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  1. I miss throwing my ship away to get a Kraken... or Confederate... or Detonation, it is so much worth it to throw away your ship 10 times in a row to get one deto and 10 deto flags, where for 3-4 good games and discount coupon I can get 20 deto flags from Armory. Makes perfect sense.
  2. dommo77

    T10 Russian CV - Nakhimov

    I just had one, in Pobeda. Player was defo good, parked his CV near the cap and after that just relentless attacks wave after wave, even in crowd it was no problem for him to get 5 torp hits on tier IX BBs, I estimated 5k to 15k every attack depends what type of planes. Battle was very fast and quick (I died first in my team - DD for DD, still ended up 3rd), so I was just watching. The guy was top of the team of course. I don't have anything against carriers, I think as part of naval warfare they have to have their place in the game (implementation is a completely different matter), but this line is so far away even from napkin designs... Don't like it. Every early access event I took part in, even if only remotely interested in ships (like US BBs - at least I don't have to grind some of them), but in this I will not participate for sure...
  3. Finished grinding Furious with surprisingly good game - as I play CVs only occasionally and am not very good in them...
  4. Hmm, I have no recruits and no time for PTS, so in my case it's low accumulation. Not planing any purchase yet, it's like with any other currency - I just accumulate all, waiting for any ships to be withdrawn. In a last year I managed to get all withdrawn ships on time apart from Somers...
  5. My day in ranked, after 10 games I moved from rank 3 to rank 4. Typical team: Trento - the only decent player, my level (51-ish), but not a good choice of ship for ranked if you want to win I'd say... Sims - 6,5k games and 49% WR, yolo artist, he sank red Sims after I left him with like 200 HP and just rushed cap full of reds. Why not... Duke of York - a real gem, 16k games and 45% WR, he was the only one left with me at the end, full broadside to 2 red BBs and 0 knots to make it quicker, he even popped hydro up when all reds with torps were gone. Atta boy! Andrea Doria and Colorado were my support on first cap - both around 1.5k battles and both 45% WR. For about 3 mins I was playing cat and mouse with red Blyska and her support (Bayern and Pensa), not one salvo was aimed at red DD despite me marking her as a target... And Anshan - 460 battles and 46% WR, I think he was overwhelmed by fast paced events and just hid behind island in cap, waiting politely to get sunk. Tbh I was an idiot as well, smoked up in front of 2 remaining red BBs... too close. I would not win anyway, not enough time to get them both down, I had like 200HP left, but a mistake is a mistake. And this was not the worst team I've seen today... A lot of players with 10k + games and WR around 45%, true casual players. But not very helpful in competitive mode... Sorry, 'competitive' :) And how was your day guys?
  6. Something unforgettable, secondary kill in Haida Now I can retire ;D
  7. I almost s**t my pants when I saw THESO div in opposing team Told my teammates that resistance is futile , but I was rebuffed by Musashi to just play. And we did Very good performance from both teams, action around the island in the cap was unreal, but I shouldn't rush this Fletcher at the end, it was over and I just gave him free kill... Thanks @MrWastee and @MacArthur92 (I hope I didn't miss anyone) for very entertaining game
  8. I had a nice day today, like 5 wins in a row. Sooo, I thought maybe I will try Neustra, I struggle to win in her (staggering 42% atm) even when I have a good performance... I think I have to play her more often, to get more consistent. This battle was on the wire for most of the time, and crazy pace. On my flank my Neustra with 2 Cossacks ambushed Schultz and sunk her quickly, but the real battle was in the middle, and we were loosing. I entered the cap, it was full of reds on the other side of the islands. Cleveland radar and rushed me, almost finished me off, but I managed to sunk her with AP. This is where zombie heal comes handy :) Next was face to face with Nagato, I was totally surprised, 4km from me just emerged from behind the island, with help of the team I managed to escape and bruise her a bit. Later we were still losing on ships, but 3 surgical torp strikes on Mahan, Pommern and Musashi gave us lead, finishing Hsienyang was a formality :) I don't think I have ever had so many rewards in one game :)
  9. I had very similar achievement recently, sunk at the very beginning with 0 damage done, and - surprise surprise! - I was 3rd from the bottom... I don't know how its even possible, the other 2 were not DDs and I had only spotting damage, and I think I managed to take one cap before I went down...
  10. Hello! Welcome to Kraken Morning, brought to you by Miss Hill!!! Nice little lolibote she is :)
  11. Unreal. Never ever did anything like this - 3 DDs within first 4 mins of the game Cant remember rest of it, I did some damage on BBs and potatoted horribly, got too close and sunk. But I was in shock. We won of course.
  12. Hi there! Sorry!!! I was so focused not to get blapped by you and your team that I didn't even noticed messages! Didn't play Indie in ages, it was actually very fun. Apologies to your clan mate in Haida, I was radaring him all the time 🙂 Thanks for a good fun to you and your clan 👍 btw your mates were asking in chat to focus you 😂😂😂
  13. What is the secret recipe if I may ask? 🙂 I'm regrinding jap gun DD line for the first time and I'm on Kita again, did not play Harugumo too much first time, it was too clumsy for me (and it was my first line to research, I used a lot of free xp to jump to Akizuki which I craved for, and I potatoed very badly in her for a long time...). Akizuki I played this time as long range spammer and it worked fine, Kita as close support around caps and that was fine as well as she's more agile than Aki. Do you have any replays perhaps?
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    New code

    Still working, thanks :)
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    Some interesting info around the world

    Friesland stays where it is, clone (Groningen) in new Dutch tech tree for free XP and in Armory for dubs from 10.6 https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/161