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  1. Measuperbia

    Isoroku yamamoto

    Hey again guys, thanks for all help. Im gonna start working for yamato... since I also got a free perma camo for it. Does jack of all trades (-5% all consumables) stack with high alert (-10%) repair party cooldown? I mean does repair party count as a consumable?? ~ -15% cooldown
  2. Measuperbia

    Isoroku yamamoto

    How about harugumo? The module incap -45%? Im not sure if its worth to "waste" the 2skill points in expert marksman for any IJN bb or ca? I mean its does not really help that much with +1 traverse?
  3. Measuperbia

    Isoroku yamamoto

    Hey, I just got this legendary commander. Any protip whats the best ship for him?
  4. Measuperbia

    Daring HE shell dmg?

    Hey! I just got the Daring and tried it out in a few games..... What really buggs me out is that it seams to be quite hard to actually do any damage with HE shells hitting other DDs.. For example.. I hit a Gearing or a Z-52 about 15-30 times, and all I do is about 1,5-3K dmg .. Is this normal? Should I use AP? Also... Is Inertia fuse (commander skill) something that could help? Thanks for advice.
  5. Measuperbia

    Extra Special Lottery "Year of the CV"

    Hello! Kidd 👍 #113
  6. Measuperbia

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I want to participate.
  7. Measuperbia

    Whats a good/bad torp speed?

    Hey I just got Sims B from the black friday sale. This ship has 7km range torps with 65 speed, but it can also have 10.5km range with 49 speed. Ive played some battles now with the Sims with the 10.5km torp, but I don't seam to hit anything with those torps.... I usually get some torps hits with even the Minsk/Icarus/Jervis(4-7km torp range) So, I guess the fact that the speed is only 49 makes my torps incredibly easy to dodge?? what is considered an average or below average torps speed? what speed is considered a must have? I am really thinking about getting the commander skill -20% range and +5 speed (think would make 8.3 range and 54 speed - BUT is that even worth it??) I mean I could do with 8.3 range, that's fine... But is 54 speed instead of 49 speed even that much of a difference anyway? Should I just go with the 7km range ones? (yes 7km range is horrible, but at least more then minsk) Thanks for your input everyone =)
  8. Measuperbia

    Best DD firestarter?

    Hey guys, from stats I seen on the wiki, it looks like kleber is the best firestarter purely looking att chance of fire (10%). So from player experience... Is kleber still the biggest offender when also comparing firerate?
  9. Measuperbia

    Punished for trying to win - AKA chatbanned and karma dropped

    See what my problem is? Yeah.. When I get killed in the first 5 mins and I have not even got some decent shoots of, so yeah avg damage is 43K. This is still because I am not getting any backup of flanking cover what so ever. Even though I am making sure what my position is on the map before I push
  10. Measuperbia

    Punished for trying to win - AKA chatbanned and karma dropped

    OK look at my profile. I have 100 games with the Zao, 43 wins. Now imagine what my winrate would be if I didnt have this said 20game lose streak? Yeah thats right I would be atleast 50-55 wins out of the 100. Still a bad player? I might have earned some kind of warning or something, but the chatban punishment is just pure crap when I am not allowed to communicate with team. Yes I am applying stealthy pressure with a Zao at 10-11km concealment from time to time.
  11. Measuperbia

    Punished for trying to win - AKA chatbanned and karma dropped

    I have not asked for the logs, but I can assure you all that is nothing close to personal attacks or specific player abuse. Might have used a few curse words though. Since its "only" 3 days I not sure if its even worth to bother send a ticket to know what the logs says. But the fact stands. The system is a joke.
  12. Hey let me tell you how fun this system is... This is how my three days it went: -Day 1 I end up with a losing streak of 10 games /this time i just turn off comp and forget it. (instead of saying something in chat) -Day 2... I win 7 games in a row and im happy? I mean its still a win right? even though at least 3 of those wins ment my team totaly ignored everything called teamwork and let me die first 5 min without doing anything. (here I might have pointed that out, still nothing saying anything out of line) -Day 3 Another 10 game loss streak hit me in the face.. I get teams without brains what-so-ever that let me die first 5 min into the games and they are not even trying to put pressure on the enemy. (Here I go competely mad and start telling people facts about why we lose) Now what happens? Yes ofcourse I get a chatban 3 days. Sure 3 days is not alot... BUT?! Yes BUT! Now im playing the 4th day and all of the suddenly I am losing games because I cant message anyone in my team what is going on in the battle.. Thats fair? RIGHT? So what I do is; Start using the ingame voince commands to pointlessly try tell my team whats going on.... NOW WHAT HAPPENS? YES OFCOURSE!! I am karma dropped and being accoused for spamming?? THATS SO FAIR? Best thing yet is that I cant not even speak up ingame about it... Because guess what? YES I AM CHATBANNED! Let me also point out that all those loose streak games is the kind of games where my team only manage to kill 1-2 ships before they are all dead. THANKS MATCHINGMAKING AND THANKS FOR THE CHATBAN 10/10 - Will not try to point out idiocracy again, and lets just leave all the dumb players keep doing dumb things and not even knowing about it or learn something.. Thanks for reading.
  13. Measuperbia

    Best BB for my playstyle?

    I think I will be satisfied with this.. VII = Scharnhorst VIII = Bismarck/Tirpitz IX = Jean Bart In only listning Bismarck because its the only non-premium option of the conclusion and therefore might be subject for my pool of free exp. Also Im gonna do some thinking of what tier covers my BB need, since its gonna take real money. If I were to go a complete tech tech line, It will proabably be french.. Thanks again everyone.
  14. Measuperbia

    Best BB for my playstyle?

    I got a load of free exp saved up and I think it will be enough to jump straight to VI or VII. Thats why this post, so I can put it in the "best" tech tree. :) I want to be aggressive and sneaky. As said before, good reloadtime and manouverabillity in focus. I dont mind being squishy, since playing cruisers already got me used to the risk of being deleted 1 shot. Also yeah, I have checked the wiki but I think players experience is a better guidance. Cheers!