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  1. I got Indianapolis in 3rd box, that's it for me, not spending more dubs as next one is flags again.
  2. dommo77

    New USA Battleships announced!

    I'm actually glad :) I was immersed in insane grind for a few months now, and happy with results, Odin will be the last for me to complete for a while now. I have absolutely no interest in grinding German CVs or American BBs, especially that these paper designs does not appeal to me at all. So many REAL ships that are not yet included in game, and we have 3 or 4 events in a row that focus on pure fantasy... Time for me to catch a breath and relax, finish campaigns, train captains and improve WR :)
  3. It's interesting, I have similar observations. I managed to get over 50% today, but teams were terrible in my losses, one ended up after 7 mins and I checked players - like you noticed, they had less than 100 games sometimes in tier 7 or 8. It is worrying...
  4. Just spotted @MacArthur92 in his Orkan, my team won quite easily to my surprise, I'd like to think that flanking maneuver on left flank that I was a part of helped to win, my Scharnhorst was sunk by concentrated fire, but I managed to cripple Gneisenau, Buffalo and Brindisi, ended up 3rd. Scharnhorst is my first BB that I specced to secondaries, my first steps in her, quite fun :) I hope you enjoy Orkan, love this little lolibote :) Chapeau bas!
  5. Not really an achievement, but the weirdest win I have ever had. Moved through the middle into red cap and took it without any opposition... Only Texas was inside when I approached, but after my torpedoes narrowly missed him he retreated in a hurry. Rest of his team did not even bother to try to stop me...
  6. I noticed that as well :D Left it in the background to get a container and mission, cheater me.
  7. Happens all the time, this morning I had a kraken (post up), in other sunk 4 and was like one salvo from winning, then in the afternoon 2 loses, bought Gadja - another 2 loses (6 in a row in total) - and than change of fortune: I like this ship :) Not bad end of the day. I hope you will get out of your losing streak too, good luck :)
  8. I want to cry.... Game with 2 CVs (and one of them Enterprise) in DD, Kraken (my 4th), 2 very good team mates, and still lost. It was hanging on the thread and last minute I sank Fuso, got us on the lead, but Ashigara succumbed to air attacks eventually like 30 sec before the end... What a game.
  9. dommo77

    when will we see ijn ise bb

    I don't know, it sounds like an interesting option. Just think of it - you fight as BB from start (or you recon 1st and then fight like BB) - and when game closing to end you switch to planes to finish off stragglers and reach ships on the other side of the map. New dynamic and so many tactical possibilities (and probably high skill ceiling) 🙂
  10. It's my experience as well, only recently I started to play T10, but most of them pure T10. Fine with me 🙂 Only last 2-3 days I was bottom tier more often playing T7 and T8, but I guess it's due to players availability. So far I quite like new MM.
  11. dommo77

    worst decision you made today?

    It's a geographical question, very tricky :D
  12. dommo77

    worst decision you made today?

    Here here...I should play golf in a rain... Or read books upside down... Argue with a wall... You know, something that won't frustrate me so much.
  13. I'm in a bad place right now, yesterday suffered like 9 defeats out of 10 games. Today is no better... In most of these games I had a decent plays, but always had a feeling that I could do more. In this one, I just couldn't do any more :D My 3rd Kraken, I was capping, chasing destroyers, sunk CV, and we still lost... Guess how many + I got for this game to my karma... 0. I'm happy that I didn't get any minus :D (not that I care really). Remaining mildly optimistic, but the quality of player base is horrendous at times.
  14. dommo77


    It's 2nd time within a week I've seen her in Randoms, is it a sign of advanced testing? Can we expect her as a premium, or is she going to be a part of Italian BB line? Does anybody knows what will be the difference between her and Roma, as they are sister ships?
  15. dommo77

    Strange players

    I just can't be asked anymore with carma or reporting, it's pointless. I was torped by Skane today, guy kept behind his team and was just spamming torps in general direction, I was following his salvos - he had no clue how to aim... In other fight most of BBs decided it was good idea to just go full ahead into the enemy one by one and gloriously die, and it was after we managed to get 2 out of 3 caps and had 2 DDs advantage. All we had to do was to defend... And last one, I had a completely brain dead team that left our only cap unattended, ships near by just ignored fact that 2 red DDs were capping! I tried to alert them in chat, but to no effect, tried to get to the cap on time but failed... 7 mins battle lasted. Final straw for today, not playing anymore.