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  1. Hostilities_Only

    Matchmaker Question

    Thanks ColonelPete, do you know when beginner protection runs out? Am just about to get Campaigns and Signals/Camo to come, I think so a bit more bot-bashing for me. Appreciate the reply.
  2. Hostilities_Only

    Matchmaker Question

    Hi, nearly 30 battles in and leveling up to Tier 3 across Cruisers & Destroyers but not BB's yet. I play on the EU server from about 10:30 pm evenings in random battles but always get 1 player v 1 player or sometimes 2 v 2 and all the other ships are bots - is this normal?
  3. I tend to log in late Mrs_R , around 10:30 pm but on random battle its always 1 v 1 player and all the other ships are bots - assume its more player v player in higher tiers (currently up to Tier 3 on CL's & DD's) across all nations. I will look out for you next time I'm on. Am loving the game but v. bots makes it a bit boring.
  4. Applied, complete noob but I won my first 2 random battles, Division 1 sounds great to learn the game
  5. Hostilities_Only

    Clan for Noobs

    Thanks, Illustrious
  6. Hostilities_Only

    Clan for Noobs

    Ahoy! Just starting out with WoW. Are there any recommended Clans for new players or is it build up experience first and join any that will have you?