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  1. TheWolfQueen

    German BB accuracy gets a buff !

    *happy GK noises*
  2. TheWolfQueen

    Is the Kurfurst worth the FDG grind?

    GK was never a great ship, but she's still decent enough at holding out on her own and excels at carrying out some dangerous close-quarter maneuvers that other BBs suck at. Secondaries should be your secondary priority while playing a BB. Remember they're only meant to start deck fires and finish off low-hp survivors.
  3. TheWolfQueen

    premium ship

    They gave me Friesland as my anniversary present. All I did was make a few clicks in the premium store and voila!
  4. TheWolfQueen

    MUSASHI, bring her back

    I have both the Yamasushi sisters in my port so I don't mind if she's never made available again.