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  1. Harvin87

    Guess Musashi's average winrate in 2 week?

    Where do you get the spreadsheets? Can I access them? Thx.
  2. Harvin87

    Any new coal ships to be added soon?

    When exactly will Thunderer be removed? Next update I hear but that is when? Thx!
  3. Harvin87

    How to get better at this game?

    Good idea, I will rebuy the Fubuki, since I don't have any premium japanese DD, the retraining in coop will suck but I guess is worth it.
  4. Harvin87

    How to get better at this game?

    Yes, actually that first post it did help me to stick around more around T6-7 and started playing more "solidly" in my opinion, my damage went up as well as my survival rate and therefore my WR. Sorry about opening a new one, I didn't "forget" about it, I just lapsed out and didn't think and went straight for a new one, apologies. I'll post some replays here as soon as I have them ready, btw.... I heard WG was going to set in an actual tool for replays, is it true or I just heard wishful thinking? PM :). This, maybe I will stick with DDs (which I enjoy a lot) for a couple of weeks, and focus on the IJN and the European DDs which I like.
  5. Hello Captains, Once again I'm looking for your help. Recently I hit the "benchmark" (at least for me) of 50% WR. I got to 50.23% and then it all went downhill this last 3 days. After a .40% swing, I'm back at 49.86%. What baffles me is how is it statistically possible to go one afternoon like yesterday where my record was 0-6. Any ideas in how to at least not get stomped like that? I was thinking maybe my ship choosing pattern is pretty random. I start with maybe 3 dds then swicht back to 1 cruiser, then 2 bbs-... then some random pic again. Maybe it helps to play a single class for maybe the same ship 5 matches in a row? to get focused? I know WR it's connected to skill, that's why it baffles me to have a 41.54% wr in the last 65 matches. Any ideas?
  6. This. I'm no Unicum, with 1600s battles I'm on 50.23% WR but the other day I was so annoyed by the stupidity of one guy, went on to look his stats... he had like 10k battles and 42% WR ... I mean, HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? you can't be that bad, its not even funny, it's just sad.
  7. Harvin87

    WG you have a golden opportunity here!

    Sound theory. Let's wait and see what happens.
  8. Harvin87

    WG you have a golden opportunity here!

    Any idea about what time will the WG "announcement" be?
  9. Harvin87

    Black Friday Mission

    Sort of, yes...because it most definitely the coal and the doubloons were factors in my calculations as I was thinking about buying this. I'm enjoying the ship so it will be easier to cool off, but this crap is definitely misleading to say the least.
  10. Harvin87

    Black Friday Mission

    Thanks, I'm definetely enjoying it. No regrets.
  11. That APP looks very useful! could you please tell me the name? thanks.
  12. Harvin87

    Black Friday Mission

    LOL... you have the right to bash me... I admit it... I DIDN'T READ the sign. Thanks, I feel like a fool.
  13. Harvin87

    Black Friday Mission

    Hello Captains, Well ... I had to do it, I got the JB since I've always wanted that ship and as you all know, it wasn't available. I've play 2 coo-ops and 1 random with amazing results... I LOVE this ship, It's very fun, hits very hard... and has good AA. Well, you know the deal... anyway... my point. When I got it it appears that there's a mission called Black Friday Mission where after 5 battles you get 2500 doublons and 40k coal. I have been playing the battles and still no progress... maybe I'm missing something? Thanks!
  14. Harvin87

    Jerzy Świrski in armoury date?

    Yea, just what I thought. Ok, I'll just have to face the music, then :). Thanks!