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  1. medusjujo

    New spanish Contributor for grow the comunity

    @MrConway, because this topic was opened to support the naming of a new contributor, and not to insult and disrespect anyone, and since it was me who without belittling or insulting anyone, opened it because they like the game, I would ask you to please close the topic. Thank you and best regards
  2. medusjujo

    New spanish Contributor for grow the comunity

    Se agradece vuestro apoyo
  3. medusjujo

    New spanish Contributor for grow the comunity

    As I explained before @MrConway, those names that you tell us are not active or positive enough to attract more players that we are looking for in other languages, this for some people is not a problem, but for other players it is a problem. I think it is a person who deserves a chance or at least be given the opportunity to grow the Spanish-speaking community, I remind you that not only is Spain, but Latin, I do not think that due to conflicts, which may arise in any competition is a stumbling block to not give that person a chance. We will continue to show our support for that streamer, because it is increasingly involved in growing support for this game, as we do not agree with that position.
  4. I open this post to give my support and gratitude to en streamer which is a great contribution to the Hispanic community and deserves not only our support, but also to be a contributor to grow this, with that great charisma, that know-how and that knowledge to be, has earned the respect and affection of its more than 2000 followers. If he were a contributor, he would make this community grow even more within the World of Warships. From this point of view, I hope that we can contribute to Wachinfloky's contribution and that it will make us grow more in quality and quantity as players. Considering which are the qualities as a player that has more than 4 years in the game and as a streamer that has more than 2000 followers in Twicht, visualizations of live of more than 60 people. That for sure you can increase your audience if you have at your disposal the new products that you are going to put at our disposal shortly. This would generate more expectations and generate more audience, generating in turn more interest from the Spanish-speaking community, remembering that being Spanish, not only seen in Spain, but in Latin America. Also as a complement to its channel, it has a Discord channel open to everyone, where we can read the mechanics of the game, how to improve as players, the new changes that will be made and all very didactic, so that we can all see and learn. https://discord.com/channels/420540783595094016/653583533037584425 https://www.twitch.tv/wachinfloky