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  1. HMS_Visby_K31

    Harder to hit DDs in 0.8.9 ?

    Tanks for your reply Ok, more training then, find it difficult to get a good angle if dds have AA off (plus no help from teammates regarding spotting). Have tried both Rockets and DB (CV is Ranger), a little unsure what is best considering Rockets aimtime vs DB "hit spread". Have also used lower speed to try get a decent angle (Rockets), what do you recommend ?
  2. HMS_Visby_K31

    Harder to hit DDs in 0.8.9 ?

    Much harder to hit dds in 0.8.9 than 0.8.8 with AA off, or have I got worse - better dds all of a sudden.1 My experience in Ranger, how is it for you?
  3. HMS_Visby_K31

    How to play Hermes ??

    Thanks for your advice - I try to free XP - Hermes when its possible. If I dont like Furious - then I skip the Brits CV line
  4. HMS_Visby_K31

    How to play Hermes ??

    ok, hope I adjust - how is Furious compare to Ranger and Ryujo - worth the struggle with Hermes ?
  5. HMS_Visby_K31

    How to play Hermes ??

    Need some advice how to play Hermes in a good way (and mental support) after some terrible battles for me in a Hermes. About 10k dmg/battle less then I "used" to have in Langley (or Hosho) I am not a experienced player but the start in Hermes is so ------ bad. Try to do some spotting and then farming, use torps and bombers (sometimes rockets for DDs and Cruisers). Perhaps it takes time to get used to Hermes TB compered with Langely TB (with TA) and Hosho TB (without TA) or should I minimize the use of Hermes TB