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  1. Padds01

    Happy birthday Hidden menace?

    to be honest it never occured to me it would be seen as exclusionary to ask about a specific skill ! i just happened to see a thumbnail of a youtube video in my feed talking about the skill and it made me remember looking at it ages ago realised it was about a year ago and figured it would be a fairly amusing crap post! please do not take my ignorance and lack of encyclopedic knowledge of everything that doesnt work in this game to mean i accept those issues i either dont know about or failed to specificially mention nor do i look to gain accelerated attention to concerns that specifically affect any of the 3 classes i play (but f all dd's theres soemthing fundamentally wrong with anyone who plays those broken immersion destroying reality warping litle fun police!). and my sincerest apologies to all the purple haired land whales and emo self harmers of this forum, i happily leave you all to the purgatory of this self defeating echo chamber , where tommorow you can all agree about all the bad just like you did last year <mic drop> peac out!
  2. Padds01

    Happy birthday Hidden menace?

    well they arent why i was asking , im asking about HM because its not working as its supposed to and they keep making global game changes attempting to work around it and thats having some off impacts . and im sorry but i just dont gel with your attitde , why be satisfied with everyone having crap to eat, why not aim a little higher and ask for everything to be fixed? why not ask for all the skills to be useful, functional and balanced ? why are you se eager to settle for so little?
  3. Padds01

    Happy birthday Hidden menace?

    why does one side loose its DD's first? , why are class's different ? because thats how they design the game. the lower attack rate , the lower alpha and dps arre traded off against the benifits. you know this. do any of the other 3 class's have the same life expantancies? why is the discrepency there not a problem?
  4. Padds01

    Happy birthday Hidden menace?

    1. it is taking up a slot be nice if it were at least workng as its intended to. 2. There being bad options for skills only unbalances the game further against those who are new/not invested enough to deep dive. 3.The half arsed wierd attempts to fix might have massive impacts , if for example they half the speed from recall to cloud then to "fix" it half the height till cont AA damage, they could inadvertantly massively increase both the time and affectiveness of flak on a recalling wing leaving some lines seriously comprimised, which of course is super far fetched but an example of why it would be good to know what WG are up to.
  5. Padds01

    Happy birthday Hidden menace?

    wow you never killed a cv?
  6. Is hidden menace still bugged/broken/stupid? if not it seems to be about a year since we started seeing threads about it , so id like to wish this broken captain skill congratulations and making it to the year!
  7. Padds01

    LWM's review on Marlborough is out.

    yeah but this only shows you and your div are good. for it to tell us anything about this ship we need comparisons like how well do you guys do if you play something else
  8. Padds01

    CV DD Balance.

    As i understand it there finally trying the idea so many of us had years ago of just having planes reveal on the mini map but not in the main view. would assume your a DD main? what do you think should be counters to dd's?
  9. Padds01

    whats the worst in game now?

    reticle nerfs, wind up times added, and stealth fields were not enough for the dd' cry babies they are too used to aimbot assistance and needed it drawing it on screen or too hard to rudder
  10. im sure its a part of it, but i am not sure its all or most of the story , tier 8-10 quite radically changes , with so much more accuracy and damage and range across the board , the first person to move into a bad place (ie advance) is now going to find himself focused by 6+ players and teh range means its a cross fire as his being hit from both sides of the map, thus the already comparatively weaker armour is made less affective . and the loss of one ship is the loss of soo much power the odds of then loosing the next goes up hugely and thats why i dont think that suggestion of yours would work, i think any skill based MM for this game would need all players to be around the same level , and that tends to be very unpopular with the mosre skilled players as it decimates thier stats and makes them work too hard ;) me id love it!
  11. Padds01

    When will the submarine be cancelled

    i dont see why they are so hated either, i see a sub its like having a very weak far less annoying and negatively game impactng DD , obviously neither would be better but given the choice between a 4th dd or a sub ill take these subs anyday
  12. Padds01

    Early access camos ever available again?

    yikes well thanks for the info guess these guys are going to be port queens for a while
  13. im ammassing quite a few t10's (well for me) id like to get them camos but the only ones available are the boring generic two tone thingies. do they ever sell others ? particulaly the ones available through early access
  14. Padds01

    What I think about subs

    i really dont get why people dislike subs so much , they take a DD spot but dont have walls of skill , stealth fields and unlike DD's you usually get to shoot back at a sub
  15. Padds01

    New Sub Buff on the horizon

    now thats ironic , a company so skilled at manipulating the sunk cost fallacy also falls for it themselves.