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  1. ozan0107

    [STROM] Clan Recruitment

    I know these guys they are realy friendly and have some good gameknowledge.
  2. Found a clan u topic can be closed
  3. Hi hi my mame is ozan and im still looking for a semi competetive to play clan wars my stats are avarage but u can de finetly that im improving. Adios https://wows-numbers.com/player/563555177,ozan0107/
  4. ozan0107

    Im looking for a clan

    Hi my name is ozan and im looking for a clan to play clan wars. My stats are avarage but u can see that im improving. My stats:https://wows-numbers.com/player/563555177,ozan0107/
  5. ozan0107

    [THESO] The Salty Ones, looking for more salt!

    am i salty enought tho?