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  1. i expect 2021 to see a long line of events chained together designed to genereate "engagemenet" using fake time limits and easy to start harder to finish events that rely on "fomo and sunk cost" while they continue to push gambling mechanics. i dont expect them to put any work into the actual game to make it better, no substantive improvements to co op , no alternative game mode, no balance, unles you count moving clearly broken OP ships from the regular shot into the t1 whaling fleet you have to spend thousands gambling for a couple of times a year. more bloat, more creep, the game getting more campy more passive as all these increases to attack contiue to unblance the gameplay further. and me playing something else
  2. i used it to finish off the last 250k to alask a couple fo days ago, had the siegfried , changes have removed any desire i have to regrind lines anymore , so figured may as well.
  3. Padds01

    Teamkilling AI in Coop is a thing?

    ill eat a penalty to kill an AI DD from time to time just to stop them torping everything, maybe they have started fighting back
  4. last couple of days just about every single game ive played of co op , both sides have had a bot CV, maybe i always assumed there was a player before and didnt check but the rfequency has gone up from like 1/5 to 4/5 . CV's really slow down a Co op game as you always have to drive across the map to find them so it sucks for that reason alone but on a personal note im meant to be spotting 85 targets in a DD , i hate DD's if your going to force 80%+ of my games to be a wash out in co op i have no option but to go to the main mode and just yolo my [edited]off, and that seems like a bad idea.
  5. Padds01

    wg needs to rework Co op match maker

    no that would be silly. but it also probably shouldnt be made impossible to do anything by the presence of 4 people who are capable of smashing thier faces into the keyboard , wouldnt put 6 cv's in a t4 match would you? that would be insane , so is letting 4 dd's loose ina co op game.... oh wait.... i think im seeing the problem! its not a hard problem to fix , its a co op comp stomp ffs , just put more comp in!
  6. Padds01

    What's the play on Kurfurst vs. 20km soup

    brawlers just are not meta, you have to accept a really bad signal to noise ratio if you want to play them. for some reason they just are not interested in sharing WG insist on only offering the one singe game mode , (i guess choice of is for the decadant capitalist pigs (best jingles impression) and that mode has more and more become in favour of long range camoing and island humping HE vomit. its all in the design from rewards to the balance points its the game they want and they refuse to allow us to play another way. used to be able to get good games by just going down a few tiers, but i see the same lame braindead play at t6 as you do tx now, i can onyl recommend the solution i found, play less, spend nothing.
  7. Padds01

    When does camping become a problem?

    not sure over a year ago for sure
  8. id prefer a , well not even skill vs rng , just an actual mechanic like X amount of HE has to hit an area / y time to= set it on fire. but as this game is just moving more and more to passive long range camping and island humping he spam i suspect whatever system would sizeably increase the power and frequency of fires and so make things worse ><
  9. Padds01

    How is Saipan nowadays?

    is it RN line of cv's bad though? they did buff implac last week to be fair they took a percent or two off the fire chance and upped the max damage its bombs do, shame the bombs cant pen a wet paper bag so the damage will still be zero but hey they start less fires now! oh wait
  10. Padds01

    How do i get close with German BBs?

    the game is set up for long range campers island humping he spam and then running away, playing anything that wants to be in close is just making life hard for yourself , it can be done and im sure there will be people posting about that game they had last week with 500 secondary hits get good etc. but the sad truth is for an average player the signal to noise ration of good fun games to getting burnt down by 6 camping try hards you never see before you get to the first bit of cover is just going to be frustrating. can try asking WG for a second game mode that either is a bit more balanced or hell actually made to favour the short range boats (that 3v3 had issues but was great fun) , suck it up and just accept your playing the wrong game. stop beating your head into a wall and go do something fun. but all the advantages are always going to be on the campers in the main mode. its just designed that way
  11. Padds01

    siegfried gutted?

    it feels like the verticle dispersion has gone to poop , used to fire on a flat broadside cruiser out at 10km and expect to put at least half in the citadel, now they go short , long or hit the superstructure
  12. Padds01

    siegfried gutted?

    just me or did they take its armour and accuracy away?
  13. not all of us like this 20+km passive sit back and camp gameplay. after actually having a game mode that was fun that little 3v3 sprint that had issues but you actually got to have some fun , i just cant go back to playing this normal game mode. i know a lot of people like it, but i also know a lot of us dont , we used to be able to excape it because it was limited to high tier, but t4 and its surrounds are ruined by hosho and anyithing between the two bands used to be fun, but that band has gone this camp , hug an island vomit he and run away meta has pervaded to all tiers now. i used to avoid it by playing cv's they at least get to do things , but they have changed a lot of this year and theres not much fun there either now , pve is clearly viewed as a red headed step child theres a refusal to show it any love i just cant go back to the main mode now , the good to bad game ratio is just woeful once ive finished this anchorage grind im not going to force myself to log on and play, you never know wg having a choice for your players might actually help with some retention and player pool size , give it a go eh?
  14. Padds01

    FDR and Paulo Emilio currency announced

    oo i forgot the coupon , that might save me a decade!
  15. Padds01

    FDR and Paulo Emilio currency announced

    was very sad the fdr is for steel. at my current rate ill be able to get it some time around 2052