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  1. 100x captain exp boost. Always useful, especially after 21 pts cap was introduced.
  2. unterbotesee

    Tips for Absolute Beginners !!!

    Then some smarta** DD comes here and starts crying about being pushed out of smoke by a big bad BB. As if anything else could happen after using W... Requires thinking about angling. Just pew-pew happily causes significantly less stress. Actually it's a pretty simple game. You can't join them, so you have to beat them. Or at least have fun trying. If you find yourslef complaining more than having fun - change the game.
  3. unterbotesee

    What is that pink thing in the sky?

    They are here! Run for your lives!!! Thought we're getting subs before UFOs...
  4. unterbotesee

    Time to remove stealth torpedo launch

    Promoting closer gameplay... In a WWII ships simulator? Nah, wrong game, mate. That would be World of Sailships. And then somebody will complain that guns are OP compared to boarding, so we go to World of Oarships...
  5. unterbotesee

    New Code

    Happens a lot lately. I guess the code gives the mission that is already received from watching Twitch for time = x .
  6. Lepanto in 3rd which was almoust perfect, as I never intended to open more than two unless one of the two big prizes showed up. No 10K tokens in the 4th one, so pass.
  7. unterbotesee

    button to reset all captains

    All functionality from commander screen is gone. Can't move captains around freely ( the magikkal right click ), need to select the ship, then no easy way out from there... Are we sure the ones working on the interface even know how the port screen looks and what ppl usually do on it?
  8. One of the mods in Modstation replaces all that crap with real camos. Downside is new ships ( like Hizen ) will be shown without any camo at all, but at least you don't see any gorgonoids, crocosaurs and whatever mental farts there are. And it's officially approved, you get it from the site of the game.
  9. unterbotesee

    What to research in RB?

    Yes, you can use FXP. It's advisable to do so to get to the tiers that actually give you RP. For the rest check this : https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Research_Bureau Useful tips there.
  10. unterbotesee

    Research Bureau Ships

    I got Ohio and now I'm sorry I won't play The Siegfried before the captain skill mess up, but well... Go for Ohio anyway, the best ship there. Unless you're looking for some specific game style but still I wouldn't touch Colbert with a rod from a covid-safe distance. Not only it's a pew-pew low caliber spammer, but if even I could one shot it with Zao, it's obviously a ship I should stay away from. Ohio and Siegfried are the ships of interest for me in the RB, anything else would be considered if one day I have steel I don't expect to need anytime soon.
  11. Already got the Yahagi from a crate, so on this front I'm waiting for my 4K doubloons. Used the new coupons for Asashio ( because 2500 more doubloons from Black Friday mission) and Munchen ( because why not + German). 10%, 15%... really? Doesn't feel much like real discount. Better save for 10pt captains when they become available after the rework, will surely need some Italian ones.
  12. unterbotesee

    Happy Makarov Day!

    Come on, Makarov is the new trend. Shame on pheasants without one.
  13. unterbotesee

    Unique commanders nerfed under Captain Skill rework?!

    Took a quick look at Cunningham at the PTS, seems useless on bothh BB and cruisers, regarding his enhanced skills. Germans are suffering too. Jack of All Trades wasn't my favourite skill, but what repalces it is utter trash, so a waste of enhanced skill. Vigilance was always questionable for me, as it costs too much points for some situational gain now and then. The French special commanders on the other hand will still be good for BB captains even after the rework. What bothers me is that quite often I couldn't like a single skill of the 2 pts ones, had to pick one just to get acces to the 3 pts... Balance
  14. unterbotesee

    Stupid WG ships

    Easy - just fix on the DD while 2-3 BBs are drooling at your broadside, then blame it on the DD's plasma thrower.
  15. unterbotesee

    Give Smolensk a range boost in 0.10.0 plz

    Small, agile and with troll russian armour, producing mostly overpens and ricochets ( how? ). But still it gets hit sometimes, so obviously more range is badly needed. Would 33km be enough for ppl to feel safe, or does it need a bit more?