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  1. dommo77

    General Submarines related discussions

    Completed it, but I expect that results that will get back to us will be an overwhelming success of subs and they will be introduced to the game permanently very soon.
  2. dommo77

    General Submarines related discussions

    I just had this honour to be targeted by a div of subs in Cherbourg, did some damage to them but being insta pinged from 2 directions... Fun and engaging. Than you WG. Edit: Just to add both had a bit short of 3k games and 45 and 49 WR respectively, the one with 45%WR was 2nd in his team in that battle...
  3. Aaaand after a string of humiliating defeats and display of poor performance (on my part, but to be honest what can you do when game lasts 6 mins...) finally managed to have a good game in Yammy. I like the guns, but I expected more. I think it may be my aim on long distances, I don't usually snipe in BBs (and I prefer DDs and close quarter play), but many shots even when penetrate does disappointing damage. On CV thread I posted example of 7 hits that did about 1500hp damage on Max Immelmman. But in this game - and it was a nailbaiter, we were losing on points and it was undecided till the end - guns were working better. And this huge mastodon require a lot of planning - if you don't want to just sit at the back and sling shots at 28km. I even bought legendary upgrade before that battle, seems to work :) But going back to the battle - our Conde was a boss, on his own fought on the flank for half a battle after others died, and gave us time to wipe up our part of the map. Still we were losing on points and caps, our sub had brain cells (he survived after all) and capped for us, and I went around the island and finished off last 2 cruisers seconds before the end when they were busy exchanging punches with Conq and Shima. Good game!
  4. dommo77

    General CV related discussions.

    I tried: 1480hp damage after 7 hits from Yamato main battery at 27-28km at stationary Max Immelmman. That's reasonable....
  5. dommo77

    A little oddity with the Azur Lane port

    Perheps your opponent had dazzle perk active?
  6. Finished grinding Izumo, it was quite pleasant experience I must say (last few battles I used +800% XP boost): and finally after all these years the legend moored in my port
  7. dommo77

    Code for coal

  8. It won't change anything, all these players that roam high tiers in subs will get them back on the plate through early access, all their wet dreams just a few bucks away, and for eternity...
  9. Not the most popular lolibote, but I do like Fenyang. A very different Akizuki, but has the same charm In this battle I did not leave my cap until I was sunk. I was contesting Asashio, and he obviously outspotted me, but what PA smokes are for. His support consisted of 3 BBs (Kearsage, Tirpitz and North Cal) and Schohrs. I had also support - Rupprecht, Constellation and Kutuzov. I managed to drive away Asashio, harassed all 3 BBs for a bit and then Schohrs charged and blocked the cap, hid behind the island. Meantime Asashio finished off Rupprecht and I sunk Tirpitz. Schohrs peaked out from behind the island and rest of Reds charged into the cap. All these 8 cits are on Schohrs, poor bastard Constellation finished him off, but was blasted out of the water by North Cal, which in turn fell a victim of my Fenyangs AP. All that was happening on close ranges, about 6km, I got out of smoke for a sec and Kearsage that was now 4km from me almost killed me. Asashio was in the cap as well and got cocky, tried to finish me off and bum - AP in action again, few secs after NCal he went under. I had like 100hp left so the only option was to rush Keasage and sell him 4 fishes, he bought them all but did not sunk and got me at the end. Kutuzov burnt him down a bit later. Very intense fight at close distance, that's what I still like in WoWs
  10. dommo77

    The experience of a new player

    350 bucks for Lacroix? Your colleague has more money than sense and no patience on top of that it seems
  11. Going back to playerbase, I almost had a fit in this battle At first glance it looks like regular stomp, right? So, few facts about Red team, the victorious one to be sure: - 41% CV player, he was atrocious - both subs same level, one had 51 battles the other 200 something - their DD - 50% but only 200 battles, died quick - their best player in North Cal - 47% and 144 battles... - yes, they had 2 good players, 52-54% WR with few k battles, but they did mediocre Enough? No? I was on the flank with Brest - he died soon after spotted and from that moment I was tanking (over 3 mil) all game half of their team until I died close to the end fighting alone, and my team mates were hiding behind an island in the corner, did absolutely nothing despite having crushing advantage on their side. Red Cleveland was sailing with 52hp left and I was begging them to finish him off, he survived till the end. Mind bending... How the team like that have won in the first place, and if it did - how bad was mine you imagine? I know, I know - it's only one battle. But I have an impression that number of players with 38-42% WR significantly increased, I have 2-3 in every battle almost, and sometimes you get battle like this one - the championship of incompetence and stupidity. At least in one respect WG could make a change for better - and change distribution method of subs - the way it is now promotes completely unprepared players to enter high tiers, where they obviously suck bad. And that's 80% of sub drivers. And based on that gameplay subs are balanced? Cmon...
  12. This battle I just have to post here Nice damage for tier VI cruiser anyway, but what was interesting here was a lineup - 2 CVs on each side, and 2 subs on each team with no DDs. A dream you'd say, right? To add to this MM offence, one of the CV players must have run an MM monitor, and targeted me as soon as I was spotted - probably because I had highest WR on my team, I checked after. In his first strike he took 5k of my HP and I got a bit tetchy as you can imagine. It was a battle with 3 caps, like usually on Strait map, so I went to the middle to get a bit of shelter from Serov and his relentless attacks among the islands, and raced through the cap like there's no tomorrow. Trento was on the other side hiding between islands, but after one or 2 cits he withdrew, I fired few salvos on closest BB and I noticed Molotov coming from behind the island to stop me - again few cits and he run away. By that time I caught attention of both carriers, but my risky charge paid off - I was on the other side, and just behind the island my prize was waiting - Serov Few cits and one griefer went to the bottom (he really was - I checked his stats, 53% WR with only a bit over 500 battles, 90% of them in CVs up to tier VI, reroll I guess?). I was still under attack and low on HP at that time, and Trento came to finish me off. He almost managed, but my reload was faster - he went down before Ranger finished me off. 18 cits in De Grasse, go figure Can't stop laughing when I think about this Serov captain
  13. In all honesty, I think I like Azuma the most of all supercruisers. I know she's squishy, but these guns make up for it. And she has nice heal to mitigate damage, so if you're careful and don't show too much broadside it doesn't have to be back line HE spamming only. Like in this battle, I was on weaker side of Two Brothers, against 5 BBs/CBs/CAs and Flech only me and 3 others including Benson. Fletcher got overconfident and tried to run Benson down (he was a good experienced player), but we got him together. Our Oland did good old 'through the middle' manoeuvre without checking what is on the other side and got blasted. Fortunately my team had better players on the left hand side, and on the right - well, it was me :D Bit by bit wearing BBs down, citadelling cruisers with AP, I was fighting on closer distance than normally I would with Azuma (10-15km), so I got scratched bad few times, but at the end we came up on top - reds were very poorly organized and did not focus fire, 2 or 3 times if more than 2 of them would shoot at me I'd be probably dead quick. Nice battle, I had no kraken for a while now :)
  14. So after a long time I decided to acquire Colbert - she is a real ship, and quite nice looking as well :) I do know that she is high skill boat, and not everyone can play her, and tbh I'm kinda poor in cruisers. But why not try. So this is my first battle, I chose ranked just not to be focused and citadelled in first 2 mins by too many red BBs. My team was in disadvantage from the start, as our Stalingrad was a true WOWs silent majority kind of player and just yoloed to the nearest cap, where in front of Ohio and Thunderer (circa 12km) turned around to show them juicy broadside. I will leave it to your imagination what has happened next ;). Our Hayate was no match to Z-52, but thankfully he did manage to take cap before dying. My BB colleagues were a bit hesitant at that point, but managed to sink Zao, and Schlieffen - after initially just hiding behind the island - made a nice yolo defending the cap that I took and obliterated Venezia, before he died he did damage to Ohio and Thunderer as well, so his death was not in vain. All three red BBs advanced into the cap that Hayate took, but we sunk Thunderer that was leading the charge, and red Ohio took out remaining BBs from my team. All that time I was spraying him with shells, and burned him down shortly after. At that point I was alone, GK was about 15 km away and sailing away from cap (strange, he must have known that I have no torps, and no spot as I was the last standing in my team). Still with 7 mins to go I decided to challenge Z-52, correctly assuming that he will go to the nearest cap - we were leading on points and 2 out of 3 caps were green. I put an island behind me and GK and turned on my hydro. Z had to leave the cap, but was spotting me for GK. So I was dancing between torps and AP shells from GK until we won on points. Nice carry at the end :) First impression - oh boy, this boat is so much fun! Dishes out incredible amount of shells, and agility is great. In randoms I imagine she has to be played very carefully not to get blapped, and open water gunboating will be a challenge (because of shell trajectory), but I will try her out.