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  1. Yup, something like this happened.
  2. Silent_Hunter94

    Replay recovery

    Hello, I wanted to know that is there any method to recover the replays lost due to the 30 replay limit. I recently switched my laptop and having no such limitation in my old one, I had no idea the game would delete the old ones. I had a first game in Akizuki a week ago with me along two others snatching the victory from a team with 5 kills and 600 point lead. It was a pretty good game so I was planning to make a video out of it, but when I checked it today, the game was not in replay files. If there is any method to recover it, do suggest it. I already tried a file recovery software, but no success. Thank you.
  3. At the start it's easy to get points quickly, which would be shared among the division. I join a division in the mid battle usually.
  4. Silent_Hunter94

    Premium Rage Sell

    Yes, I did. I had Krasny Krym in my NA account soon after it was launched. After playing 20 battles in it, sold it and felt relieved, never got it back though.
  5. Silent_Hunter94

    WR accurate?

    I can say I wasn't a good player until the lockdown started. Before that all I cared was that I was shooting at the ships and thats all. I used to be the one who would charge at full throttle as the match started, irrespective of the map or ship I was playing. Get close, shoot at some players, get sunk quickly most of the times and then on the next battle. Nah, I have always used a premium account. Its just that I never cared how I was playing until recently. That's not the case. I always had premium account, its just that I used to suck at playing any type of ship. I believe my avg damage was 19100 and WR was near 47% when I was at 2700 random battles played. I just recently managed to drag it all up when I started on playing BB's as they should be. Now I have shifted to cruiser lines and it is just another level of learning curve.
  6. Silent_Hunter94

    WR accurate?

    A few days ago, I would have agreed with it, but not now. I recently started playing Tailin recently to complete another cruiser line and have been getting in top 3 players in last 10 matches. I never sit back in that ship, because I am unable to play it like that, and yet my WR was bad in both light and heavy soviet cruiser lines. I don't know whether you were sarcastic or not, but I don't think there is anything like P2W ships in the game, maybe except FDR and other premium CV's(hate them). I myself have number of premiums and I used to be bad in them too until I started paying attention to what I was doing. Same for me :D. I recently started playing cruisers and was forced to choose my targets, which was not in the case of Battleships. Now I target a cruiser even when I have a broadside battleship at same range. Russian light cruiser and Tailin suck at hitting BB's. Agree with your last statement. I do try to deal a good amount of damage, but since I started on cruisers, I have stopped aiming at BB's of I have a better target. It's not easy in cruisers especially soviet ones. I usually move ahead to support the DD's with radar, but I am more often than not I lose half of my health in the first minute of spotting. There is no use of angling since I have been facing HE firing BB's these days, and there is no helpful guide on how to play silver ships. All I found in youtube was OP russian ships. There should be something like LWM, maybe a noob's guide to silver ships. :D
  7. Silent_Hunter94

    WR accurate?

    TBH, burning a battleship down is as fun as citadeling a cruiser. Definitely damaging DD's on first question, one I enjoy doing quite a lot in Soviet CA's recently. Ahh see there is the thing. I have 55% WR in Akatsuki with 84 matches played, but I suck in that thing, barely crossing 20k damage in that. not to forget how fun it is damaging a DD at more than 10km range Once again I would quote my Akatsuki stats, but that maybe an exception. yeah, but at the end of that day, the red numbers on my stats feel bad. :D
  8. Silent_Hunter94

    WR accurate?

    Hi all, I was watching one of the latest Jingles videos for WOT and one of his words kind of struck a note. He said that after a certain amounts of battles, WR is the only statistic that shows how good or bad a player you are. Now, I respect that old man, started playing Wows and Subnautica because of him and his channel is the first one I watch every time I open YouTube, but I can't agree with his words about WR. I am not a great player, sucked till last year, managing to drag my WR to above 51% in the past few months, but my WR doesn't represent how good I am. Like I am above average in Iowa and Monarch, but my win rate is barely 50% in both of them. I started down the Russian cruiser line recently and I am struggling in it. Its not as fun as I expected, but I am scoring above 60k damage consistently and mostly remain in top 3 scorers on my team, but my WR for that entire line is below 35% I guess. I have been having pretty weird teams recently, especially the DD's who manage to regularly get sunk in the first 5 mins. So, I just wanted to know that is WR really that accurate of a parameter of playing level, or does damage and PR count in too?
  9. Silent_Hunter94

    Looking for a Division tab

    The looking for a DIV tab had become a source of irritation for me. For the past few days it has been showing the same players, who are AFK, and are using it for Clan recruitment. I have no idea why they are doing it so when there already so many other ways. Out of six players it shows, right now I have 5 AFK players who are recruiting for clans. Is there any way I can remove those players from my list, and see players who actually want to play in a division?
  10. Silent_Hunter94

    Brit BBs

    Lion is not something you will enjoy, but it's worth grinding through for Conqueror. Don't depend on HE all the time in Lion. Use AP too and play as support ship. It does not have the armor to fight against more than one Battleship at the time. If you show broadside it will hurt more than any other tech tree line. Always prefer to take HE spam then getting shot in sides. You can heal the HE damage but not the AP. Monarch on the other hand feels like the third best british BB after Conqueror and Nelson. Use a combo of AP and HE and it becomes a fun ship to play.
  11. Silent_Hunter94

    Would you please fix the servers?

    Happened to me too, luckily i didnt loose any match. Is the frequent server maintenance a normal thing on EU server, because I never saw it on SEA server. I have missed a lot of result when I am transferred to a different server after the battle ends.
  12. Silent_Hunter94

    Current karma system

    Of course it does. i never understand how people gather more then 50, while I barely cross 10. Played 2 games in Conqueror a few days ago, 200+ damage, 5 kills including 2 destroyers, got high calibre, dreadnought etc, 0 compliments. 2 games later got dev striked by a shima 5 minutes into the game, lost 3 Karma. After that day I have stopeed checking it all.
  13. Silent_Hunter94

    Nightmare during daytime.

    I have too. It was less about the damage and more about the sheer number of shells hitting me.
  14. Silent_Hunter94

    Nightmare during daytime.

    I just had a battle in my Conqueror, and somehow got myself flanked by a Harugumo and a Colbert on either side. It was nothing less than a nightmare. At one moment I was having trouble manoeuvring or seeing the surrounding islands due to three fires on my ships and the number of shells raining at me. All I had taken before meeting those two was 20k damage from Yamato's AP. I was lucky neither of them were firing AP while on the flank. My ears had started buzzing inside the headphone from the all the sounds and alarms.
  15. Silent_Hunter94

    Help with silver credits

    I know, But premium ships are fun. They are helpful in training captains and earning credits and free xp, which is not as easy in tech tree ships. It comes down to the point where you play for fun or just for sake of progressing down the line. Trust me Tier X's are not as fun as tier 8 and 9's. My fav. ship is Nelson. It fights tier 9's and gives loads of credits and free xp, achievements, and Capt. training.