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  1. And based on that logic I went with the Bomber mod 2 for the 4th slot for an additional 7.5% HP on bombers whereas with any other CV nation I would most likely have gone with either the Torpedo or Attack aircraft mod instead. Only in Ops against these predictably dumb bots and of cruisers of a certain tier can I say it's been "easy" to implement these rockets in any meaningful way and as mentioned, not only did it take this perfect scenario never to be found in any other game mode, certainly never in random battle BUT, these particular cruisers don't even have any AA either lol. So in this laughably unrealistic scenario, up to 8 citadels from one attack. Turn around with no AA to worry about lol, and another 4 citadels on that same cruisers. and here's the worst part. I still didn't kill that low tier bot cruiser even with no countering and no AA to worry about. Can you imagine actually getting such strikes in a random battle somehow and being rewarded with this laughable cringe levels of damage dealing in which pretty much all of your rockets not just hit their target and penned but also hit citadels too only to see that same ship still floating? In practice what would happen is I get ZERO pens, no citadels and most likely all the aircraft are quickly swatted from the sky after the first attack in which he just pointed his cruiser into the oncoming attack before popping a fighter consumable or sectoring his AA. I will NEVER play this in a random battle and very little even in Co-op outside of some directives which would just happen to request the use of a CV and a German CV at that lol. Well, I had a spare 10 pointer after picking up the Odin to play around with so I picked what I normally would and was left with 3 skill points, not too far off 4 points so it also puts that option on the table for consideration too. What you guys think? SE or something else and please keep in mind this CV will NEVER see a random battle, it's just for Ops 99% of the time and the odd Co-op should some missions require a German CV so don't look at it as a setup for random battles.
  2. I picked up the Weser yesterday. It's still not fully upgraded but so far it's been interesting to play in Ops on Narai but somewhat tragic to play even in Co-op let alone random battles. It's just too easy to counter it seems and so coming away with little damage from a sortie with a massive loss of aircraft just isn't all that fun surprisingly!! Rockets - need cruisers of the right armor value to "hold still and don't turn please" in order to get citadels and even at that the damage is pitiful. They seem largely ineffective and the weak against DD's which can counter them easily. Sure they'll still do some damage to DD's but not nearly enough to trouble a DD that's in good health plus there's no chance of setting anything on fire so if you can't pen a target properly you can go F. Torpedoes - deal the lowest damage of all nations which we know but for me what makes no sense here is they are also have the lowest flood causing % chance. For me that makes no sense. The British and U.S. have the equal highest flood chance at 45% which is easily pushed into a positive flooding chance of 60% or even higher with a signal or two but that was fine because the IJN torps dealt more damage and thus some sort of balance was established... less damage for more flooding or more damage for less flooding. But these German torps, they both the least damage AND have the least flood chance, how the F does that make sense? Surely based on the other nations torp balance it should have the highest flood chance. Anyway, they're my least used weapon so far. Dive bombers - A fun and new playstyle, good damage dealing potential and generally my go-to weapon when the rockets inevitably start failing and dying. At first I found them a little bit tricky to use but it didn't take long to become reasonably skilled at knowing the when and the where etc. Good damage dealing potential against big slow ships that struggle to counter them and I'm guessing is the German CV's main damage dealing weapon here against BB's and slower cruisers. Problem with that is that unlike the other nations that use torps for big damage dealing against BB's and cruisers, torps also have a chance of flooding for additional damage, sometimes a lot of additional damage across the course of a battle whereas with the German dive bombers there's the damage it deals and no other secondary potential damage dealing bi-product, no fire %, no nothing... maybe a crit, fine, but that's not adding any damage just perhaps momentarily removing the target ships ability in which to deal damage itself. So all in all, it's been zero fun in anything other than Ops and because it's only new to me perhaps this is just a brief "yay, new toy!!" sort of fun that will quickly fade lol. The reason it's somewhat effective and fun on Ops, or rather Narai, is that obviously the target ships run rather predictable lines in which it's much easier to implement the not-so-dangerous rockets on light cruisers along with the hard hitting and rather fun dive bombers on very much stupid bot BB's. This is the only environment in which I can ever imagine a German CV being any fun at all and for that you actually need the cruisers that fleet up the middle to actually have no AA whatsoever nor change heading as is the case on Narai, and thus a case of shooting fish in a barrel not to be found in any other game mode. That being true, the damage returns have still been somewhat sad so far, even in an environment like Narai where a CV can have it all it's own way as much as possible and so at the end of the day the credit returns and xp returns are rather lame, especially compared to really potent CV's like the Ryujo and financially at a deficit in regards credit making when held against an Ark Royal so.... ya... I guess the only reason to play it just for a change of styles and what fun one might find within that. For me the fun is not so much and most likely as mentioned, just a case of fun with a new toy that will fade quickly and with it this CV ever being used again outside of perhaps some directive requiring it's inclusion. Btw guys, what's your opinion on the Survivability Expert skill being used on this CV to bolster up those weak as F aircraft? It's worth an additional 150 hp per aircraft so X8 for a full flight is and additional 1200 hp combined for AA to have to chew through. Is that a skill worth adding for a spare 3 points or not and if not WHY not?
  3. Sir_Sinksalot

    Aigle or Anshan?

    Not at all, the European DD's are one of the most fun DD's in Ops. Obviously not big damage dealers but just for the joy of trying to remain unseen, kiting around targets and just hitting ships with torpedoes as often as you can. For me that's really fun albeit a different kind of fun to breaking ships in half with nuclear warheaded torps from other nations, but fun none the less lol. I know I've hit at least 30 torpedo strikes in one battle before with the Vasteras, possibly more than 30 like 32 or 33, I think that was max and on a lost battle alone with that sort of time and targets available but the only screenshot I could find has 27 strikes. Pitiful damage yet was incredibly good fun. And the T7 Skane on Narai which wasn't even fully upgraded in this battle and only recently got it's 10 point commander for that all important concealment expert so there's more to come from that DD which I also find fun and Narai is the only other really viable Ops map with Aegis that offers the playthrough for a DD to thrive in. Another 27 torpedo strikes but surely now fully upgraded and with a 10 point commander, more to come whenever WG have further nerfed Narai fixed and restore it to normal inclusion.
  4. Sir_Sinksalot

    Aigle or Anshan?

    Get the French battleship Normandie instead and just blap everything that moves with 12 main boom sticks. It's also pretty quick and agile along with the fastest turning turrets for a T6 BB plus it also has some pretty effective secondaries. All in all one of my most favorite Ops ships plus unlike DD's which are only really suited to Aegis(and Narai but that's T7), really doesn't give a flying F about what Ops mission it is to face, it will happily mash its way through any of them. On a side note, while certainly not the most powerful DD, I do find the Swedish DD Vasteras a really fun kiting DD on Aegis. Making my way down the left side of the map slipping volleys and volleys of torps into the water all battle long for up to 30+ torpedo strikes per battle and printing Torpedoman awards never gets dull I'll be honest, regardless of the tame damage returns for all that action. If I bag a premium day or two and it happens to be Aegis, the both the Aigle and Anshan get a run out for some pretty decent credit and xp returns. I didn't even notice the Anshan has some bonus free xp on its camo until I read the comments above and tbh I don't care it's certainly not going to dictate what ships I would buy or play.
  5. Sir_Sinksalot

    Aigle or Anshan?

    I enjoy playing both and both are really good DD's. I got the Aigle first and then later when the Anshan became available for coal, as luck would have I had a well trained captain from playing the Fushun so I was delighted to see the Anshan and immediately got it, sold my Fushun and picked up the T7 Gadjah for Narai, retraining the commander for that DD. So what's the big difference between these two DD's other than their obvious nationalities to which having at least a 10 pointer for them is essential? Well obviously if you have a 10 point commander or better, ready for one nation and not the other that's a quick decision on which DD to get lol. But if you have good commanders for both nations then here's a quick difference. 1. Anshan has very good concealment while the Aigle has poorish concealment. This means you tend to get spotted by enemy DD's before you spot them with the Aigle, but tend to spot enemy DD's first with the Anshan. Both have equally useful 8km range torps but with the Anshan's superior concealment it has a lot more of a comfort buffer to play around with when it comes to getting within range, launching torps and either kiting or spotting the target ships whereas with the poor concealment on the Aigle while kiting is possible it doesn't have much margin to get within torp range and get away again without getting spotted. This all means the Anshan is simply easier to play imho and noticing closing ships a little later than you should is ok with the Anshan but not ok with the Aigle. Also worth noting is that unlike the tech tree P-A DD's, this premium Anshan does NOT have DW torps so it very much can and will hit another DD but at the cost of some torpedo detection. 2. Aigle has more powerful guns with a little more range but they're very derpy featuring a slow shell velocity and very high trajectory more like a missile boat lol and need to be learned and some getting used to whereas the Anshan has nice crisp flat trajectory guns that are idiot proof by comparison and while not as powerful or long ranged as the Agile are themselves powerful and destructive enough by T6 DD standards and posses really good range not too far behind the Aigle. Once you master the Aigles guns, they are indeed very very destructive to enemy DD's and indeed rips through the citadels of light cruisers with frightening efficiency and destruction and has 5 guns vs the Anshans 4 guns. That said, it's a lot easier to bring the Anshans 4 guns on a target whereas the Aigles guns takes a whole lot of broadsiding to get all 5 guns on a target with the last gun near the stern heavily obstructed by various ship bits. 3. Anshan has superior speed and agility over the Aigle though both are really fast and pretty agile for T6 DD's. But when coupled with the concealment differences and gun sectors it just makes the Anshan more comfortable to play. 4. Aigle has a lot more hit points over the Anshan which obviously makes it last longer and when combined with its ferocious guns means it generally spanks other DD's in gun fight disputes. When both roll with Survivability the Aigle boasts a somewhat tanky 19,100 hp while the Anshan has to make do with 16,500 hp. 5. Torpedoes. The Aigle has monsters it really has. I mean, the Anshan has really strong torps, they certainly aren't weak at all, really nice BUT, if there's two full hp BB's the Aigle can generally kill both if it lands 3 on each which is really REALLY nice obviously. So the Anshan is more comfortable to play and a really strong DD for T6, you'll really like it while the Aigle is a bit more difficult to play but once you learn how to harness that power is an absolute beast. My advice? Get both.
  6. Sir_Sinksalot

    Is Odin Worth 3,500 Doubloons?

    Well, thanks for the feedback guys. I ended up getting it in the end. I'll generally play Ops which is just T6 and occasionally T7(When WG fix it... AGAIN) but I still like a few T8 ships for participating in Ranked Battles(for the easy 1 or 2 star levels for free steel etc)) along with making completing damage related directives that much easier and faster at higher tiers so with me already having the T6, T7 and T8 German tech tree BB's with both conventional and secondary build commanders, along with you guys mostly positive opinions about all become valid reasons for me buying it and tilting the scales that way. Anyway, ya no regrets, all the reasons above for why it made sense to get it at least for me, was around €11.40 I think in terms of doubloons and what I wasn't aware of was it also comes with a choice of two perma-camos and a 3rd optional perma-camo for purchase should a player so wish to do so. The only thing I would peg it for and maybe something that can bee added by the devs for a future dockyard ship is that I feel this ship should have come with 2 or 3 premium days too, just top sweeten the deal and put that premium ship to good use. I'm not sure if WG feel that only premium account users purchase premium ships and not F2P players or if they just didn't think of it but ya, a few premium days would have been nice and it would just make it feel like a nicer purchase and would cost WG nothing to do that obviously, plus they chuck out premium days regularly enough anyway so ya, would have been nice. For those interested, here's a look at the camo options for it and you get two of those as mentioned. This is a very similar "festive" style to the Graf Free which was picked up along the way. For me it's a no, way too many flags and buntings or whatever you call those things. I just think it's too "flagy" but maybe you like it. Then there's the standard camo which is what I roll with and same for the Spee. ..and finally there's some Nordic style camo to tap into that whole Odin theme and it's actually really nice to be fair. The ship itself. Well I've found it to be fun thus far tbh though it hasn't been played in a hard core competitive environment with lots on the line but I probably wouldn't bother anyway when I have a Vlad for doing that instead with it's big Russian boom sticks. This is a different playstyle than your typical stronk BB and while it lacks the attributes to brawl with stronk BB's it very much does have all the weaponry and counter measures for hunting cruisers and even griefing DD's. The guns are smaller caliber than your typical BB at this tier obviously but they're still big enough to smash cruisers to bits and with that smaller caliber comes faster reload times and better accuracy I dare say so when you combine that with the fact it has long gun range, decent camo rating, long range secondaries along with torps of its own, fighters, strong AA and hydro accoustic it really does have a hell of a lot packed into a BB and a fun involving game with so much stuff to utilize. The faster loading guns are also really nice for slapping DD's with HE and since it's backed up with hydro makes that much less risky and realistic to do so than most BB's that wouldn't want to waste their slow reloading guns most likely pre-loaded with AP on a DD but with the Odin it reloads faster so why not. Personally I'm running it with a secondary build and Commander, I'll attach a screenshot so you can see the stats. These are base stats without any signals and just over 11km in range with nice fast 900 and 960 m/s shells. Given that I use this BB to hunt cruisers and less for brawling with BB's I also run this with a steering mod for faster rudder shift and since I have hydro I use the concealment system mod and so overall as a secondary build it's just been a fun BB, more like a battle cruiser and played as such. The torps are offered on the far back of the ship right on the point of falling off the ship lol, just like the Graf Spee and so it has really generous archs without having to turn much to use them on targets in any direction. That's just how I play it and have it set up, obviously play it and set it up any which way you like and to whatever style you fancy or happiest with.
  7. Oh I'm not even slightly bothered about that and even though I'll pick up the Wesser when it becomes available to the tech tree I doubt I'll play it much in Ops. As it turns out I think the one I got, the Rhein, is the best looking of the 4 German CV's and actually looks like it was purpose built as a CV whereas the other 3 look more ships that were CV conversions from another previously existing ship with the obvious lines where a flight deck casemate was grafted onto the hull of a ship along with that ugly bow where the flight deck doesn't come all the way to the end and stops short etc but with the Rhein, it's a much more aesthetically pleasing ship like the Ark Royal or some U.S. CV's that were purpose built and are visually just a nice flowing clean-cut unit. If it wasn't for the bonuses I'd play the Rhein without any camo tbh since like most ships it looks much nicer Whereas the perma-camo makes it looks like some doomsday spaceship from Star Wars or something lol. All that's missing is Darth Vader standing in the bridge with his arms folded.
  8. For some, it's more a case of aesthetics than the attached bonuses. Having unique collectible camo's, some with 3D attachment(Which I guess would make it a skin?) has a certain appeal. For me it's not the sort of appeal that would have me spending money on a ship I most likely won't play much but to others maybe it is and certainly if I can unlock it for free by completing some missions which I enjoy anyway then I'll go and get it where possible. Big giant Iron Cross and black/red camo scheme. Swedish coat of arms sort of thing on both sides and on the stern with a unique camo pattern and color scheme. Russian VE day celebratory camo and color scheme. Camo's, flags, skins... if these are things I can pick up for free by winning them from containers or playing ranked battles or whatever, I will, and I don't care what bonuses, if any, the camo's give.
  9. Sir_Sinksalot

    Dunkirk crate and chance to get Gallant

    Ya I too fell victim to these crates in the hopes of getting the DD. I didn't get it either btw and stopped trying lol. I came to the conclusion that while it would have been a really nice drop that it was just wasting way too much coal and that buying it with a discount voucher would be the most sensible way of getting it if I really wanted it that much. I didn't buy it so I guess I didn't really want it that much after all. Besides, the Aigle was joined by the Anshen in the Armory for coal, both of which are really nice and powerful DD's that I enjoy playing so I can certainly get over it.
  10. I got it from the very last bunch of free containers after completing the 4th directive. I thought it wasn't possible either. Turns out even the T6 CV wasn't too uncommon for some players I've been speaking to on discord.(and that's the one I wanted!!)). Thing is though I can definitely get over it and say that thus far it's not really that fun to play, the other CV nations are better(I dare say) and while it offers an interesting alternative playstyle and I understand what WG devs did in an effort to avoid adding just another same sort of CV, it's actually not something I would see myself playing much and I dare say this would be the feeling of most players that have some experience playing CV's. Of course, these CV's are probably different at different tiers which I don't have yet so I can't yet say if they become more fun or even less fun and/or more or less effective compared to their other nation alternatives plus I think players need to get used to and learn their new playstyle offering before judging them and just saying they're bad when it hasn't been properly played by those same players. I doubt the T6 would take me away from the Ark Royal or the Ryujo when playing Ops so I can get over it and in any case it's going to be a tech tree I can pick up at some stage regardless. The only bumber is the missed perma-camo but like I said since I doubt I would play it much I don't really care tbh.
  11. I got the tier 4 from one the last few free containers and I will finish out it's base xp mission today for it's perma-camo BUT, it was really the T6 I was after for Ops and the T4 won't really ever see use most likely plus it's tiering tends to be too low to satisfy most directive and other missions that come down the road at us... also I don't really like it from the few battle I've played with it. Possibly that's because I need to learn to play it's different weapon attributes style that are different to the classic CV offerings. It ain't no Hosho but the dive bombers that crack BB citadels have some potential.
  12. Sir_Sinksalot

    Why don't we have historical flags?

    This ^ Banning it from a game that's using vehicles or ships etc from an era in which these flags were displayed is suggesting that the user of such vehicles/ships etc is in support of such ideologies which is ridiculous obviously or is offended by seeing them by interpreting there presence as anything other than a historically accurate representation it supposed to represent and serve and nothing more or less.
  13. Sir_Sinksalot

    Why don't we have historical flags?

    But you're correcting me(I think) on a point that I agree with and made if you actually read my first post in which I outlined that the swastika could be pegged not for it's original bygone era implementation which is history and to be viewed as such BUT the fact that the swastika is currently used by discriminate groups today such as neo-nazism and as such, so can rightfully be seen as offensive. Not in context to sins of the past but in regards to what it represents today.
  14. Sir_Sinksalot

    Why don't we have historical flags?

    Not really. British Imperialism saw Australian aboriginals murdered and marched off cliffs to their deaths in efforts so simply rid themselves of what was considered a sub-species in their way. Innocent farmers, non-militants, women holding their babies it didn't matter they were considered vermin so lets not pretend all nations are righteous and "the good guys". The soviet union forcefully occupied and held territories in as brutal ways as it gets, as did many nations. Plundering their way across the America's, Africa, all the world so you know, there's always the other sides story and none of todays strong nations is without blood on their hands. The point is not featuring a Japanese flag or this or that, it's silly and I hope we're more mature than to take offence to flags from bygone era's that once represented X Y and Z since no nation that put it's stamp on this world were nice guys, NOBODY. Every country and its borders are forged and maintained or lost through the spilling of blood, nobody asked for a country and it was granted to them, it was TAKEN, and in a brutal way. This is our ugly history and our ugly nature, but here we are just playing games, and we should be above such matters I hope.
  15. Sir_Sinksalot

    Why don't we have historical flags?

    Probably just a case of pandering to the usual pressure of "politically correctness" and snowflakes that like to make noise about all such things in a not so convincing ploy to get attention and boost their own popularity or status(mostly in their own heads only since nobody really cares at all about them or their transparent falsities). In regards the game I don't think anyone that plays it would take offense to historically accurate representations of flags etc since I dare say most of us are mature and sensible enough to know the difference between historical accuracy in a game and promoting hate in the real world lol... and I dare say most of us would indeed prefer historical accuracy and wouldn't be offended by it, why should be offended it's just flags from a bygone era belonging to people that have died either during it or to time itself, certainly not to those who play the game, only stories that were once told by those no longer with us. One could argue that the swastika might be in bad taste but ONLY because it is still a symbol used today by those who would promote the negative ideology and discriminate hatred such as neo-nazism etc but so far as Japanese flags etc, one could make a case that the Soviet, French, Union Jack and American flags, which all countries that invaded, committed atrocities, occupied and some of which even still currently occupy, are every bit as offensive to some nations and ethnic groups as what would be banned or not featured in this game due to being offensive so... ya, I guess history and who's politically correct and not is dictated by those who won and by those in power.