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  1. Resolutlon

    - [XTREM] -

    I'm interested and here's my stats https://wows-numbers.com/player/564706065,Resolutlon/
  2. Lol what do you smoke buddy? Give me some of that please. Saving star in ranked depends upon base XP, and cvs earn most low xp per damage ratio, it's the smolensks who mostly saved the stars. And yes I do play and watch lol competitive, do you feel placing an ADC in mid and MAGE at bottom with support is same? And not different? Those 20 champions always always switch with each new tournament. And lastly they are using all Stalin's and CV, I suggest you to run A halland a haku and rest Venezias and see how all stalin teams fail
  3. Personally I don't promote CVs but if it creates radical changes in the meta it is good for the competitive scene, go watch KOTS matches back to back, and notice how things have changed so little over the years, the meta is basically the same, it comes down to micro adjustments. Now go watch League of Legends worlds and msi, you will notice how radically different the meta is in each passing quarter. That's why wows competitive scene is so unpopular, while league and dota can afford to hold such big events and are so popular. Stop whining about the gameplay changes and adapt and form new strategies. The first thing I've noticed when I've joined EU servers is literally how much people do whine over here compared to SEA, like "we want subs, now we don't want subs, we want new ships, we don't want Russian ships, we want Italian BBs, we don't want bbs with SAP" have you guys ever thought about stopping complaints and playing the damn game for once? I'll end my rant here. Peace out
  4. So you do see now introducing CV to CB session made gameplay more dynamic you have to be mobile or cv will ap bomb you to death, it's the reason Desmoines has fallen off the meta instantly as CVs are introduced and about sneaky flanks maybe it is not possible anymore but it's more tactics based now that's everyone knows everyone's positions. From my point of view while I'm playing Venezia, the only thing a cv can do is to rocket strike me and they don't do that much of a damage, while OP Stalingrads are being punished, who can literally citadel you from almost every angle and from any range. So what are you complaining about exactly? Balans being Balansed by another Balans? And besides, which would you pick for your supposed flanking and sneaky pushes? A DM? Which is known for its stationary gameplay. A Moskva? Also a bow tanker. A hindy? A Wooster? A Henry?
  5. Well to be honest, good luck nose tanking and hugging island when a cv is around, and it's not the reason Venezia is being picked, the reason is it's mobile has access to panick smoke and it can also use the smoke to sneak into caps, although the real reason Venezia is popular in CB because it is agile and can face wreck Stalingrads. And yes Venezia promotes way more mobile gameplay than a Desmoines or a stalin
  6. Well to be fair I am not the most experienced of players to be participating in this conversation, but the way I see it is, people hate change, they like to sit nose in tanking BB shells in their Stalingrads all day long and CV forces you to stop sitting nose in, and most of all forces you to stay in a bunch. The positive side of introducing CVs into CB would be it prevents Same old Boring Bow tanking Stationary meta, and the Downside would be any sort of Flanking and creating Crossfire gets punished. The thing is CV into competitive, changes a lot of tactics and playstyles, and personally I welcome that change. The Reason Dota and League Competitive shine because the meta always shifts, I know its not the best of comparisons, but it's what makes a competitive game fun to watch, when I see KOTS for example I see DesMoines parking behind islands near the caps and Stalins and bbs Creating Crossfires across the map. It has become pretty boring to me at least. Then again its purely my POV.
  7. Resolutlon

    Post-IFHE rework experience

    well to be fair i am grinding Harugumo line, and i am kind of confused if i should get IFHE or RPF, 30mm base pen should be fine to pen cruisers and for bbs i can always farm superstructure, and added fire bonus, then again for certain carry situations i think IFHE would perform better.
  8. Resolutlon

    Research Bureau

    there you go
  9. Resolutlon

    Research Bureau

    Explain this!!1 I just reset this branch as you can see in notification and yet i have all of the ships researched, i even have the Henry in my port
  10. Resolutlon

    Research Points and Research Bureau

    yup thinking of regrinding Conkek, Haru and probably Gearing line
  11. Resolutlon

    Research Points and Research Bureau

    Thank you very much 😊
  12. Resolutlon

    Research Points and Research Bureau

    Can I regrind same tree several times?
  13. Resolutlon

    Research Points and Research Bureau

    Hello, I am planning to reset a tier 10 line, how much research point will I get for regrinding the line? I am looking for the base number so I can calculate how many trees I have to reset and regrind to get to Ohio
  14. Resolutlon

    ST - Soviet cruisers branch split

    A question, I have Moskva, but if I need to get Petro Pavlovsk, do I need to grind Shchors again?
  15. Resolutlon

    0.9.2 - European Destroyers: Part 1

    can someone please post the update 9.2 wallpaper? this one to be precise