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  1. MimosA_A

    Z39 or Cossack?

    Maybe I'm being a total potato here, but AFAIK Cossack has at least 2k more HP? EDIT nvm, Lightning with the top hull has a tad more hp :)
  2. MimosA_A

    Z39 or Cossack?

    It's the result of a clown in a DD being 2.5km away from a full hp BB for no reason... He could have all the torp tubes in the world, it still wouldn't save him.
  3. MimosA_A

    Z39 or Cossack?

    Cossack. It almost feels like a tier 9. Good guns, amazing concealment, usable torps with an insane reload, great maneuverability which means you can dodge incoming fire very effectively, hydro to bully other dd's out of their smokescreens. The only real downside is the speed, but unlike the tech tree RN dd's, Cossack gets a speedboost if you really need to GTFO. Especially in ranked Cossack is amazing to just brutalize other dd's and have fun after.
  4. Very sound logic, I was already wondering how that would go if I'd forget to change my captain around. It would however be really nice if Friesland owners would have the chance (during a limited time obviously) to exchange their European Friesland for the Dutch version if they want to.
  5. MimosA_A

    Nelson useful for credit grind?

    375 is pretty cheap and it's a fun ship. Just remember that the armour isn't great against big guns.
  6. MimosA_A

    gearing the climbing legend?

    Perhaps if the trend was to actually DO something beyond making jokes people would respond differently.
  7. MimosA_A

    WOWS is it a game or a hobby?

    While definitely on the "just a game" side of things, I'd say a bit of both.
  8. MimosA_A

    gearing the climbing legend?

    As I said, I get it's not your job, but when representing your employer it seems a bit odd and unprofessional to joke about it.
  9. MimosA_A

    gearing the climbing legend?

    Yup. I get that Yabba is only a mod, but this lackadaisical attitude towards someone reporting a gamebreaking bug is a bit awkward...
  10. MimosA_A

    "Pls report..."

    It's utterly ridiculous to ask for a report because of someone's winrate. I guess the guy was just frustrated because he wasted his time with the utter garbage ranked teams a bit too long though. I have to say it's hard to not get toxic when you get thrown in with people that have no idea what they're doing several games in a row. It would be nice if RANKED would actually mean something, cause now at tier 7 it mostly feels like "fingers crossed that the majority of my team played more than 250 battles and can actually land some of their shots". It's neither fun nor does it have any value as a competitive mode this way.
  11. MimosA_A

    Why did they ruin the Thunderer?

    Well done on completely missing the point there buddy. I never said the nerfs were the right ones. In fact, I said the exact opposite. I said they didn't ruin the Thunderer by nerfing the range because, exactly as you said, hitting shots beyond 21km was pretty much down to the opponents incompetence and RNG.
  12. MimosA_A

    Why did they ruin the Thunderer?

    Underestimating them doesn't matter a single bit. They'll do whatever they think it's best either way. I think you're going a bit too philosophical over this. They saw an overperforming ship and nerfed an aspect of it. That's it that's all.
  13. MimosA_A

    Why did they ruin the Thunderer?

    I don't know why you would be wary of buying special ships. What else are you going to do with the coal or steel? It's not like you can pay the rent with it. As for normal premiums, I have no idea what they plan on doing, but I'd say step 1 is always be wary to spend large amounts of money on some abstract pixels on a server that can be closed on a whim. I think the disclaimer is good in the sense that if a premium is obviously detrimental to the game, they can do something about it, they'd still have to stick to EU consumer protection etc. A disclaimer doesn't mean one can ignore consumer law. I much rather have a somewhat balanced game than a fiasco every time they release some broken special ship.
  14. MimosA_A

    Why did they ruin the Thunderer?

    I like it a lot. Coal ships don't involve any monetary transaction. If it's broken, fix it.
  15. MimosA_A

    Why did they ruin the Thunderer?

    It's the WG balance department, how are you surprised that they nerf something irrelevant? But it is good in the sense that all the max range heroes that miss most of their volleys need to move towards a distance where they might actually hit something.