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  1. Harvin87

    Historical ships you would like to see

    They should give her a high-citadel, then :)
  2. Harvin87

    Historical ships you would like to see

    We will have Maya but a Chokai could be a buffed Atago, commemorating she was flagship that time the US Navy got their asses handed to them at Savo Island.
  3. It is really infuriating to see WG just spam out endless napkin-ship "designs" out that it even has become difficult to keep track of what's going on. So many of you in many threads mention that there are tooons of historical ships you would like to see. Could you say which ones (and please add an hypotetical tier) Thanks, lookin forward for this.
  4. And WG allegedly has an "historical-development team" ... they are completely clueless. As someone mentioned, they are just spamming ships out without any vision whatsoever.
  5. Harvin87

    A way to make CVs in sync with surface ships

    Well, at least WG is thinking in limiting the CVs spotting invincible ability. That's something.
  6. Harvin87

    Superships to degrade Randoms as well

    Could anybody give some input or where the game will be in exactly one year?
  7. Harvin87

    Superships to degrade Randoms as well

    This is spot on, but sadly we'll never see it. I mean, what direction the game is going?
  8. Harvin87

    emproved sound

    We know, but at least not make them sound like toys.
  9. Harvin87

    Who do you watch play WOWS and why?

    Currently I watch Flamu, Potato Quality and enjoy very much the compilations of Daniel Rusev. Flambass I stopped watching you can see he absolutely hates the game now so it's not fun. One guy who is really good but not very well known is Karlibur. Honorable mention although they are semi-retired since they barely post videos anymore are the GREAT Sailing Robin and Aerron.
  10. Harvin87

    The road to Z-52

    Hello Captains, I was thinking which line to grind next and it came to me one that I actually haven't touched in a long time: The German "Hydro" DD line, that is the classic German DD line. I enjoy very much T-61 and actually have an excellent solo winrate (93 matches 66%WR) and Z-39 I also kinda like for its endurance for its tier. On the line I'm on Z-23 which I haven't played in ages and I don't remember having a particular good time on her when I just stopped playing her. So my question, what to expect next? Should I grind through Z-23 with all the pain? or should I skip it to Z-44? (I think it's the T9) and finally arriving at Z-52. Are T9 and T10 good ships? still "Meta friendly"? What are your thoughts?
  11. Harvin87

    emproved sound

    Sure, but let's get the sound nailed first hehehe
  12. Harvin87

    emproved sound

    LMAO, yes. I remember the old Fletcher guns, they did sound great (somewhat real), not what we have now. Also, a lot of people like the sound of Shikishima, me personally I don't hear anything special, they just sound different. Alaska, Ägir, Petro, Scharni... guns really sound like low-quality toys. Sound rework is reall y hard-pressing, even more so than the graphic rework we got (and enjoyed to be honest)
  13. WG selling tech-tree ships, I know it's not new but this has to be a new low.
  14. Harvin87

    emproved sound

    I've been waiting for a sound rework for a long time, I wish it could happen anytime "soon" (maybe at the end of the year)... is it in blueprint, at least @YabbaCoe @MrConway?
  15. Harvin87

    WoWs API update for developers

    This, and the replay interface are stored in the same "Things I don't give a f***k" drawer in the St.Petersburg gulag.