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  1. SolanumTuberosumRex

    Is this gameplay for real?

    You are completely and predictably missing the point. An AFK CV is now inherently and explicitly more effective at ASW than anyone else in the game. It's not so much about the damage as it is about the speed and precision of the attack. If you seriously believe a lower tier CV will be much less effective then show as much or shut up. What it also shows is that, if forced to choose with a gun against their heads, WG would sacrifice subs for their precious CV's. Given Sophie's Choice, they would rather that junior dies. Kinda ties in with my question about why bot CV's on the human team in co-op.
  2. SolanumTuberosumRex

    Mismatch between the Minotaur and Edgar

    Ah, I didn't know this. So Mino is fine but Edgar would be toxic? My god these people are dumb. But you can't really the blame them for their behavior, they're used to a playerbase that for the most part will take any sh1t.
  3. SolanumTuberosumRex

    Mismatch between the Minotaur and Edgar

    It seems weird, since they have identical guns. This is either a mistake, or a very deliberate but unannounced nerf
  4. SolanumTuberosumRex

    Why bot CV in co-op?

    Only when WG put them in there. So yours is a circular reasoning.
  5. SolanumTuberosumRex

    Why bot CV in co-op?

    Why do you think that?
  6. SolanumTuberosumRex

    Why bot CV in co-op?

    I've been doing a lot of grinding in co-op and it struck me that the MM very often puts a bot-CV on the human team. Often it's even a T11. I cannot for the life of me comprehend why? Do any of you geniuses have any idea?
  7. SolanumTuberosumRex

    Huron seems to be Lackluster

    That's right. She has a few things over Haida, which everyone agrees is the most OP DD atT7. Depending on your play style, Huron may be the better ship.
  8. SolanumTuberosumRex

    Wargaming there are companies out there who acknowledge failures.

    WG will MAKE it work. Like with CV's, they will keep tilting the 'balance' in favor of the retard classes until enough [edited] are drawn to them. Once a large enough percentage of the playerbase is playing the retard classes, the business managers can show that the project is a success.
  9. SolanumTuberosumRex

    Huron seems to be Lackluster

    I am no DD main but I quite like Huron. She has great DPM, hydro and a heal, so taking fights with other DD's is usually a cinch. She maneuvers well, like all the Tribals. Her torps are fine if you don't treat them like her main armament. I think she is well rounded and versatile. If she had smoke as well she would be too strong for T7 I think. The only thing I would like changed is her gun rotation, compared to Cossack it is sh1t. Cossack does not get a heal, has lower rate of fire (but one more turret so her dpm is higher) and the same torps but with more range and much better reload. And Cossack is considered a very strong DD at T8. So I don't think Huron needs to be any stronger.
  10. SolanumTuberosumRex

    USS Congress

    Yeah, when I first got her I thought she would be way less effective than Mainz. She has less DPM for sure, but she has way better stealth, better maneuverability and better firing angles, especially forward. Also, Mainz is 25mm all over except the deck, whereas Irian has a 100mm side plate that bounces everything as long as you angle correctly. And the result is that you take less dmg in Irian. She has less dpm, but trades it for better survivability. One thing that makes Mainz so deadly is that her HE pens 38mm standard, but Irian's fire chance is a lot better. Give and take, I guess.
  11. SolanumTuberosumRex

    More hybrid BB's - because we don't have enuf planes yet

    Nonsense. The ship is great, many even say OP. I completely accept that a lot of players don't play it well.
  12. SolanumTuberosumRex

    welcome in the most cancerous matchmaking ever created

    No one is being shamed are they? Or should it be a secret that these players exist at all?
  13. SolanumTuberosumRex

    More hybrid BB's - because we don't have enuf planes yet

    I would get Kearsarge in a millisecond if someone removed the hangar.
  14. SolanumTuberosumRex

    USS Congress

    I got Irian recently, she is surprisingly awesome.
  15. SolanumTuberosumRex

    USS Congress

    I must disagree. The difference between Alaska and Congress is much greater than one tier would justify (reload, DPM, range, HP). Add to that the fact that Alaska gets access to the 6th slot and the difference gets a lot bigger still. Alaska can go toe to toe with any T10 cruiser, Congress cannot say the same for T9.