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  1. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist


    I always report all HE spammers and players abusing annoying mechanics
  2. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    New USA Battleships announced!

    Also, "spreadsheets" lol
  3. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    New USA Battleships announced!

    Worst T10 BB. Thanks for proving that. Do not count Monarch which is not a bbs just like Conqueror and other battleships that are really 20km HE spammers.
  4. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    New USA Battleships announced!

    Meanwhile Yamato still worst BB in game for 2 years already
  5. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    1/5 HE penetration for T8+ BBs 152-155mm secondaries?

    Forget about balance in this game, it's the AI that plays on data and maximizes profits for the company.
  6. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    not fair match

    Matchmaking is made for moneymaking
  7. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    Need more content...

    I think we need more premium ships, specially one's with smoke and radar, ideally at T10. There is not enough premium DD's with radar. Not enough cruisers with smoke at T10. Not enough he spammers. For example look at Shimakaze, very strong at T10, torpedos spotted from 3.5km - i think it needs a nerf. Yamato - very strong guns dominating the seas - can we nerf? Zao - still the best fire chance on seas - need nerf. What do you think guys? Please discuss.
  8. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    can we get more premium ships?

    Hey i think we need more T10 premium cruisers and DDS with radars beacuse my shimakaze is too strong! My torpedos are spotted from 3km please nerf.
  9. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    How on earth do I Baltimore?!?

    You buy doubllons and skip it.
  10. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist


    We all have our tactics, some smoke and farm damage, others just secure flanks. And the smart people play OP russian / premium ships and win easy.
  11. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist


    Oh these people...
  12. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    Are you joining us for Dreamhack?

    Beacuse i will sell it on ebay
  13. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    AMD Ryzen - Improve your port lag

    If you are running Ryzen CPU you can: download Process Lasso https://bitsum.com/ Right click on WOWS process and disable SMT. Let me know if that helps your port lag, works for me.
  14. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    CV Rework Discussion

    Where is this video from? It is fresh from some kind of test server with old CVS or you just uploaded old footage? Here's exactly 1min 40sec Shima is deleted, with a faster ship it is 1:30 no probs. Are you saying that after this video is made there were nerfs and this is not actually how it looked like before the rework? What was changed then?
  15. Are you still charged for repairs and consumables you never use?