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  1. Dutchy_2019

    Can we expect good play from Cruisers/DD players?

    My perspective, as a slowly improving player - dragged my win rate up to 48.8%, about 1500 games in Randoms over 2 servers combined - dabbling in ranked: There is an enormous amount of new players, most of who have rushed up the tiers, usually playing BB's. Part of that is anecdotal (me looking up stats after a game), part of it is relying on second hand info of people who run some MM Monitor mod (streamers mostly). So to expect them to play well in difficult to play classes in difficult circumstances is a bit much, me thinks. The wrong types of game play get rewarded massively in this game (especially for BB's) - giving you the false impression you are doing good. It is way too easy to rush up the tiers anyway (and of course there is the Premium / whaling / dumb luck with crates issue as well). Playing DD well is a lot of work for little reward most of the time, in both XP as well as in positive comments in the game. In higher tiers (especially when facing T9 or T10) mistakes get punished immediately for two reasons: ships are more powerful and there is a group of players who know how to use that power. This is much less the case in lower tiers. Do not underestimate the amount of bad BB play either. In chat behaviour (often by bad BB players) verbally pushing the DD or cruiser into bad play, just to avoid getting yelled at. Bad play by DD's and BB's forcing cruisers into a role they are not suited for (scouting), and thus making people quit cruiser play. Especially DD's are excellent ships for griefers and trolls to use. And we all know how well WG deals with consistent bad play and trolling by griefers. Also, what is 'bad' cruiser or DD play, especially when yelling at people that have been on a wholly different part of the map? To use an example from yesterday: I had a Paolo Emilio (who had spent much of the match at the other side of the map) pinging me 'wondering WTF the Aegir [=me] was doing'. I was at (admittedly) the B-line and quite far away from the nearest enemy ship. What he had missed was that: (a) I was kiting, as I needed to recover from getting caught early scouting too aggressively for our team (and yes, that was a bad play on my part) (b) I subsequently had been a target for anywhere between 1 and 4 enemy ships (DD and 3 BB's) for much of the game (lowest health about 7k) (c) that the closest enemy BB (a JB at 10km) had only been taken out seconds before (in a ram by one of 2 BB's on our flank), (d) the 3 of us (JB, Tirpitz and me) had been blocking the enemy pushing flank for most of the game. (e) with the enemy JB gone and having healed some, I was about to turn around and advance again anyway. (f) He also had no idea (yet) about the amount of damage I had done so far in the game (close to 60k or so at that point); ended up with 79k in the game. When I pointed some of that out (and he presumably saw my HP bar) he shut up. Looking for me, why DO I play cruisers and DD's, and my approach? I do NOT want to wait a long time to get into Ranked games. I want to learn and improve as a player in ALL classes. I do try to play for the team, no matter what class I play. This also means that I try to end up in the top 3 of the team, without becoming a back line camping fire damage farmer. Only playing BB is boring. I did OK in last ranked, and have been doing OK in (German) cruisers recently in T5 and T6 ships. And I want to see where I am at. I want to start earning some steel. I try out a few ships, and if these are not working for me, then I will not take them out in ranked anymore (so yeah, Cossack might end up in port for this season). I try to learn from my mistakes. If I get annoyed, or notice I am playing badly, I just quit ranked and try again later. And to be honest, if that is not good enough for some of you, then tough luck.
  2. Dutchy_2019

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Played some Narai yesterday in Scharnhorst to get some easy (Elite) Commander XP. Some games were speshul (and yes, I did mess up one or two times). That said, two nice games:
  3. Dutchy_2019

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Spent today playing Randoms and Operations to get some of the weekend missions done for tokens, and for Naval Battles. Ended up with two Krakens. The first, on EU, was a bit 'dirty' Kraken, finishing off many low health ships while HE spamming from range (just 'this' much short of outright kill stealing). In my defense, I was playing my first game in Emile Bertin in a T5-T7 game. The second Kraken, on NA, was hard work, landing me 2300 Base XP in a full T5 T5-T6 game. It was my second Fuso game, as I forgot to turn on Naval Battles for the first. Fuso's guns more or less behaved, for once. The Aoba in that game was a prime example of someone moving up the ranks too soon, hid behind an island most game, missing the enemy DD going after our CV. Turns out he had 33 Random games under his belt (and a well below 30% win rate).
  4. Dutchy_2019

    Ranked Battle MIXED lvl!

    I apologize in advance, but I will probably be polluting the ranked environment with my potatoness in cruisers and dd's, as well as BB's. I will do my best, and try to learn every game. As to OP: In the previous only T8 ranked the MM looked roughly similar. An Assashio's wet dream - though I fear that were I to bring her, it will of course be cruiser and CV heavy.
  5. Nope, I did not. Nor would I buy it for the following reasons: - Tech Tree ship - I do not nearly play enough of those tiers in Randoms anyway, as I am slowly grinding up the Random lines. - I rather spend my doubloons on whaling Premiums, and some of the crates (to get Premiums).
  6. Dutchy_2019

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Yup. Once had the same with a Podvoisky butt-slapping a Minekaze (panick move because I potato' d the rush) capping our base. Laughed a lot, and part of my team was like 'WTF ?!' I thought the same while nearly falling out of my chair laughing.
  7. I will reset all captains, and probably for a little while work with a base 10pt set-up for these captains. Might use one 21 pt captain for Ranked, though. Not sure which ship I will use him or her on.
  8. Dutchy_2019

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Well, I burned myself out a little over the past month, grinding two Hizens and two Lunar NY campaigns. Had a few games today, trying to grind a few T4s to T5 on NA through Randoms. I needed 8.5k XP on Bourrasque to unlock the T5; I thought it might take a couple of games. It took me only one. It also set my NA T4 Damage Record.
  9. Dutchy_2019

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Please read what I said originally, please read carefully my statement that I made, the reaction to which I responded (which is the reaction you quoted). I NEVER asked for a perfect division of divisions. ALL I asked for is that IF there are TWO 3-man divs (and ONE 2-man div) in queue, MM OUGHT to put ONE 3-man div on ONE team, and ONE 3-man div on the OTHER team. And then put the 2-man div on one of the teams. It should NOT put TWO 3-man divs on ONE team, and the 2-man div on the OTHER team. To do that would add ABSOLUTELY ZERO time to the MM waiting queue other than the microsecond that the calculation costs.
  10. Dutchy_2019

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Completed the Lunar NY grind on EU, and also finished the Dockyard on EU:
  11. Dutchy_2019

    Games ending too quick

    I was just involved in this gem: The enemy zero-ed out in 6:16 minutes, we lost not a single ship. From a look through stats of various players, the win rates and experience were roughly equal. That said, the enemy DD's (again, similar experience it seemed as hours) were playing extremely stupid.
  12. Dutchy_2019

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Yup. Fail Divisions should simply be forbidden in Randoms (or Co-op). As simple as that. Solves a whole lot of aggravation for the rest of the team because of some players being deliberately stupid or stupid by accident (or having no clue at all how MM works).
  13. Report guy to WG through ticket, provide screenshot in chat and send in replay.
  14. Dutchy_2019

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I see that point. I think it is absolutely stupid that MM does not look at whether these are 2 man or 3 man divs. As that makes a massive difference if the two 3 man divs end up on a single team.
  15. Dutchy_2019

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    So it does not balance between 3 man and 2 man divs? How absolutely stupid is that?