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  1. What a shame. I dont use side panels as they take up too much of my screen and reduce my vision in situations when i need spatial awareness. I prefer an on demand solution for the information. The same reason why i like those two ribbon mods. Better vision. Anyways, now that you know that there is a demand for these features, at least they will hopefully be on the board some time in the future.
  2. Hi! I am a long time user of Aslains Modpack(AMP) but I have moved over to Modstation. There are two mods missing in it that I miss greatly. I hope this is the right place to make a request like this. *Advanced Battle Loading Screen* It is allready in Modstation but it is not the same. It is missing the information on torpedo range, ship speed, AA, detection range, weapon range etc that are shown in AMP. It also shows this information on the score screen when pressing tab. As far as I can tell, there are many other mods that give the same information in other ways during a match but they all require you to target the ship you are interested in. I just want them all to be on display simultaneously. (Name in AMP; Category: On Screen Battle Display) *Ribbons* (Name in AMP; Category: On Screen Battle Display)
  3. Polka_Bravo_946

    [ALL] ModStation

    I finally decided to try modstation instead of Aslains Modpack and i found that I can now get all of the mods in Modstation except one. the Small Ribbons mod that also moves the ribbons to the center. Any chanse of that beeing implemented?
  4. Polka_Bravo_946

    How much to grind for Cunningham?

    Aha! The stages of each daily mission gives tokens as well, unlike the previous event. that explains it. Still a solid accomplishment is necessary if you dont want to open the wallet. Thanks! I couldnt find that picture in the News articles in-game. Where did you find it?
  5. Polka_Bravo_946

    How much to grind for Cunningham?

    I seem to find only 792 possible Royal Tokens of the announced 1380. An unknown amount comes from "Daily Challenges with the Albemarle or London". If you, like most people, only get London through finishing the directives and posing that you actually finish the last directive on march 4th(nearly impossible) will the 7 days remaining of the event be enough to get over 1000 or is it impossible unless you have enough free exp to burn on the Albermarle or purchase London ahead of time? Tokens from each source as far as i can find: 550 directives 192 daily mission 50 daily shipment =792 1380 - 782 = 598 tokens unaccounted for.
  6. Polka_Bravo_946

    Does AA Guns Modification work on Dallas B-hull?

    Thanks! the "extra" made me hesitant.
  7. Since the B-hull no longer have any flak, does the extra explosions still work somehow? Thanks!
  8. Polka_Bravo_946

    Are Armory upgrades permanent and usable on more than one ship?

    thanks! in that case ill save them for later when i actually get to keep a ship for more than a few days before upgrading. trying to stay free so i dont want to spend the few doubloons i get.
  9. I couldnt find anything anywhere on this. I assume they permanent and usable on more than one ship because otherwise its stupid to pay 17k coal for them but I want to make sure before blowing it all. Thanks! I am refering to the "special upgrades" here: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Upgrades#Special_Upgrades