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  1. Sir_Sinksalot

    "Custom" cammos

    Not sure, I think my Fubuki would look good in a Christmas jumper though.
  2. Sir_Sinksalot

    Tighten Dunkerque's Dispersion Please

    I don't think it needs much tweaking though. Just an improvement to accuracy, either sigma or dispersion, just enough to make her land shots more reliably at mid range and slightly better at long range at least against slow moving large BB's which in turn don't seem to have a problem landing their long range efforts against this ship. Just a little tweak btw, don't missunderstand me I'm not talking sniper riffle levels of accuracy, just slight better for a more reliably workable ship which as mentioned, can't afford to get in close quarter brawls with even a cruiser let alone another BB so really does need to keep its fighting at arms length at all times even though being such a large ship she will still always be taking shots. It doesn't need any buffs to armor or anything else, that would completely ruin her unique "fast but weak BB" heavy cruiser like playstyle offering which is actually historically accurate, she really didn't have much armor and wasn't considered a true BB and more of a heavy cruiser, built with speed in mind to chase and catch a German cruiser of the time but enough about that, point being, her weak build for straight line speed is perfect, an interesting playstyle but she just needs a little accuracy buff to make that set of attributes workable. Personally I certainly wouldn't be bothered if there had to be an exchange for a little better accuracy but only in the right areas, entirely based around her guns, the rest of the ship is fine in regards here stengths and weaknesses. So I'd be fine with a little nerf to her reload times or alpha dmg so long as the shell speed remains the same. As it stands, her reload and everything else gun related is an almost pointless stats since she just can't hit anything.
  3. Sir_Sinksalot

    Tighten Dunkerque's Dispersion Please

    Lol yes. She's a magnificent ship and catches my eye every time I flick though my collection of ships and makes me just want to play this French Madame. Everything appears great with this ship until you pull the trigger then its.... o dear. You can learn the ships shell velocity and understand the correct lead required with the distance involved and against a target moving at a certain velocity but when you pull that trigger all you get is a scattering of shells more like rocks fired from a catapult and it's anyone's guess where they're going lol. The only other T6 premium I have is the Warspite. This ship is more like a dreadnought(probably is a dreadnought?) and so it's a slower ship and ugly by comparison to the beautiful sleek Dunkerque but it's also more armored and so like anything in this game, we look for a balance. If a ship can't take a beating then at least it should be able to dish it out, give it but not be able to take it, and visa versa, but the Dunkerque can neither give it or take so what you have is a fast straight line hp pinata. Sure, if it landed it's shots more reliably we could at least say it can give a beating though with the drawbacks of not being able to take it, still, that would be very acceptable I feel. To compare those two premiums I have further, in terms of accuracy, in this game we talk sigma and dispersion. Sigma is the likelihood spread of the shells from the center point of where you are aiming and the dispersion determines just how far that spread can be, simply put. In this game, a Sigma of 2 is pretty accurate while a Sigma of 1.5 is pretty trashy. So sigma 2 will be a nice tight spread with shots landing close to within the middle of that aiming circle most the time while a Sigma of 1.5 will tend to spread out like a shotgun withing the radius of that dispersion figure Sigma doesn't necessarily have to be amazing if the dispersion value is excellent and alternatively Sigma can be pretty loose but still reasonably accurate so long as the dispersion is it tight. In other words, if one is good but the other is bad then its fine since the shells either wont tend to spread with a good sigma rating or are incapable of spreading beyond the confinements of a tight dispersion figure. Problem is when ships have bad sigma AND dispersion. Also, there is shell velocity and trajectory to factor but with the bottom line for those is you will learn your ships shell velocity and shell arch so once you do so, you will have no problem leading your shots but bad accuracy is still bad accuracy and nothing you can do about that other than get close which for a weak ship like the Dun, close quarters is not a place you really want to ever be. Just some of the figures on those two ships so far as accuracy goes, with the aiming system equipment. Warspite Sigma - 2 (excellent sigma for a BB it truly is, more like cruiser, those shells ain't spreading nowhere!) Dispersion - 205m (Again, really really good, one of the best I've seen on a BB) Range - 16.3km (not great but not tragic either, especially with that level of predictable accuracy once you close the gap) AP Shell speed - 732ms (not great but shell speed is something you learn with practice and so once you do, you have the accuracy to know it lands) Dunkerque Sigma - 1.7 (pretty poor) Dispersion - 229m (not good but not tragically bad either, thing is though, when added this to the loose sigma it makes for a shotgun spread) Range - 18.21km (pretty solid, much better than the Warspite but again, with that inaccuracy it's a false stat since hitting anything is pure luck) AP sheel speed - 870ms (really nice actually, if only you could make use of it which you can't with the inaccuracy)
  4. Sir_Sinksalot

    Tighten Dunkerque's Dispersion Please

    Not sure if any "buff or nerf" requests are ever entertained but I said I'd have a go. Ok, it's just a tier6 but I think it looks great and I'd just love to play it more often. What stops me playing this and certainly playing it in randoms is that for all it's drawbacks it sadly has to be really close range to stand any real chance of hitting a ship where you want to hit it. When I take a shot even at mid range, most all of its shells just spread horribly around the target like a shotgun and maybe just 1 or 2 shells actually hit the target but exceptionally rarely anywhere you would have aimed them so instead of maybe landing 3-4 of 8 shells fired at mid range and actually hitting a citadel you were aiming at instead its just like a couple of rocks hitting the mast or parts of the ship it doesn't really hurt. Even just landing a couple of shots at long range against another BB is a spin of the rng lottery wheel, typically its just 1 shell knocking harmlessly off the BB which only serves to get that BB's attention and turn his guns on your weak armored ship which on paper is a BB but it's really not what can be considered a BB in the truer sense of the word it just hasn't the armor to stop anything from pretty much any class it fights. Otherwise I'd take all the drawbacks, the weak armor, the terrible camo which usually makes this ship the first spotted and draws fire first, I'd work around all the other failings and it's not really a BB in truest sense of the word it just doesn't have that level of armor and so it's more like an over-sized cruiser which is fine if it could JUST land it's shots more reliably. I hope it gets a little accuracy buff and then it would offer an interesting heavy cruiser BB hybrid sort of a thing with the bad camo and slow reload, slow turn speed of BB but with the hp and benefits of a BB while having the weak armor and citadel prone elements of a cruiser but with the accuracy and speed of cruiser.
  5. Sir_Sinksalot

    What's more important, Acceleration+Braking or Turning?

    Ok, so it's a mixture of playstyle preference and the ships stronger combat style. Well, as mentioned, I'm just looking to consolidate a nice fleet of tier6 which I can do most missions with and from most classes actually but they're mostly destroyers. Perhaps if I was a bit more specific you could apply a more ship specific answer. I get the point that I probably can't really go wrong either way and for sure, there will always be situations manifest during battles where we can all say "damn, if only I went with the better acceleration I wouldn't have died just there" and "damn, if only I went with the better turning I wouldn't have died just there" lol ok. Also, I will take a look at that link suggestion for layouts too so thanks for that. DD. Edit- never mind. Most all my T6 DD's have decent rudder speed as default so I switched all but one of those for the engine mod. The only DD I kept with the rudder mod is my German Ernst since it has a pretty poor rudder speed bad enough to probably justify it over the engine mod gains. Cruisers. Definitely struggling with this decision. 1. Aoba 2. Budyonny 3. Dallas Fatties. Definitely struggling with this decision too and perhaps even the repairs mod might be more befitting. 1. Warspite 2. Dunkerque 3. Fuso
  6. Sir_Sinksalot

    What's more important, Acceleration+Braking or Turning?

    Does this game have soft stats like drag resistance and p/w ratios? WoT has and the result is you can have two vehicles with identical p/w ratio regardless of their size and engine power differences but one will have much greater ground resistances which dramatically effects acceleration, responsiveness and turning. In other wards, you could have two ships with the same p/w ration but one ship is very small and light with a weak engine while the other ship is a great big lump with a powerful engine but while both, for talk sake, translate into having equal power to weight ratio's, the small little ship is a lot more responsive, nimble and agile because the small little ship has only small drag in the water, the great big lump just happens to have terrible drag resistances so the while both have the same p/w on paper, the little ship can hit a greater top speed, accelerate to that superior top speed much faster while also turn much more responsively(lets not talk about rudder speed in regards this example lol) because it has less drag encumbering it by comparison to the large ship in this example.
  7. Sir_Sinksalot

    The Curiosities Of Our Warships

    Interesting. Certainly seems the nets were effective on some level at least for a while anyway. Perhaps the more accurate terms then is "torpedo resistant" rather than "torpedo proof" lol. I used to do a lot of cycling and the tyre manufacturers were always careful to label their puncture proof tyres as puncture resistant... they didn't say your tyre can not be punctured it's just a lot more resistant to being punctured, but it most definitely can be punctured. Bullet proof vests should probably be changed to bullet resistant vests too lol, you can be sure a certain caliber or velocity will most definitely punch through a typical so called bullet proof vest. They probably shouldn't have called the Titanic an unsinkable ship either, was always asking for trouble!!
  8. So now that I have the ship, are random bundles actually the best value(I know they are random so it depends but so are the contains) in terms of bagging coal and credits or is there something better worth spending those tokens on from the options. For me, being a clueless noob, even after watching the associate vid and reading all about, I feel like I know nothing much about the goodies on offer at all. As such, I am under the impression that since the random bungles keep coughing up lots of credits and coal, that they are the best option worth spending the tokens on. Am I missing something?
  9. Sir_Sinksalot

    Poll: Drop chance of normal Italian cruiser container

    These ship missions you refer too, are they missions whereby you get a free Italian ship upon completion or missions that only a certain Italian ship can play and get lots of goodies?
  10. Sir_Sinksalot

    The Curiosities Of Our Warships

    Did some nations not try and replace the nets with something more resilient such as metal mesh or chains? I used to play U-Boat sim a long time ago called Silent Hunter 2 and perhaps it was torpedo technology and techniques finally saw off the nets too. Torpedoes stopped becoming direct contact detonations for also it seemed to be more destructive to detonate the warhead directly beneath a ships hull and break the thing in half while also avoiding the armored belts and any other anti-torp measure in place(I'm guessing moderns ships just did away with these belts as a result?) so maybe nets couldn't counter those techniques without being deeper, stronger and ultimately ridiculously heavy and impractical? Some mention these nets ripping off getting tangled around the prop and rudder etc, were these not stored away on board the ship somewhere when not in use?
  11. Sir_Sinksalot

    The Curiosities Of Our Warships

    Nice! I was WAY out lol! anti-submarine towed sonar indeed.
  12. Hi guys, Sorry for the barrage of threads today I had the day off and had time for this game. I have been building up a nice collection of T6 destroyers and cruisers and I am really struggling with deciding what the best approach for the 4th slot is, especially since it's going to cost me 500k credits for each ship. Sometimes I am convinced that it would be more beneficial to improve the rudder speed so I can turn my ship faster which is an obvious gain for many reasons such as avoiding incoming torps, incoming shells at range, avoiding crashing into something or someone, making a turn instead of having to reverse, getting your ship quickly broadside to fire torps and guns faster, getting your ship out of a broadside quickly so it's not as vulnerable and exposed for as long as it would normally be which means taking a less shots and less damage or citadel hits etc But then I think, if I get to full power 50% quicker that will mean I can hit my top speed faster and equally stop the ship a lot faster, reverse, peak, shoot, go forwards back behind cover faster... accelerate hard from incoming torpedoes, brake hard from incoming torpedoes. So, I really REALLY can't decide where to go on this one it's rather expensive if I get it wrong.... help please!!!
  13. Sir_Sinksalot

    The Curiosities Of Our Warships

    I almost forgot. I think the explanation that those "oars" were poles for mounting an anti-torp net may actually answer one my next questions. There are what look like dirty laundry baskets on these ships but I'm guessing that these laundry baskets are actually the torpedo net which gets attached to these poles? I mean they might be laundry baskets... or maybe some fishing nets if they get stuck at sea and run out of food? Also, I was wandering what those torpedo shaped thingys are? They seem to have wings or fins built into the design up near the front but they look too sort to be a torpedo at least the conventional sort of torpedo, would it be some sort of towed sonar device for listening for submarines or tracking subs?
  14. Sir_Sinksalot

    The Curiosities Of Our Warships

    Pretty clever. Thanks
  15. Sir_Sinksalot

    The Curiosities Of Our Warships

    Once I start playing a game and find myself enjoying it, I also find I start becoming very interested in what I once wasn't. All things military always held a certain level of interest with me but I would say battleships never really held my attention much... and yet now that I'm playing this game suddenly I find myself looking up ships on Wiki, naval battle docs and exploring the subject. I certainly know very little about them. So that being true I thought maybe we could start a thread for players like myself that from playing this game have also now become maritime military enthusiast too! Perhaps this thread needs to be moved somewhere else though, and pinned would be great so I/all of us can pop those maritime questions that our curiosity had us wondering about. If it's just my questions and no-one else fine lol! Anyway, a few questions I've been meaning to ask are these, about my Bellerofon. What are all these pipe like thingy's attached to the hull of this ship and what are they used for, they might not even be pipes at all and why so many of them? Look near the stern of this ship(yes that's not the front of this ship even though it kinda looks like it lol).What are these two caged cross shaped thingy's with red ball like thingy's on the ends for?