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  1. Liudas_Poderis

    Gifted Premium Ships:how to get rid of them

    Thank You.Then the Topic can be deleted.I need to delete or only Moderators can do it?
  2. Hello,Captains, got as a gift the Rhein (4 tier German aircraft carrier).The point is that I dont need it,even I have no clue how to run it.So,I would like to sell it for credits,but I am not allowed to do this.As you can see from screenshot even the image of it in Port is blank,not like Bismarck's or Friedrich der Große's.May I ask for advice how to get rid of it?If there are no chances to sell or donate it to somebody,maybe Moderators can simply delete it from my Port?
  3. Liudas_Poderis

    Watch Official Streams to Receive Rewards!

    I guess WG teams knows that KUMMERSPECK code is not working?
  4. Liudas_Poderis

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    Always thought that 69 means sex position....
  5. Liudas_Poderis

    German Carriers: Early Access

    The United States detonated two nuclear weapons on August 6 and 9, 1945.So,I guess very soon we will see something like Iowa or some Buzuki Muzuki battleship with nuclear shells...or missiles...or some nuclear submarines.
  6. Liudas_Poderis

    We Translate Our Articles into 13 Languages

    Yep...and after matchmaking we will get one team speaking in 13 different languages
  7. Liudas_Poderis

    Hamburg Dockyard: Directives Deadline Approaching!

    Thank You very much for tips.I will use them as soon as Bismarck will empty my wallet One more thing.After 6 days I will get 24 hours Premium Account.So,thanks to somebody for Covid 19,but after 6 days for entire world I will be infected with CovidIt means that I'll lock myself in the house with WoWs,huge amount of coffee,keg of whiskey plus tobacco...and the show will go on
  8. Liudas_Poderis

    Hamburg Dockyard: Directives Deadline Approaching!

    I guess You are right 100%.But...I doubt that after Tier8 I will enjoy playing Tier 6 or 5.Sounds stupid?What I can say...but...Im in love with my Bismarck despite its shells dispersion at 22-24 km range is making me mad.
  9. Liudas_Poderis

    PSA: Fix for problems with opening Dockyard

    And two screenshots below shows how my team members ships look like in the battle.Question still the same-do we need to care about camo or in a new update we are not using them at all?
  10. Liudas_Poderis

    PSA: Fix for problems with opening Dockyard

    1.Without camo 2.Camo bought 3.Camo mounted ....and nothing.
  11. Liudas_Poderis

    Hamburg Dockyard: Directives Deadline Approaching!

    Well, almost 16000 battles without spending a penny....You got my huge respect.But Your answer also means a very sad thing to me....it appears that Im a very shitty player in comparison with You.So,now I need to figure out how to play much much better and find out what Im doing wrong.
  12. Liudas_Poderis

    Hamburg Dockyard: Directives Deadline Approaching!

    And how much cash did You spend buying doublons? Yes,Im new one here,I played only 500 battles,but playing without any Premium Account,without doublons and it means without any modyfiers I can get for doublos I think I stuck with my Bismarck forever on the same level....because after every battle Bismarck costs me around 75 000 credits.And very often after every battle I'm going minus from 5000 to 40000 credits.Yes,may be something is wrong with me,may be I have no clue how to play,but with Premium account after every battle I would be plus minimum 25000 credits. So,when the guy is saying that it's unplayable for free he is totally right.
  13. Liudas_Poderis

    PSA: Fix for problems with opening Dockyard

    May it is wrong Forum to post but did anybody notice that we are not getting any camouflages in Battle time.Doesnt matter what type of camo Im trying to put on my Bismarck the colour stays the same...
  14. Liudas_Poderis

    Hamburg Dockyard: Directives Deadline Approaching!

    https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Odin Can somebody tell me why Odin is better than Bismarck,Tirpitz or Scharnhorst?I read all your opinions,I read everything I managed to find about Odin but I got only one feeling:somebody is trying to sell us Ford Focus for BMW M5 price...
  15. Liudas_Poderis

    PSA: Non-moving ships issue

    Hello I'm running the latest game version and ships still could not move in battle.4-5 times per battle.