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  1. PsychoClownfish

    One easy way to make the game a lot more fun over night

    Totally support this. It's a good first step to totally removing sky cancer.
  2. PsychoClownfish

    Richthofen NERF NOW

    That works. Or if you still wanna play T10, do it in co-op.
  3. PsychoClownfish

    Richthofen NERF NOW

    Don't worry. FDR will soon be here and she'll make the Richthofen look and feel like the Hosho.
  4. PsychoClownfish

    Twitch Drops 0.9.9 - Gothic Bismarck Special

    It is ugly. Very. Rather have a nude Bismarck.
  5. Ohio, Georgia and Massachussets are premiums. They need the improved secondaries... for sales. Also, secondaries will soon be buffed for all BB's apparently. So that will take care of your problem.
  6. PsychoClownfish


    The game seems to know who's responsible. The other day I was in the Georgia and collided with a cruiser. I did not change course and neither did he (but he'd changed it before which was what made us collide). I was just going about the game, manoevring and firing, and the idiot kept rubbing up against me. The game was issuing many warnings all the time, to both of us. The cruiser finally separated... and then crashed into me again. He got a penalty and turned pink. Which was appropriate. So I think at first the game just wants everyone to pay attention to your surroundings, which is fair. When it becomes clear that one party is doing it on purpose, that party will be penalized.
  7. PsychoClownfish

    Date of acquisition of ship

    Cool, I think mine are public. ;)
  8. PsychoClownfish

    Date of acquisition of ship

    Is there a way to see when exactly I acquired a ship? Date and time? For both premiums and tech tree?
  9. PsychoClownfish

    add stuff to co op please!

    I'd like to know why co-op is 9v9 instead of 12v12.
  10. PsychoClownfish

    TK Penalty - Did i miss the Memo?

    Never seen anyone go orange. I've done what you did here, more than once, I am apparently just thick that way. What I've never done is blame it on the teammate who ate my torps. As other members have already stated, I've also gone pink due to being dropped from the game, which may not be a big deal but is still irritating because I did nothing wrong. I even hit a teammate with guns while being pink (from being dropped) but I still did not go orange. That teammate didn't die though, so maybe that saved me.
  11. PsychoClownfish

    What BB combo?

    Seconded. I dreaded going up against Pommern, and yeah when played well she rules (talking about ranked sprint). But as long as you stay out of torpedo range/angle, you are more dangerous to Pommern (in Georgia) than she is to you.
  12. PsychoClownfish

    Non DD player awareness

    Thank you for your constructive contribution. I almost never play DD's and I learned something from OP.
  13. PsychoClownfish

    T8 US BB

    Of the three I only have Massachussets, and only recently. But she is as awesome as her reputation. Georgia is an Iowa class. I think.
  14. PsychoClownfish

    Poll: Summer Sale Loot

    Grinded 10 tokens. Bought 2 months of premium (which give 5 tokens each) which I would have done anyway. Got a Black Friday 2018 Premium Container... and it gave me the only thing I really wanted, a Massachussets B. So it was basically for free. I could not have asked for more.
  15. PsychoClownfish

    Odin, how do you find it now?

    And that heal is also better.