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  1. Silent_Hunter94

    Supertest added to my combat missions

    I cried with happiness after seeing it. And then they removed it.
  2. Silent_Hunter94

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    "Witherer" Got in a one on one battle with Iowa in my King George V. First salvo set a fire that Iowa player immediately extinguished. As I sailed behind an island my rear turret fired just before it swung inside. Another fire set. Came out on other side of Island and fired my front turrets, Another three fires. Iowa burned out before he could sink me. I helped him by typing in chat. "NEVER EXTINGUISH A SINGLE FIRE, YOU IDIOT." Got reported, but was worth it. :D
  3. Silent_Hunter94

    Tips about Iowa and Izumo

    I researched both the ships some days ago. And i know how they are in the game after reading multiple other posts in forum. I love both these ships. Izumo chunks out damage of anything so easily and Iowa tanks much better than georgia. But after playing for some time it seems that they are both very different from tier 8's. I am struggling to get hits in Iowa at long range and Eating waves of Torps in Izumo. If you have any personal suggestion or tricks for both the ships, do tell me. Also should the build for Iowa, should I go for range or something else as I was told it's range is a major advantage, but it seems to be an issue for me. I had to remove artillery plotting room 1 after some games. And Izumo, should I go with rudder module or something else, because that thing turns like a whale. Should I play like US cruisers in it? So any suggestion or trick that you use personally and won't mind sharing, please do share.
  4. Silent_Hunter94

    Looking for a new clan( EU server)

    Hi All. We are two players looking for a clan on the EU server. Since our playtime is at Indian time zone it becomes difficult to plan battles according to EU time zone. We both have above 2500 games played and nearly 51% WR. Not great players but we don't suck too much. We regularly play in divisions. In our current clans it is difficult to get a place in either squad for Clan battles so we wanted to find a new one. Any recommendation would be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Silent_Hunter94

    Queen Elizabeth, How does this ship works?

    HE is badass. I will try to play with AP only for few battles, becuase after playing for 2 battles, I juts started using HE all the time, except broadsides.
  6. Silent_Hunter94

    Queen Elizabeth, How does this ship works?

    Tried that, all i got was shatters/over pens/bounce. Will give it a go again for 10 battles atleast.
  7. Silent_Hunter94

    Queen Elizabeth, How does this ship works?

    Yeah, I have learnt that lesson with Iron duke.
  8. Silent_Hunter94

    Thunderer or Georgia for coal

    Georgia is definitely fun to play. I tried thunderer for 2 to 3 battles. It was good and pretty much awesome to play. I don't have conqueror, so I don't know how different both of them are. The best and worst thing about Georgia is its speed. While it helps in turning, getting somewhere fast, or chasing down any other ship it is very easy to over extend. Your health pool is barely 75000, and tier X battleship can easily take off large chunks of it even from the front. Especially Japan and British BB's. The guns are fun too, you will get regular damage of 5k for pens and 12 to 15 for citadel. I have citadeled angled cruisers at 6 km range. Over pen is a problem, shattering not so much. I have built the full secondary build, but until you get close enough, I guess 5 to 6 km's it wont hit much. Less than 4 km's i have seen a full health Benson loose almost all his health before he was able to kill me, and that was when my main guns were not even targeting him. Accuracy is great. Using spotter plane you can expect at least 2 pens at range of 22 km's. The alpha strike is low with 6 gun, but itcan still delete a full health broadside cruiser at close range. In the end, I would suggest Georgia if you want it for fun purpose.
  9. I have played 15 to 20 battles in the Queen Elizabeth. How exactly to play this ship, because it seems to me it works just opposite of how battleship plays. I get shattered, bounced and over pen and maybe 2 pens on using AP. When I use HE against cruisers, i get citadels at min every 10 shell hits. Should I use HE all the time? Because even Kuma can bounce or shatter my AP shells.