a bad attack forces a response by the target, potentially making them VERY vulnerable to enemy surface ships.
  14. Dutchy_2019

    Grind tips for all event grinds.

    The three bolded I completed in Co-op in 6 games I might put on flags for the Free XP mission playing randoms or ranked over the weekend. Spotted will come while playing DD. That said, I am not going to worry. If needed I will spend the Community Tokens for the camo. Why stress myself out for a Tech Tree ship?
  15. Dutchy_2019

    Submarines, time to cancel them?

    There has yet to be an arcade style surface ship warfare game where they successfully integrated them. The requirements of the different classes clash too much (which is what WG has actually stated in the past).