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  1. AdrianTheImmortal

    AA priority sector - how to select L/R?!

    ....oooo.... thank you, kind sir!
  2. AdrianTheImmortal

    AA priority sector - how to select L/R?!

    Hi, I must be really really potato...but how on earth does one select his left or right sector? Both 'O' and '`' select a random (desired?) one, about half th time not what i want to set. When i view yt videos, all of the players seem to get a selectable window to pick the sector - i don't, even if i keep the keys pressed. What am i missing?!
  3. AdrianTheImmortal

    2months old player - looking for clan

    Hi, I've applied, let's see what happens :) Thank you.
  4. Only had T-61, got Molotov, which looks like fun :)
  5. AdrianTheImmortal

    2months old player - looking for clan

    Hi, I just started playing the game but, as with pretty much everything else in my life, im pretty competitive :) premium acct the entire time, playing mostly at work (yes, i know ), usually mon-fri 8am -3pm CET, sometimes one-two hours at evenings, can install TS but dont have a mic and can't speak (...work being the main reason) but looking forward to chat mid-game...im looking for an active clan to help me grow. I'm only up to T8 for now, but i'm looking forward to progress and, hopefully, I can find a nice, mature community.
  6. AdrianTheImmortal

    Best coin maker - oct 2019?

    i dont know how these are - whereas i have monster games in my Hoshos, getting Ryujo to work is a battle: i can rarely position my rockets (DDs/CVs) /bombers (BBs) properly, and sometimes i even have troubles getting my torpedoes properly lined up; i'm finding the aiming mechanism waaay more hard to 'stabilize' than on the Hoshos, so i was guessing on the higher tiers it'll be even harder. maybe the stabilization skill that i'm missing on my Ryujo captain, idk...
  7. AdrianTheImmortal

    Best coin maker - oct 2019?

    Well I actually kind of suffer for not having any T10's, don't I? Unless someone believes getting SC's would've upset the "n00b with 750 games" that i am... And yes, I'm looking at the proper page. I might be new in this game, but I can assure everyone...I've got quite the gaming years behind me lol
  8. AdrianTheImmortal

    Best coin maker - oct 2019?

    It doesn't, and I really enjoy the exchange and to learn from experienced players ways of getting accomplished :) I'm just 'defending' where my 'rush' comes from.
  9. AdrianTheImmortal

    Best coin maker - oct 2019?

    Maybe it's like sex - it gets better (and funnier) as you get better. Like jobs, it gets better (...and paid) as you get better. And so on But in all seriousness, i can't answer that question, and I doubt it was addressed at me. MY experience and my preferences are telling me that the T7/T8 BBs are way more fun than tiers 3-6, whereas for Cruisers and DDs...i still enjoy lower tiers. Unless 3 Hoshos.
  10. AdrianTheImmortal

    Best coin maker - oct 2019?

    I'm sure that 'getting better at the game' will help me, but the game is not THAT fun at tiers 3-6 (...have you played those recently? 3 CVs per team per game like 30% of the time, nasty), and I want to progress, play in a clan, grind the coal, do missions, have fun. Indeed, the T-61 is the funniest ship i have. It's a nice change from the days of going through Kongo and Fuso....man, I hate those ships, especially the Kongo. I sort of maybe regret not getting Massa back when I used my coupon, as I see it tearing down at Sprints and I imagine it cashes in a buckload of money, but yes, i'm grinding the German and Russian lines. It's a slooow process, but I still need moar coinz :)
  11. AdrianTheImmortal

    Best coin maker - oct 2019?

    I'm heavily grinding higher tier ships and, even with premium, I find myself constantly short of coins. So far the best coin makers seem my T7 Nagato or T8 Amagi, when 'things go proper', or the premium T6 T-61 DD, which is also super fun to play with. But then again, that's about 300k at most without flags, whereas i'm seeing waaay higher amounts on youtube. What would be the best coin makers around right now? Will the grind to Bismark + its perma-camo from the directives suffice? Thank you.
  12. AdrianTheImmortal

    Lunar New Year Containers

    meh. Got another 5x premiums, it wasn't any better :) I should learn to stop gambling on these...
  13. AdrianTheImmortal

    CV Rework Discussion

    I was playing it as I was posting it. And yes, tier 3-5 is absolutely filled with Hosho's and CVs. What i was showing is *NOT* an exception. It's the EU server, with the time now in the whole EU being between 11am and 2pm. LE: I was in the queue for about 2mins or so.
  14. AdrianTheImmortal

    CV Rework Discussion

    So fun, much wow.
  15. AdrianTheImmortal

    Most fun ships per tier, sept 2019?

    Hi, Maybe someone wanted to know how 'it went'? Well, it went...super nice lol and NOT boring. Even though my WR is still low, especially in BBs, my 'fun rate' is quite high. I've decided to get some two "under 1buck ships", mostly for slots and credits, but eventually kept T2 Tachibana Lima which is super fun; I also got the T6 T-61 after viewing multiple reviews, including Mouse's famous and historic one (apparently I had a 10points capitan from a SC in reserve, just waiting for this), which makes me pull matches such as this first one of the day: http://prntscr.com/pa51ac (it's only a defeat b/c i switched to late on the 122HP Aigle and went too long after a 5k HP CV :( - mistakes to learn from). This ship is fun! and haven't felt the buyers remorse either. Through, it was the DBs from a premium pack and with a 25% discount, but still - no remorse. I'm in a clan...albeit a dead one, i get a 4% bonus and just saw how 'the engagement' works - I'll prolly search for an active clan with positions opened for potatoes later on. I got Amagi and, after a long grind in CoOP for experience and then with other ships for coins, I managed to get its upgrades and now I'm working on adding the modules. This ship too is fun - same as Nagato and unlike Fuso and, especially, Kongo (Kongo being 'the ship i never got' - so praised, yet so so awful for me); I know how to angle, I'm starting to get the handle of when to HE/AP, I like my Mutsuki too, I'll go for the russian tech line now and...oh, I have no idea how to Cruiser! Furutaka is the ship I don't understand - I have no idea where I should be, what's my role, how to play it, when to push, what sort of damage to do. I guess I'll have to keep on reading... Oh, and for the future, I want myself a Tirpitz or a Massachusetts :D ;tldr? No more boring, fun!