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  1. ErickBloodGun

    Khaba needs torp range increase

    Khaba is meant for gunboating and her torps are just for defensive situations. I might agree that 8km would be better but 10 is too much anyway for her gameplay role. I'd rather work on her concealment, which is notoriously disgusting. Since you cannot cap and you basically turn into a light cruiser, which is fair, but arguable anyway. Also HE pen might be an issue. Anyway I heard news that WG is working on a new IFHE which could change everything
  2. ErickBloodGun

    The good, the bad and the ugly

    Absolutely agree. Overall "the Ugly" part. I never thought it in this way, but in fact there are not just 30 years old guys like me playing the game, but also teens and perhaps even younger. U cant let them play the greedy lootboxes... this is insane, its worse the the roulette. For the worst part of all the game, I believe this is the Ranked system but also the current high tier meta, where WG had pushed non-sense fire spitters with machine-gun RoF, without adjusting the HE pen system or IFHE. Ships like these can be used by monkeys as well, no real great skill required, but it's ok, cannot question it. However, just make this kind of ships in a way people who play them can adjust their expectation, because monkeys should not be meant to deal 200k damage and think this is absolutely OK.
  3. ErickBloodGun

    Are you going to grind the Puerto Rico?

    Not even a fun of American cruisers, so least of all I'd spend time and overall (TO MUCH!) money for it
  4. ErickBloodGun

    server interruptions, 19h

    So it's problem solved?
  5. ErickBloodGun

    Cruisers and positioning.....

    Also here as in many other cases, it depends on what ship (cruiser here) you playing with. Taking t10 as reference, if you play with a Zao or a Henry you have all interest in staying at maximum range, so very close to your battleships, if you are a minotaur, a de moines or a smolensk etc. you are going to be much more punishing closing you distance, finding cover behind an island or in smoke, supporting your dds in caps at a closer range. In reality everyone should support anyone in the team at a gun reach zone, the difference is just how you do it, since there are ships which may become total garbage at close range. There are even battleships that can play at medium-close range, see for instance the GK or the Kremlin, but a Yamato is very unlikely will never do so, jst at the end of the match usually
  6. ErickBloodGun

    How do you actually play a Battleship?

    If the Iowa and the Rich fire their guns they should be spotted as well, same for the cruiser, if he is not behind an island on cover or in in smoke. If you see there is no-one really supporting actively you cannot push, with no ship whatsoever, not even with a GK or a Kremlin, it's simply impossible if the flank swarms with red ships everywhere. In this case, just kite away and do some damage and try to drag the enemies over you so that the dd or the cruiser on stealth can make an ambush near the cap, possibly.
  7. Indeed, GK is the Beast, no question about it. It just suffers from the current meta HE spamming, which might become deadly to a brawling pushing battleships, qhich of course generally stays closer to the enemy team than a sniping Yamato. However you are the first or second tankiest ship (if we consider Kremlin, which recently "stole" this role from GK. But GK is still the brawler, something that Kremlin cannot do). I'm very close to the legendary module for it and I'm looking forward to seeing how it works, although I dont really think it will be good for ranked :) As for the rest, I generally agree with your "delusion" towards random players and even divisions. I know this is probably not good for my gameplay, but I try to rely the less possible to other team mates, but I guess this is more part of my general attitude towards life than only reflects into this game.
  8. ErickBloodGun

    Italian Battleships

    As another guy just said, the only real ship deserving to be called "T10" is Yamato, most of all nations really stopped at t8.Same can be said for t9, probably with the only exceptions of Iowa and Missouri. That being said, also in this case WG might get out just inventing new ships to finish the line at t9 t10, se the same had done with almost all nations
  9. Dunno about you guys but I generally remember only the avatar picture of the community members here, and not the names, so I cant tell
  10. ErickBloodGun

    Zara worthless ingame

    I personally find all italian cruisers worthless with the only exception of the Venezia. Btw, from t8 to t9 they are decent, t10 is good, t7 and below worthless by any means
  11. ErickBloodGun

    CV: Always blamed for the loss of a game

    Not really, Cv are simply blamed for their very existence
  12. ErickBloodGun

    How do you actually play a Battleship?

    Depends on what kind of battleship you are playing. Consider the two opposites: if you have German BB you are supposed to tank and brawl at mid and even close range, directly supporting during caps or pushing the enemy team. If you stay on a Japanese BB, on the contrary, you are mostly supposed to support your team from distance with good sniping work. Then ofc there are lines which are hybrids of these 2 opposites. In russian bbs you have good accuracy before 15 km and generally relatively short range, so you are not really meant to snipe, but rather bow tanking at medium range. In any case I'd suggest to play lower tiers bbs to understand if a certain line is suitable for your gameplay or not
  13. I disagree on you disagreing. Yamato is really good, an evergreen of a battleship, the REAL battleship as anyone would think about any battleship. In gameplay, she is big, but not the biggest, see GK and Kremlin. It is slow but not the slowest, as few bbs are actually much faster, so to say that they have a real advantage over Yamato (not a couple of knots of difference). It is slow to reload but you can equip the proper module and make it workable with (not any BB reload like a GK or a Repub, and these ships really needed a reload improvement to work, surely not the case of a Yamato). It burns yes, but trust me, I never get burnt more than when I am i the GK, although it obviously has more armor, since yamato usually play at a safer distance and push only at the end of a battle, usually. Yamato has the best guns of all battleships, considering together alpha damage, pen, shell caliber, range and sigma. Ofc you have to deal with horrible turret movement and general clumsiness of the ship, but this alone cannot make her a bad ship at all. it would be if you were a brawler pusher but u r not. You snipe from distance and overmatch anything moving when closer
  14. for my personal experience also Conqueror can really be amazing, insane healing and HE alpha and fire chance might sometimes look op, although it is not op the ship
  15. German ships should receive a sigma / accuracy buff relatively soon I think, bbs surely. If that is the case, I guess GK might become the strongest battleship (since her real weakness is the german trolly accuracy). Still draws a lot of attention (considering size and clumsiness), but if well played she has an unbelievable potential