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  1. yell_

    Waterline: Roadmap Update – Spring 2022

    At least they're offering compensation for the Puerto, but to my eyes, the bundles would have to contain at least, what 33k steel? for it to be worth one of any* of the available tier x steel ships. But that also means that you would probably only get 260-270k coal and then 63k research points? It will be interesting to see these bundles. Shame we will see 3 puerto's per team in random's for a month or so after the dockyard though lol And what's this, not one, but TWO new maps? Oh WG you are spoiling us... it must be a distraction from something... *WG's wording not mine
  2. yell_

    Superships in the Tech Tree

    Great so now even the Tier 10 ships won't be fun to play when you have a satsuma sitting on the J Line doing 15k per volley no matter what angle you sit at. Then you add a super CV which has jet torpedo bombers which can literally one shot most tier 10 cruisers and get rid of 50% of the health of a tier 10 battleship, when they were ALREADY weak to CV's as it is. I don't understand the logic, this is just going to make tier 10 boring to play and tier 9 even worse because now they will see super ships in the majority of their games where they won't even stand a chance. It will only be decent if you remove the dumb supership "special mechanics" that 99% of them don't even need to be good anyway, looking at you Conde.