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  1. EiricBloodgun

    Your favourite T9 and T10 BBs

    Depends on your playstyle and what you like most. Sniping at distance with fairly accurate precision: YAMATO, so go japanese Full brawling and tankiness at mid close range: Grosser Kurfurst, so go KM HE demon and insane healing: Conqueror so royal navy Tank god at mid long distance with good precision: Kremlin so the russians. Actually kremlin has really few weak points overall For the other lines I have no experience. Montana shoud have one of the most deadly salvo per hit and should but quite good at anything. My favorite t10 bbs are the Grosser Kurfurst and the Conqueror, because they basically play an alternative style of battleships
  2. EiricBloodgun

    Ridiculous ...

    From an historical and phisical standpoint I agree with you. A full salvo of 380 mm BB shells should evaporate any dd at around 2 KM. In this game you have stuffs as alpha damage, damage saturation, pen overpen etc. So I have no idea with the Jean since I dont have the ship, but at such a close distance almost any bb would suffer a lot against the fletcher. Ofc I have no problem dealing with dd at medium and close range with a Bismarck or GK, but hey... they are German bbs so that's obvious. In any case for the next stime if I were you I would avoid rushing in a torp dd with the Jean. Every apparent failure might be a lesson learnt
  3. EiricBloodgun

    "Potatoe Factor" and "potatoe paradox"

    Potatoes utterly dominate this game, in making non potatoes lose. In any case I'm not talking as a player with a win rate ratio below 50 who wants to vent out his frustration. I think I have decent stats surely above the average at least. This opinion on potatoeness is just for fun. And I agree with you, thanks to the potatoe paradox they are today the most influential players in the game :D
  4. EiricBloodgun

    "Potatoe Factor" and "potatoe paradox"

    Switching off the game is an idea when you get around 5 defeats on a row. It may be that the potato factor was excessively prominent in a specific moment. Well, luck always turns. However, the potato paradox never stops. it is true that "Players unaware of the reasons for their defeats will not be able to find out reasons for a good and successful outcome" . This is exactly the average player, which is neither good or bad, he is just "average". And this is exactly that kind player that feeds the potato paradox. As I said, the real issue about potatoes is not about the existence of "original potatoes", but of average players becoming potatoes due to emulation or assimilation. by potatoes. This is the paradox
  5. EiricBloodgun

    "Potatoe Factor" and "potatoe paradox"

    The "potatoe factor" is a wild card every admiral in WOWS has to deal with. Most of players address the negative outcome of a battle to certain kind of ships, often defined as OP (see Smolensk, Stalingrad and other typical examples of the renowned Russian bias). However, I noted that also a team made of 4 smolensk can actually lose the battle. You can even lose with every dd of the enemy team being vanquished. At the end, winning or losing is not related to the ships being deployed, only to a very small degree. The "potatoe factor" is the only universal rule defining the course of a battle, and may increase or decrease according to the number of "potatoes" being present on your team. The "potatoe factor" is basically made of the number of "potatoes" at your side. In this sense, a "potatoe" can be definied as a player, who is not necessarily unskilful from an aiming standpoint, who has no clue on how to move into the map and thus moves randomly, as a fly on a mirror that cannot reach the outside freedom anymore, absolutely ignoring every sort of objective and basis tactic. The real issue about "potatoes" is that a "potatoe" may actually be generated randomly by other "potatoes": this happens when an average player (who is not a real "potatoe"), angry at contuing to lose battles - or performing badly - due to the "potatoe factor", starts behaving like a "potatoe" ("I'm sick and tired about losing, no assistance, no cap!" / "Ok, no support, I keep sniping at J1" / "I'm sick of pusing alone, I stay in the group at spawn" / "I'm done losing for today, I stay very defensive and do nothing active" / "nobody spots for me, I spot for no-one"). It doesn't really mean this player is a "potatoe", but somehow he may be negatively influenced by the wrong play of other "potatoes". He is actually mad at "potatoes", but finding no other way to cope with a "potatoe" he becomes one of them. This may happen for a day or two, but constantly repeating "potatoe" behaviors will ultimately leads an average, even decent player, to become a "potatoe". This consequence (the "potatoe paradox") strongly enhances the "potatoe factor" and this can explain the rising of complaints about the number of "potatoes" being present nowadays in the game, also at t10. The "potatoe paradox" is thus the relentless and unstoppable increase of the number of "potatoes" by assimilation. The "potatoe factor", being enhaced by the "potatoe paradox" constantly increases the "POTATOESNESS" of Wows, like a black hole, devouring and devouring player after player. I would like to ask you commanders what are your thoughts about the "potatoe factor and paradox", and if you have felt this kind of assimilation to "potatoes" in certain moments of your WOWS experience. Furthermore, considering we are all humans and the "potatoe paradox" is based on human weaknesses, feelings and sensations, how can we actually cope with it? How can we ultimately stop the "potatoe factor"?
  6. EiricBloodgun

    Reporting & etiquette

    It's not about being salty sometimes, but more about being sick and tired to see absolute potatoes even in t10 matches
  7. EiricBloodgun

    Russian carriers coming?

    More Russian bias to bring to the table, that's what this game needs, indeed
  8. EiricBloodgun

    gaining coal

    I dont have many battles played yet, but I'm around half the way to reach the necessary coal to get the smol or the thunderer (i think I will take the thunderer). I feel daily containers and small after-battle coal rewards are a really small source for farming coal, which indeened it s proving to be a very very (too) long grind. Coal really seems more related to the number of games you play, and not exactly to your results in battle, and this I think should be fixed in some way. Not to talk about steel... considering there are not always ranked going on, the grinding to get a Stalingrad will be almost endless
  9. EiricBloodgun

    British BB citadel

    Not a real issue, Royal Navy Bbs are squishy as hel (healing a part), so your only way to survive is never give broadside and stay angled, regardless of how many inchess the citadel can be higher or lower than it once was, allegedly. At the end all BBs can be quite easily citadelled when full broadsided by other BBs, even heavy cruisers sometimes. Only German BBs are virtually immune to citadel and close medium distance. The point is that if you stay angled dont overextend with your Conqueror, also if you take massive HE damage and regular pen you can zombie heal like hell.
  10. lmao if no-one actually enjoy the ITA ships PERHAPS you might think there is something wrong with them. So do not just leave it to that and basically say: "fuk off" to the customer base. Anyway, from a gameplay standpoint, I fail to find a single positive aspect of these ships, but I will try: - Smoke: Ok, I may give it to you, this is pretty nice, however recharge is very long and doesnt last much. Good tool but this alone cannot make the ships shine. - Speed / manouvrability: ITA cruisers are fast, this is out of question, but if combined with the armor layout that is "Mogami" like in terms of squishiness, you cannot use your speed for gun boating and not even kiting decently, probably. - High SAP Alpha and shell performance: this is the funniest joke, perhaps the t10 Venezia with 15 or something guns will get high alpha, for now with an average 4 x 2 turret layout and an iceage of time to reload the DpM is ridicolous. Improving the ship, in my opinion, would mean: working on her RoF decreasing it significantly, improve SAP pen angles and... plz take a little bit down that goddamn citadel maybe. AH I forgot... torpedoes? Which torpedoes? Oh I thought those were two baby Marlins swimming close to me. As for the Smolensk, grab a Conqueror and problem solved
  11. EiricBloodgun

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    I understand your point, but it's not about ships but about being a potatoe. That said, from a pragmatical standpoint, I would suggest to create an "upper" random function. You may get into it only with a minimum amount of battles, base exp and battle damage, dunno or something similar. So you should be supposed to find less monkeys hanging around. But it will never be done. BTW potatoes are to be found also in the enemy team not only yours. This doesnt making the overall game experience better, but at least luck turns
  12. EiricBloodgun

    Poll: Drop chance of normal Italian cruiser container

    Doesn't really matter how many you get, they all turned out to be cr4p. So useless to waste time on them until fixing. Montecuccoli.... lol
  13. EiricBloodgun

    why german BBs should be the worst BB line in game?

    In which world exactly? never heard at turtleback? And German citadel is not high lol
  14. EiricBloodgun

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    If you take a Lion or a COnqueror you get basically immune to Smolensk :) Yesterday I farmed 250K damage with conqueror and I spent half of the game being harrassed by a Smolensk. He never got the job done, and I kept healing. I hate smolenks and that was simply hilarious :D BTW as also a bb player I can tell you that (Lion and Conq a part), BBs in the current meta suffer a lot from HE insane spamming, which are the first threat, much more than torps. With my GK I get deleated if I overextend a little bit, because every typical HE spamming player actually only looks for easy targets to spam at, and those easy targets are ofc BBs, overall those ultrabig and clumsy as a GK, which is supposed to be a pushing ship, unlike a Yamato for instance. So I would basically fix the HE damage with some saturation cap on superstructure and other poor armored parts, maybe capping the number of fires seriousely.
  15. EiricBloodgun

    Harugumo legendary module?

    Haru is very good but ultra-clumsy, so a legendary should indeed include improvements in manouvrability (rudder shift and speed would be useful). In a gunboat decreasing range is never a good idea, but it could be an exchange