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  1. mr_leto

    What are these circles on the minimap?

    Thanks guys. I did initially think this may have had something to do with the aircraft but dismissed this as I assumed the circle would have been in the center of the circle Can't believe I've never noticed them before!!
  2. Hi, what are these areas circled in red? They appear as pale circular areas but aren't cap zones... thanks
  3. mr_leto

    Upgrading Modules

    But, I've never bought these in the past... Do you get these from the armory?
  4. mr_leto

    Upgrading Modules

    I haven't upgraded any modules recently but when I came to do it today, I found that the interface was different in that I was not allowed to purchase an upgrade but use ones I already have: Some of my other ships have the option to purchase upgrades in different slots and use available ones other slots. In the past every slot is the same in that it offered both upgrades to available and purchased but now it seems to depend on the slot. Have I missed something somewhere where you can still purchase? I cannot remember how I ended up with available modifications but if I decided to use these on some of my other ships I could well end up needing more... Thanks
  5. What are the differences between the regular and 'B' versions of ships? I've compared some random ones and they all seem the same stats wise; it is just the camouflage?
  6. mr_leto

    Chain of Combat Mission Questions

    Damn.. thought my luck was in Thanks for clarifying.
  7. I decided to get the Black Friday Black Division deal with the Alaska B, Scharnhorst B, Graf Zeppelin B and Sims B which each come with Chain of Combat missions. When I log in to my account, can see there are the Gold Fever personal combat missions for each of these ships; well sort of!! The requirements are to play a battle in the non 'B' versions of the ship ie the Alaska, Scharnhorst, Graf Zeppelin and Sims. I am playing in these ships and I'm playing random battles but I'm not progressing through the stages. Are the non 'B' versions of the ships the same as the 'B' versions ??? I'm playing the battles but not getting the rewards. I would have thought since these come with the purchased ships I'd meet the requirements by playing these???
  8. mr_leto


    Cheers guys, found it :) Many thanks all.
  9. mr_leto


    Hello, Real dumb question but where do I find the directives in the game? I've received emails with links to the website which tells me about the latest directives, but I've searched the game high and low and cannot find a section int he interface named directives.... Can someone point me inthe right direction please?