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  1. Sir_Sinksalot

    How to reduce FPS in Port?

    Well, maybe if I spelled the word "preferences" correctly into the search bar I might have found it easier.
  2. Sir_Sinksalot

    How to reduce FPS in Port?

    I didn't download this game through Steam and no such file called preferences.xml was to be found
  3. Sir_Sinksalot

    How to reduce FPS in Port?

    What's the risk in editing that preference setting from 100 to 40 frames which requires the necessity of making a backup first?
  4. Sir_Sinksalot

    Godzilla vs. Kong: The Titans Return

    I would have preferred this skin for the KONG-go(I'll show myself out ) Seriously though, only an APE would prefer Kong to Godzilla.(Fine! I'm gone!))
  5. Sir_Sinksalot

    Why are some players hiding statistics?

    It's because they suck balls yet insist on playing competitive modes such as ranked but are too sensitive to have anyone pulling the stats card on them when they inevitably get flamed at as the sole reason their team lost a ranked battle and all involved players lost a progress star needlessly. That would be my take on it.
  6. Sir_Sinksalot

    Research Bureau

    I'm in the exact same boat(pun intended) but couldn't be arsed regrinding anything until I know for certain what T10 ships I really enjoy playing the most since I'll probably be looking at the unique equipment before the ship option. I took at look at what gains and losses the various RB equipment offered some various ships and recommend you do the same, in the RB hub and also on wowsft. Some equipment pieces look very beneficial and worth their negative attributes while some other pieces make absolutely no sense at all and are more of a downright nerf compared to regular equipment and not a fitting investment. But like I said, I'm pretty much ignoring it for now, I seem to be completing little RB point missions for regular play and I really haven't enough ships, freexp or credits to be messing about with resetting and chasing things that might take longer than worth etc. Mostly focusing on getting a Steel Ship right now and another fancy pants commander so that's enough focus for me at the moment not to get too muddled in several things. So depends what you're chasing really, ships or equipment. Also, why read when you can listen instead. This dude seems popular and appears to know a thing or two. Better still, they're relatively new vids too. Upgrades. Ships.
  7. Sir_Sinksalot

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    1. Ear wax 2. Another 7 days premium, nice! 3. 1000 doubloons, nice!
  8. Sir_Sinksalot

    Flandre vs Gascogne

    Personally I'd be more tempted by the Gascogne if I was buying myself. The Flandre has 1 more main artillery, a lot more HP, possibly better AA and it's a faster ship which would seem to suggest the Flandre is simply a "better" ship but if we look a little deeper we see the Gascogne has much faster reload(28 vs 33) which means it will have a more active, busier battle, suffers less to bad RNG and missed shots. It also has much better gun range(23.8 vs 20km), along with better accuracy compliments of better sigma and vert dispersion. For me that would be a more interesting playstyle and attributes compared to the Flandre, closer to that of the Republique but to each their own. While there's no getting around the fact the Flandre has undoubtedly a lot more HP which for a BB is great obviously, the Gascogne has access to consumables which the Flandre doesn't that should nullify and possibly surpass the speed and AA superiority of the Flandre periodically via speed boost and optional fighters. So regardless of the HP deficit I'd sooner play the Gascogne and that's what it's all about, playing. If a ship is good but not really your flavor, then you're not playing it as often and was ultimately not the better buy, but what your flavor is depends entirely on you so good luck with your choice and they both look like great ships so you're not going wrong with either ship.
  9. Sir_Sinksalot

    Suggestions thread

    So I see we have to wait another 115 days before we get a new 25% discount voucher on coal/steel ship options. Can we A. Get these vouchers twice as often? B. Have an option where we can "trade" 4 vouchers for 1 additional voucher? Isn't it better than players have these ships available to purchase that little bit sooner and that little bit more often instead of them perhaps getting bored, not playing as often and playing another game instead? Just an idea.
  10. Sir_Sinksalot

    BBs are coward in general and here's why.

    No shhht Sherlock. My reply was at a comment where BB's are suggested as being the possible culprit for campy battles outside of this all-BB mode when mixed with all classes... unless you're seriously suggesting the guy made this comment in a battle where there's no other classes? wow...
  11. Sir_Sinksalot

    BBs are coward in general and here's why.

    Could say that about any class really. Here's some quick generalized reasons why other classes result in camping and not pressing forwards. Cruiser = radar, HE spammed from behind an island DD's = shotgunned with torps. farmed from behind island or sitting in smoke CV's = Perma spotted for all enemy ships and farmed accordingly or spammed by aircraft attacks. Subs = o dear god where do we start... The above are all good reasons not to advance. Eating a full salvo from a BB is probably the least likely and thus least frightening or reason to not to push forwards. Also, BB's are generally spotted regularly so you can see what they're aiming at or where they are going. For campy games I think BB's are the least likely reason for it though some BB's might well be camping themselves in light of all of the above.
  12. Sir_Sinksalot

    BBs are coward in general and here's why.

    All classes come in different flavors including BB's. While its never a good idea to be the first spotted in an "All BB" mode when by nature BB's are slow easy targets especially at T6 and will most certainly be a case of "first spotted, first dead" most the time, the other side of the coin is some BB's are tanky, some are not, same as cruisers and DDs. Those that are not tanky shouldn't push in, while those that are tanky are still going to get smashed when they're the lead BB. I only managed to get in a quick battle and it was on that "Ocean" map I think it's called(just water, no islands). I hope this was rare because for reasons stated open water and slow BB's isn't a good idea in practice since spotted or closest target = dead. It was still a bit of fun but needed islands for comfort and cover otherwise unsurprisingly the experienced and/or sensible players are just going to keep slipping behind each other as not to be the nearest ship to enemy lines.
  13. Sir_Sinksalot

    12 vs. 12 Playing Tier VI Battleships

    Just BB's and no other classes. This could be fun!
  14. Sir_Sinksalot

    Sound Rework in Update 0.11.7

    Not really interested but I do approve of the sexually suggestive cleavage girl wielding the handcuffs and leather belt as much as to suggest she was going to do something wicked with them far beyond the sound rework smokescreen. It wasn't Dasha or that new hot crumpet but... any port in a storm and all that.
  15. Sir_Sinksalot

    What is your, currently available, ship to play?

    Submarines and CV's. All of them, the more toxic and broken the better.