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    We all have our tactics, some smoke and farm damage, others just secure flanks. And the smart people play OP russian / premium ships and win easy.
  2. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist


    Oh these people...
  3. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    Are you joining us for Dreamhack?

    Beacuse i will sell it on ebay
  4. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    AMD Ryzen - Improve your port lag

    If you are running Ryzen CPU you can: download Process Lasso https://bitsum.com/ Right click on WOWS process and disable SMT. Let me know if that helps your port lag, works for me.
  5. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    CV Rework Discussion

    Where is this video from? It is fresh from some kind of test server with old CVS or you just uploaded old footage? Here's exactly 1min 40sec Shima is deleted, with a faster ship it is 1:30 no probs. Are you saying that after this video is made there were nerfs and this is not actually how it looked like before the rework? What was changed then?
  6. Are you still charged for repairs and consumables you never use?
  7. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    CV Rework Discussion

    Could you please share your research and show some of these videos?
  8. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    CV Rework Discussion

    We have a nice conversation i guess. Each of us writing what we think, trying to prove their thoughts in a fashion, not an agressive way, looking for truth, at least from my side, beacuse what ruins this world are these that have taken authority as the truth instead of truth as the authority.
  9. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    Why WoWS creates toxic players and fix

    Could you please reply in the `tournament API` thread actually proving me wrong and posting links to other threads / posts and how did you find them and not making offtopic here?
  10. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    CV Rework Discussion

    Hmm take a look, 2 minutes strike, 4 minutes 100k dmg on a battleship. All torpedos hit. Unlucky with only 2 fires :) Then 7minutes into game, solo deleted Yamato. Later torping Shima (12min), and these torps didnt do like 3k dmg to destroyers, but 8k + right? The bombers 3 squds, wait for dd to repair and hit again, easy (Kagero). Just look at these bombers dmg. Meanwhile perma spotting a DD with fighters or empty squadron... CV was the king of the sea then. 6:20 3 fires with a single squadron? Not to mention a good drop means you cannot dodge a torp in a DD. 3 fires at Yamato then torps = flooding = 15k from 3 torps, 33k from flooding. Shortly after another drop of 6 torps and Yama dead. Look the drops after that hit both Yama and Kurfurst. Haku had 4 torps in 3 squads, each dealing for ex. 5.5k dmg to Kurfurst. Yes you could hit all but it was really rarely seen, but with good drop it was 10 torps = 55k dmg in a drop. Numbers dont lie but how you show them does, take for example GDP as a measurment of quality of life when 1% makes 90% of GDP.
  11. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    CV Rework Discussion

    RTS First strike: 1 min 42 seconds Nice comparision but far from reality, come one, you tested on afk bots: 1. T10 CVS were much faster i think (i cannot find the data, maybe someone can help?), you compared T8. 2. DDs going forward at speed 40knots + 3. You didnt hit all your torps.
  12. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    CV Rework Discussion

    If you never experienced instant deletion of your destroyer by a Hukaryu with 3 torpedo squadrons making it impossible to dodge 1 minute 30 seconds after the battle starts, you should really like the CV rework. If you never experienced instant deletion of your battleship by a 2 torpedo squadron and a bomber waiting after you repair your flooding (flooding was 2x stronger than it is now but it was possible to have only one) from a Midway 4 minutes after the game starts, you should really like the CV rework.
  13. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    Why WoWS creates toxic players and fix

    Well yes i totally agree. For me theres huge relationship with mechanics like smoke, radar, shell velocity. I remember long time ago when only Des Moines was cappable shooting behind islands, and he was really deadly in that, battles were dynamic and really enjoyable. I think then radar came, it was a huge meta changer, but people got used to it. But now given a cruiser: 1. smoke 2. shell velocity for he spam, 3. torpedos, 4. anti aa / hydro, 5. paper armor for overpens = produces this sick meta of he spammers and camping behind islands, forcing BBs to camp beacuse noone cares if you get he spammed to death in a minute. While other cruisers like ZAO got 12km torpedo buff ??? (it used to be 8km only). At least buff it to 16 maybe so its possible to torp the smoke ??? The feeling of a real battle when everyone is actually fighting in a deadly encounters is gone at higher tiers. Some dds are not aware or just go into the cap not knowing (hoping not?) theres a moskva / des moines nearby. But then when he does not go into the cap he is pinged / flammed. A typical situation: DD followed by cruisers and battleships. DD goes into cap, cruisers behind him, 5km. Then enemy Des Moines pop up, DD have to make a decision now. He stays (bad decision?). He is radared, enemy dds pop up, he dies in a short time. Cruiser supporting this DD are a) dead shortly after him b) they smoke up and dies to enemy torpedos. The BBS supporting them could fire maybe 3 salvos in the meantime into enemy cruisers, but they laught at his [edited]staying full broadside moving back and forward (accelerating really fast), then when hit: just overpens. Then the BBs either go full backwards and live for some time, but in the end they get HE spammed from smoke anyway, while couldnt see a thing. Its a typical situation, and who wins that encounter usually wins the battle. Btw today smolensk was first sailing 14km from me full broadside to my Yamato on purpose, laughing at me (i bet he did ). Then he just stays in place (still full broadside ) HE spamming all the time , guess what, overpens while he still sits there, waiting for his SMOKE! Then he smokes up and kills me in a minute... they say you have a spotter plane, guess what, it has 3 or more minutes cooldown so yes, it really helps.
  14. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    need some advise on whether I should keep grinding Japanese BBs

    Up to T7 it was fine for me. Then at T8 you got matched with T9 and T10 pretty often (marketing strategy?), its a pain and not a pleasure, but some are fine with this. Izumo T9 i just skipped for the free exp i had beacuse i remember this ship was really bad, at least for me...
  15. Smolensk_ReportBlacklist

    Why WoWS creates toxic players and fix

    From the other point of view; today enemy CV player called us noobs beacuse we were dying so fast that "he couldnt farm his avg damage". So yea there is a lot of people like that, they do not care about the gameplay but stats only. It's just like in the forum, some people care only about their posts count, and like in real life, people care about the things they can show to others and prove they are better or higher in the hierachy. It's not a problem of World of Warships but a problem in the mentality and consciousness of people.