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  1. Spartan_Renegade

    BB's for Coop?

    You can't go wrong with IJN BBs, with what you have described.
  2. Spartan_Renegade

    WG donates to red cross

  3. Spartan_Renegade

    WG donates to red cross

    Looks like a PR stunt to save face but it's a welcome gesture. Though, it was WarThunder that was quick to react against RU's siege
  4. Spartan_Renegade

    Research Bureau picks

    Ohio, it's tanky and guns get better as you close in. Its agility lets you get around flanks easily and it's an effective BB killer as Monty is at cruiser killing.
  5. Spartan_Renegade

    hmm.. whats this ?

    At this point, it's wiser to spend on new games on Steam than fantasy pixelbotes that are subject to nerfs
  6. Spartan_Renegade

    Cinemarathon code 1

  7. Spartan_Renegade

    Most Tanky Cruisier

    Siegfried was very tanky the last time I checked. It survived T9 BB shelling in ranked like a champ!
  8. Spartan_Renegade

    Can we please remove overpens now?

  9. Spartan_Renegade

    Twilight hunt battlepoints

    Farm-Escape-Repeat I didn't realize Twilight Hunt was this grindy. I still played a few battles for fun but got burdensome real quick.
  10. Spartan_Renegade

    What keeps you playing WoWS?

    Honestly, it's the time and money I put into this game...this would all be for nothing if I give up on it at this point, especially now that I'm getting closer to my first steel ship. When that's done, I prolly won't be grinding lines anymore but rather just enjoy playing all the unique ships I've collected over the years. Though I still have fun with these festive events like Twilight Hunt/Rogue Wave/ Sunray in the Darkness etc. When it comes to online gaming, my two best options are WoWS or Elder Scrolls Online so when you compare it with all the overhyped first-person shooter games in the market rn, this isn't half bad. Plus, operations are returning next year, so that's another thing to look forward to.
  11. Spartan_Renegade

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    I'm entering week 2 of persisting losing streak in randos... Thanks in no small part to the braindead suicidal DDs that end up in my team.
  12. Spartan_Renegade

    Goodbye Captains, it was nice sailing with you!

    Sorry that you had to leave man. You were one of my favorites on here. Good luck with your future endeavors!
  13. Spartan_Renegade

    Dear WG - why Russian language

    Because... *drumrolls* . . . . ...WG is a Russian company :s
  14. Spartan_Renegade


    No IJN BB is meant for short range duels.