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  1. FooCruisers

    Hydroaucustic Search Just Too Strong. DD Player

    Yeah, I know it will get harder, even as I don't really play DDs that much, well very rarely until now. The thing is, I never really stay in my smoke most of the time anyway, that's why I wrote it, as smokes are just pure torpedo magnets. I do it only if I'm sure that no DDs or torpedos can be a danger to me. Most of the times a just dump my torps and disengage the hell of there. :D If I make a mistake, I always try to learn from it, so that I never make the same one again.
  2. FooCruisers

    Hydroaucustic Search Just Too Strong. DD Player

    I myself got only to a tier 5 DD yet (and not very good at it till now) and even I know, that this crying is just funny and sad at the same time...
  3. FooCruisers

    Naše slavné prohry - pochlubte se

    Má třetí bitva s Jeanem.
  4. FooCruisers

    Loď za uhlí

    Já mám necelých 600 náhodných bitev a před týdnem jsem kupoval za uhlí Jean Bart. Je tedy pravda, že tolik bitev denně nezahraju, ale nepřijde mi to zase tak divné a nereálné.