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    Update 0.10.9 - Submarines in Random Battles

    I really feel like the Subs are going to be the "Next CV" in terms of get a player who knows what to do ... they are far to OP and can with "some" support win a game alone! Random Games with a sub involved tend to either be over on a "Points win" or a "team dead" win in under 15 mins now! Playing all classes of ship my initial questions are .... 1. Why do different ships have different ASW Ranges on planes? - Thunderer (UK Tier 10) 6km but FDG (German Tier 9) 10km ??? Why are they not all the same? (this is forcing BB's to sit deeper and NOT help contest caps in randoms) 2. Why does a ship need to use DCP to stop a "homing" torpedo? I mean what are they doing? Banging the hull with hammers?? (This needs a new mechanic such as sonic decoy or something - Yes we took 2 HE spammers and a sub - Horrible) 3. Why are Submarines not penalised for ramming into DD's ?? (I have seen this a lot, especially as a DD only has Depth charges so get's close) 4. Why does Hydro NOT detect a Sub at max depth when it can see a ship BEHIND an island at 6KM ???? (German Hydro) Last but not least 5. Why have CV's not been given a Specific plane type which "spots" Subs or at least can "help" the team to flush them out!?? (Thinking like a Fighter consumable but it is a "Spotter plane" and can circle and spot for say 30 seconds) Hopefully some serious rework on balance should fix this but it needs to be done quickly if you are planning on keeping them in Randoms!! Thanks Revenge
  2. Revenge_UK

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    Good Afternoon, Just seen this! I would like to Join the Lottery Thanks Revenge_UK