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  1. Sir_Sinksalot

    chat banned for want!!

    Not sure why you even care. Chat is practically useless anyway. You have F key commands for pretty much everything you need so all the chat is for is either some form of "Gl and Hf guys!!" or some toxic comment. I can do without both, so whatever.
  2. ...and by EA I mean early access to tech tree ships. I'm not very familiar with how things normally transpire but with the last couple of early access tech tree lines events the ships came with 3D skins should a person either gather enough tokens to purchase these ships or used money. For example, the Swedish DD line came with skins like this and then the German CV line came with skins like this Well, I unlocked that T4 Dutch cruiser yesterday. I didn't check out the link about Dutch cruisers so I had no idea what to expect but I was surprised to find it came with no unique skin. That was part of the early access appeal for me and for bothering with the grindy unlock missions since obviously it doesn't take much time to unlock these tech tree ships when they become available anyway... and the skins also make parting with cash a little more appealing too for those that take that path. In fact, there was no camo options at all apart from typical credit options. Did they just forget to add this lol? Patch soon?
  3. Sir_Sinksalot

    WoWS Codes Thread?

    Hi guys, I've been away for ages, just wondering is the a thread in this forum containing codes for free thingy's? There used to be one floating around somewhere but I can't find it.
  4. Sir_Sinksalot

    And this is why I am turning off Chat

    If you're that sensitive in life I really wish you a lot of luck when you finally decide to step outside!!
  5. Hi, Like most, I play more games than just WoWS and in fact WoWS is far down the pecking order in terms of games I would play but I still like having it for a few battles here and there so would feel it a pity to have to uninstall it on these grounds. Problem is, unlike any other game I play, whenever there's a minor WoWS update it's generally at least 1 gig to 1.5+ gigs of download and while that's ok now and then for the odd major patch etc, it seems way too big for just a change of port for an event that doesn't seem to feature anything else to justify the size of the download. Does a new port really take up that much space? WoT features new garages for their events and they're just small and fast downloads. When I decide I want to do a bit of gaming after work etc, I just want to power on the pc and pretty much get straight into it, not have to hang about waiting for some bafflingly large download before I do that and when I'm finished gaming, same thing, I just want to power off an leave, not hang about for some download first. What this means is I have switched the automatic update off for WoWS and that's a shame because it just means I will play it even less than I already do and edges it a bit closer to uninstall territory. I would prefer to keep the game though because I like it on some level just for a bit of Co-op and Ops fun, really tasty graphics and ships are magnificent but ya, those update sizes! Can devs please trim them down to just the essentials? Do these temp ports etc really HAVE to be that size of a download?
  6. Sir_Sinksalot

    Commander Skills Update

    Thanks. As you might tell by my late reply I'm not playing this game much as my interest levels were starting to dwindle. Sadly with this crew change I was bit all over the place in regards to what skills should be picked for so many ships in my port. I watched a few YouTube vids on it during the free skills reset and even asked a few questions here in the forum and when I wasn't at all sure I just went with the in-game highlighted skills but I think that was not a good choice for many ships. Even though the chosen recommended skills conform to their ship classes, sadly this is not a "one for all" sort of thing and also relies on the number of available skill points. I don't have many highly trained commanders and there is most definitely a correct order in which to prioritize when choosing the various skills and the precise skills don't really apply to a generic class but actually works more on a ship by ship basis and even a players own plat style preference. So at this point I'm just a bit lost, I don't know the best setups anymore or what the best skills for each individual ships are, why I should or shouldn't go with a secondary build on a BB anymore for example, why one skill is more important than what looks like the more important skill etc, this that and the other... I just don't play the game that much to understand those finer details and since these new skills I've just played the game less and less. In fact it's probably been 3 weeks or more since I last played. What I knew and liked is all changed, my commanders wouldn't have enough skill points to get the really important skills, I don't have enough free xp to boost them all up to a level which would have them on parity with how they used to be and I'm certainly not spending money on a game I only casually play just to boost up a few commanders. This means I don't play anymore. So be it, you guys certainly won't care to lose one player anyway. Was fun, sure I'll squeeze in the odd scenario battle here and there on a rare occasion.
  7. Sir_Sinksalot

    Commander Skills Update

    Does anyone have a link to that skill reset for all commanders please?
  8. Sir_Sinksalot

    Too Much HE Penetration?

    Thanks guys, that puts that question to bed and no points wasted. Answer me this though. You say that secondary builds are dead. BUT, is there a case to be made of taking the secondary skills and equipment just to "abuse" the new Close Quarters Combat skill? I'll attach this screenshot and just make a quick secondary build with a T8 German BB Bismarck. Ok. Now, let's just assume for a moment this guy has 17 skill points and as such, also has Improved Secondary Aiming for the example. Right, with one of these brawling type of turtle back armored BB's(sorry if its not a brawled, just lets assume it is for talk sake!!), what we have is a BB that gets +10% reload speed once anything is spotted within it's ample 11.5km secondary range. Having an enemy ship spotted within almost 12km of a brawler style BB isn't all that rare and you can purposefully play to it. Now, it's not outside the bounds of reason that this BB's also going to take some punches and get reduced to around 50% hp. If so, that's ANOTHER 10% reload speed... so that's 20% reload speed combined. So instead of a 26 second reload it will instead have almost a 20 second reload. Should it be a brawler with a 30 second reload main battery, that will be more like 27 seconds and 24 seconds after its lost half its hp. Does a 6+ seconds faster reload on a BB seem like a good reason to keep the secondary build alive? Sure, you will have to get within 12km of an enemy ship for the above example for a +3 second faster reload and sustain 50% damage for an addition +3 second reload BUT, if it's a "tanky" brawler BB and purposefully played to at least exploit it's CQCS skill, does this bring the secondary builds back into the mix? Obviously you also have the bonus of secondaries getting to work on ships too as a bi-product but the secondaries are not what's important here, it's their rated range and how that brings the CQCS skill into play. Some BB's can be improved for even greater secondary ranges than 12km so... +10% RoF a good reason to keep the secondary build alive?
  9. Sir_Sinksalot

    Builds For 10-15 Skill Point Commanders

    Btw I notice that in one of the 10 pointer screenshots for a DD, the skill Priority Target has been dropped in favor of what's deemed to be a more important skill. I managed to watch one skill rework vid on YouTube and the guy in that seemed to put Priority Target down the pecking order too, but that was for a high tier cruiser. Once upon a time, the PT skill was recommended before anything else, like having 6th sense in WoT... so now it's NOT one of the most important skill because it takes 2 instead of 1?
  10. Sir_Sinksalot

    Builds For 10-15 Skill Point Commanders

    Indeed, I'd hate to rush pick what I consider to be "decent" skill choices for various ships, the free reset runs out of time, then its too late to reset what turns out to be a bad set of skills once it's established what's hot and what's not weeks later lol... so ya, maybe as you say, I'll just a few that clearly work well with their current skills as not to lock myself out of the game or limit the ship choice too much, and leave all the other commanders reset. Since I can't remember which commanders I've rush picked, best to reset the lot come the end of this free reset date. It's easy to pick the skills for a few favorites again!!
  11. Sir_Sinksalot

    Too Much HE Penetration?

    Hi guys, Just shoot this one past you. So there are certain BB's that tend to lean of having pretty strong HE penetrations. For example, some British BB's have really good penetration on their HE shells and I'm just wondering if increasing it with the Inertia Fuse skill is going to have some good or bad side effects, other than the bad -50% reduction to fire percentage chance. So if we take a look at that "ship for coal" premium that I picked up, the Tier7 Duke Of York, it has a standard HE pen of 89mm. If I take the Inertia Fuse skill, it's 111mm of HE pen. Tell me this, and I'm clearly not knowledgeable in this game, why would 111mm of pen on a HE shell be a bad thing? Also, does it actually pen or does all HE just detonate on impact? If so, why even have a penetration value? Also, when it comes to hitting lightly armored ships like some cheeky DD coming in for a torpedo wall shotgun, would an large HE pen instantly nuke that DD or "overpen" the guy and actually do less damage? Thanks. Forgive the noobness, just trying to establish some better 2 skill choices for some of these big HE slinging BB's. It's an easier choice with other BB's that just lean on AP shells with large caliber guns and weak HE shells(by comparison)
  12. Sir_Sinksalot

    Builds For 10-15 Skill Point Commanders

    Thanks guys. Btw, would it be sensible for all of us to reset our commanders skills again just before this free option runs out, like on the very last day "just in case" save perhaps a few favorites that we fully know is a build we want and like?
  13. Hi guys, All I've seen so far is recommendations for commander builds featuring 21 pointers BUT, I and I'm sure many of players don't have many or indeed any of those level of commander skill points. So I'm just wondering if at this point there's solid commander builds for 10-15 skill point commanders? This would be really very helpful for lots of players that don't have 21 skill point commanders and those that are just going to purchase 10 pointers etc... even the 6 point option for credits. What I'd love is set of sound and logical guides whereby skills are outlined in order of import, which ones should be taken first, then second, then third etc, in a nice orderly fashion. That way we can allocate what available skill points we actually DO have available, the the skills that recommended the most. If someone has already done this, my bad, that's great and how about a link please. But, not to the same builds where it just shows a selection of skills for each type of ship featuring 21 skill point commanders because those are not really useful as they have not prioritized which skills are more important where 21 skill points are not available. Thanks.
  14. Hi guys, Just another quick Q and A. Again, I'm pressed for skill points and don't have enough for both so must chose one. It's a Gneisenau secondary build for what it's worth. Thanks
  15. Hi guys, For DD's that have the Repair Party consumables, but not enough commander points to chose two of the 3 skill point skills, would you prioritize A. Superintendent Expert B. Survivability Expert Not sure about this one. On one hand, SurvE gives more HP to a low HP DD which is always nice but on the other hand, SuperE gives an extra Repair Party by which to recover HP one extra time, plus an extra all other consumables too. I haven't enough skill points to chose the essential Concealment Expert and both the above skills, so which one makes more sense? I'm kinda leaning towards SuperE tbh, since more consumables is really nice for a DD and hopefully can stay out of trouble in which to use them. Then again, I'm a bit of a noob so... advice please.