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  1. AdrianTheImmortal

    Christmas Crates Drop Rate Project

    20 big santas (i started recently, so only have a handful of the ships from the list): https://prnt.sc/q9r467
  2. AdrianTheImmortal

    Fun and Engaging right?

    This will happen more and more often since people that grind for Gorizia/PR will need to play CVs in an equal fashion, since, well, there's the same requirements (fXP, hits and so on) from CVs as for the rest of the classes. MM will be filled with CVs throughout the event.
  3. AdrianTheImmortal

    New Year event (collection, snowflakes, directives)

    ...or maybe they need to team to add some extra zeros to damage, bXP, fXP et al requirements I mean, come on, it was still DOABLE. You don't really want someone to get PR for free, do you? Do it, WG, why settle for 350fXP from CVs when you can ask for 3.5mils fXP?!
  4. AdrianTheImmortal

    Outrageous Mission Requirements (coming from the Na forums)

    The "shop clerk that would spit in the face" reddit post. He's been fairly active on reddit, telling everyone how 'it's for those 1%' and that Gorizia is actually the prize for most of the playerbase.
  5. AdrianTheImmortal

    Outrageous Mission Requirements (coming from the Na forums)

    My belief is that the only way in which these would work is if this would've been a permanent campaign. As it is, it's just idiotic, and Sub_Octavian's outburst...just bad PR. Ih-him...bad PR.
  6. AdrianTheImmortal

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    Mbooy, i was so looking forward to shed a couple bucks these holidays and grind 'a couple of hours a day' for PR, since I'm really starting to enjoy the game...but seeing the crate drop rates on the NA forums (650$ bucks and only T6s and T5s plus camos?!) and the absolutely insane grind for PR, which is totally NOT something a player with only a couple of months behind him can do...thank you, but no, thank you. I wanted to, but you, WG, somehow made me change my mind :/ PR as in for PuertoRico? Nah, i'd say bad PR.
  7. AdrianTheImmortal

    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

    When will this update be pushed? Tomorrow?
  8. AdrianTheImmortal

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I'd like to participate - and I appreciate the gesture.
  9. AdrianTheImmortal

    Reporting & etiquette

    My best game lately in a Bismark, we go for D - me and an Ibuki i believe vs an Ibuki, a Musashi and some crossfire from center map from two other cruisers. Our Ibuki gets a Musashi salvo (i was angled, he was broadside) and dies; i get fired up, damage con recovering due to 3 precedent fires; their Ibuki hides in fire and start HE spamming whilst their Musashi tries to take my other side. I seek cover behind an island, backpedalling b/c, well, HE spam, fire and not much HP... Our Ibuki, in chat: "Bismarck, idiot, what are you doing". I reply saying i seeked cover b/c way more HP and damage power on the Musashi and HE spam. I get no answer, acknowledgement, anything. I eventually got lucky to citadel the Musashi on a drive by (i kept my guns aimed, held fire just for the right moment), then got the Ibuki and finished top of my team. We got the win and... ...oh, but i got my minus karma from our ibuki. B/c i'm an idiot :/
  10. AdrianTheImmortal

    Best coin maker - oct 2019?

    Hum i missread that, no 50% coins bonus, just the 50% XP + -10% for service...which is the same as the unsinkable sam permacamo bismark gets... Which makes it all more complicated, as i dont get why T-61 and Molotov (T6s) are way better earners than Bismarks, Amagis or Gneisenaus with the same flags and somewhat similar camos
  11. AdrianTheImmortal

    Best coin maker - oct 2019?

    I finished the Bismarck mission and was elated with the grind for the ship: i loved every ship from tier 5 to it (yes, even Bayern!), finding them way better compared to the much acclaimed IJN BBs; I absolutely enjoyed my time with the Gneis, even though my WR on it isn't something to brag about, and even better, all along I managed to train the captain for an all-secondaries setup to run on Bismarck (and then on the GK). Nothing to complain about - the matches in Bismarck are incredibly fun and the ship feels exactly as anticipated - way waaay funnier compared to the Amagi. And my results, so far, aren't showing that i'm all in for the fun. What's more perplex is that my accuracy with her highly innaccurate guns (I skipped the aiming mod too... ) is 50% better than my accuracy on the Amagi... :D The only downside? All premium consumables except the spotter, which is std - won a game, 2 kills, 1450 base XP... +45k coins WITH premium (I'm hooking Zulu from here on, but still..) Took the T-61 out of port for a spin, flank collapsed, got caught in a weird spot and finished with a loss and ~630 base XP - +155k coins with premium and Zulu on. My conclusion is that...I surely aint going to make the coins with Bismarck, and i feel like the +50% coins permacamo that premiums come with is golden. The question remains - which one? :) I'm grinding for JB or Smolensk (some ~70k coal away) and Massa doesn't sound so great now, that I have Bismarck. But neither does the Tirp or the Scharn, which is coming for BF...but then again, i seem to enjoy their playstyle. Maybe Sims? I'm also getting good results (coins-wise) from Co-Op using Molotov (std consumables), but the winnings aren't worthy of the grind that is co-op. I find Ryujo netting in over 100k every match (maybe the lack of premium consumables... :D Shokaku should bring even more, but im not really a fan of the CV gameplay) and, at the end of the day, I'm making like 3mils at least, but i'm still with the stock hull for Bismarck. And without the concealment mod :D LE: Took Ryujo for a spin, some same ~650 base XP on a loss, however...a +165k coins net win - with Zulu again, but these lower tiers generating more coins on a loss than a good win on the Bismarck...yoy, I really turn back to the original question, as it does seem to confirm that 'not all ships bring the bacon' :D
  12. AdrianTheImmortal

    AA priority sector - how to select L/R?!

    ....oooo.... thank you, kind sir!
  13. Hi, I must be really really potato...but how on earth does one select his left or right sector? Both 'O' and '`' select a random (desired?) one, about half th time not what i want to set. When i view yt videos, all of the players seem to get a selectable window to pick the sector - i don't, even if i keep the keys pressed. What am i missing?!
  14. AdrianTheImmortal

    2months old player - looking for clan

    Hi, I've applied, let's see what happens :) Thank you.
  15. Only had T-61, got Molotov, which looks like fun :)