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  1. Seems like we have a bit of a pot-kettle situation going on here. You might want to peruse your winrates on higher tier ships a bit before making bold statements like this :)
  2. MimosA_A

    About that apology we all got......

    Community is angry about the incompetence when it comes to fixing bugs, lootboxes and empty promises: "Please don't be toxic, you're talking about real people here". Meanwhile their boss... No wonder everyone PR related at WeeGee seems completely incapable of writing two sentences without pissing people off if this is the normal level of communication within the company.
  3. MimosA_A

    Tier VI submarines in ranked battles are not OP .

    I don't know man, sounds kinda close to me.
  4. MimosA_A

    Tier VI submarines in ranked battles are not OP .

    I've shown you the definition of "cheat" before, it has nothing to do with any of this. I also don't thin they are particularly unbalanced, their impact on the whole doesn't really sway either way in terms of balance. They're not very strong, nor very bad. You are completely right that it's a garbage implementation of an extremely poorly thought out mechanic, but I really don't understand why you're so hell bent on this "cheat" and "dishonest" angle. Both those terms have nothing to do with it. I'd say you'd do better looking under "mismanagement", "bad game design", "design-by-committee", "lack of vision", "strategic failure" and things like that. I mean, it's pretty well known no one involved in developing this game plays it themselves, someone higher up the chain probably got the result "subs" from some focus group and marketing research, a group of developers got "subs" dumped on them without anyone ever telling them what the whole idea behind it is, WoWS corporate culture, as shown by the whole recent drama and torp bugs and the pathetic handling of it, is clearly a scattered mess of departments where hardly anyone has any idea what the rest is working on, so a group of people have spent 2 years fumbling around with "subs" that were dumped on their plate, at some point a result was demanded. It got shoved into the game because hey-ho, money was spent on it, better try it otherwise the higher ups get pissed, and no one took or had a second to think about the general idea, because, as said, a completely scattered corporate culture where hardly anyone has an idea what's going on 5 cubicles over. All very sad, all very bad for the game, but by no means related to "dishonesty" or "cheats". Even your own explanation of how it's "dishonest" has nothing to do with dishonesty. What's dishonest about WG arsing up their own game? It's dumb, it's incompetent, it's short-sighted, but what's dishonest about it? As with all the buffs and nerfs, it's clear they have decided the truth of The Mythical Spreadsheet™ is the way to go, as probably in their minds that's somehow objective. My guess is that The Mythical Spreadsheet™ showed that subs had a hard time hitting torps, so they needed a buff in that department. And as the balancing department lives and dies by The Mythical Spreadsheet™, it never requires interpretation. Again, incompetent, stubborn, possibly following from a toxic corporate culture cause blindly following an "objective" metric you can point at gives you something to blame when it goes bad, but not dishonest. Overall:
  5. MimosA_A

    Tier VI submarines in ranked battles are not OP .

    You are obviously not part of the people I meant ;) I completely agree with you (your post is pretty much a more elaborate version of what I said earlier this topic), but just browse some of the other submarine topics and you'll see what I mean...
  6. MimosA_A

    Tier VI submarines in ranked battles are not OP .

    I guess you missed all the ragepotatoes that keep calling them "cheats" and cry that everyone that plays them is "unethical" and "dishonest".
  7. MimosA_A

    What is your favourite tier?

    As with WoT, tier 9 seems to be the sweetspot. Good MM, not always top tier, interesting ships, no CV's at the same tier. I'd like to play more low tiers, as there's some really cool ships at tier 4, 5 and 6, but the gameplay is just...
  8. The only one I got is the 7 Provinciën, so I guess that. I'm not sure whether I like it or not, but hey, it cost me nothing as I just got the minimum starter pack with dubloons I accumulated from missions and ranked and the missions beyond that were fairly easy.
  9. MimosA_A

    Tier VI submarines in ranked battles are not OP .

    I'd agree they aren't really OP. They're broken in all kinds of ways, shouldn't be released to the live server in this way, and if they really want subs, they should take them back to the drawing board and figure out properly what they want their role to be.
  10. MimosA_A

    I can't understand why nobody will cap.

    Yup, I get frustrated after a few dumb games. You know what I do? Exit the game, open steam and play something else instead of bothering others with my frustration. But again, stop deflecting. You came with a question, you got your answer.
  11. MimosA_A

    Do you like ITA BB´s?

    Oh yes, if there's a British BB, those are the juiciest, as their massive superstructures are also easy to pen. But I in my, most likely highly subjective experience, it's just super easy to get a double fire on an Italian BB, get him to damagecon, set him on fire again. Rinse and repeat and no heal is going to save him. This highly subjective notion probably also has to do with people playing them overly aggressive to compensate for the abysmal guns. For me there's no reason to play them either way, I just loathe inaccurate guns, especially with long reloads. While armour has its use in the game, for me (unless we're talking bow-in overmatch stuff), it's really the last thing I care about in a ship. It's just a full package of strengths I don't really care about and weaknesses I hate.
  12. MimosA_A

    Do you like ITA BB´s?

    Yeah it probably is. I only played like 3 battles in the thing and it seemed to catch fire very easily. Every time I play against them I also just seem to set them on fire over and over again. I never looked at the actual data. Whenever I play something firespamming, I always favour Italian BB's, cause in my (probably heavily experience biased) experience, they just seem to catch fire every other volley.
  13. MimosA_A

    Do you like ITA BB´s?

    I got the tier 7 from the early access missions or whatever kind of scheme they had at the time. It's not fun. The armour is alright, but it catches fire whenever someone fires HE and the guns are pretty much as reliable as getting a ship from supercontainers is. Apparently the tier 10 is alright, but I have no interest in going through god knows how many battles of pain to get there. I'm not much of a BB player to begin with, but I'm really not going to spend my time with the Italian shotguns.
  14. MimosA_A

    As predicted, cheat torps/subs get a boost

    Nah, it's just a bit boring and sleep inducing (as indicated by the reaction), that before actually coming with any form of actual criticism, you had to go through 4 pages of arguing how "cheats" and "dishonesty" had something to do with it. If you'd actually read the comments of most people (including me), you'd see they already said exactly what your criticism was, but instead of just agreeing and voicing your own criticism, you had to go crazy with whatever angle it was you were trying to pursue. But I'm glad you found the time to actually give a constructive version of your opinion.
  15. MimosA_A

    When we can expect games without lags ?

    Not an option for everyone. In my place it involves an amount of drilling through solid concrete that makes it pretty much out of the question. But the WiFi is more than stable and fast enough, especially after running some network monitors and adjusting the channels so it has the least amount of interference.