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  1. title really they basically prevent anyone else from doing much as its all torp spammed in the first few minutes. give them like 12 cruisers/ battleships enemies to yolo on and let everyone else play in thier own pool
  2. Padds01

    So...are we selling all the camos and flags now

    well id already sold of a lot of mine but i got 100 mill from mine got to buy equipment for a few ships and finnaly purchase a couple of boats i had unlocked ages ago
  3. Padds01

    Devblog: new plane spotting in testing

    little loli boats are funny. years of crying gets it to the place where they can see the planes at 10km shoot at them from 5km but wont be seen outside of 3km , perfectly accurate aa fire through smoke , a delay of 5 seconds added to rocket attacks so even if they do get spotted there is a flight that can shoot them they still get enough time and warning to just walk out of damage, a spotting system even a flat earther would struggle to defend and thats all great because they need to counter BB's so nothing should counter them and thats all fine. one possible step to undoing just a few of the nerfs to make it possible for a cv to maybe influence a dd on a closed test server and a hurricane of piss sprays over the forums with wailing and rending of garments gnashing of teeth woe and behold the skies actually falling! the usual israeli style over reaction. based purely on wanting to keep a broken overpowered state and complete lack of objective reason
  4. Padds01

    Dirigible Derby: some observations

    and on this we agree 100%! which is a bit unfortunate, for me at least, as i do no tlike the correct way to play at all
  5. Padds01

    Dirigible Derby: some observations

    well id guess its all perspective , i like to play brawling BB's and aggressive heavy cruisers, ie i want to be pushing , a shima completely shuts that down , theres no counter play theres nothing i can do , even if they get spotted miss and cloak up they reload faster than i can get into range to punish, i just have to put up with them sitting 7km away spamming skill walls on CD and theres no way to do anything about it. Thers is more counterplay/interplay vs cv's than a torp boat. I know this is about as arcadey and unrealistic as you can get without it actually having a coin slot, but things should still make in universe sense, and DD's just dont and i think that really adds to the aggravation , the stealth field, the cloak , the retardation of the line of sight laws of physics etc. the stupidity of the damage rules that had to be implemented to give them extreme tankyness, there just magic and it grates.
  6. Padds01

    Dirigible Derby: some observations

    1 i find the insanity of the shima torp spam game destroyingly unfun in any mode , its like playing against multile cv's you have no real counterplay , the dd just sits in its physics defying stealth field or invisibility bubble and spams wildly untill eventually they get lucky. 2. said almost exactly the same mysef, i suggested if they want to keep it t10 put in a modifier that drops all ranger and damages by a % maybe even but in a dispersion penalty didnt play enough for 3 , though i doubt mark 1 choices will be optimal
  7. Padds01

    Dingleberry derby appreciation thread

    Not saying your wrong here , if you like it thats great, myself and i think i speak for a good amount of people that dont like it, find it very boring and campy, its drive around at max range trading shots with the other back line BB's or sit behind an island and wait, and indifferent of which strat you use both tteams are waiting for someone to get so bored they make a mistake of attempting to do anything, then they get focused fire down by 6 island humpers , and from there its a short downhillslide to blowout city
  8. Padds01

    Dingleberry derby appreciation thread

    big improvement , would love to see it come with its own mechanics, i mean the big problem with tx gameplay in general why its so passive and campy is how much more lethal at longer ranges and faster everything gets as you go up each tier just something quick and dirty like in this mode all ranges are down 25% all damage is down 25-50% think this mode would of been a lot more fun a few tiers lower
  9. tier 10 players have been conditioned for years to camp hide wait runa way for years, you cant just drop a game mode which needs the use of forward gears on these guys , its painfull watching them murder a great game mode, this should be available at a lower tier , say 7 or so, where both the game and the mental state of teh player base can cope with it. side note , i know the shima is immune to being balanced but can you at least limit the number of them per game? its get a bit smolensky out there
  10. Padds01

    Most frustrating moments for you.

    TX , Sitting in cover waiting for someone to make the mistake of moving up . watching the minutes tick down , getting bored and sticking your nose out only to see 6 rainbows of HE vomit and heavy AP coming over various islands as you get the detcted warning but nothing comes into view. then having to pick , sit there and burn attempt to go forwards and die faster or back up and wait for the inevitable wall of skill thats already on its way.
  11. actually i did mention it would be reduced, but it is a factor reduction nut a numerical one so it just changes teh scale on the graph not the order. think of the system World of warcraft used in its arena (havent played it in a long time i dont know if the modes still the same) there you a rating and they scaled the win/loss reward based on how close the teams were this allowed them to put a range of MMR teams against each other . Or last time i checked in on Destiny 2 they were also using a skill based MM system These systems exist, have for decades its really not something i have to proove , i thought i went to reasonable pains to state my little example wasnt a real system it took a lot of liberties and was simply to show the basic concept. but again apols if i just muddied the water.
  12. all i did was detail a basic version of systems that are used in games that do use skill based MM , i opologise if i was unclear
  13. Padds01

    Next ranked season: puhlease not just T10

    the game is different to, the disparity of attack over defence is no where near as pronounced at lower tiers
  14. i would call that self evident, but not seeing the relevence. the question was asked "Why does the WG not take player statistics into account?" you answered "If they did, the stats would lose their value over time. If everyone is around 50%, how do you sort them?" i showed how , WR would be useless yes, but there would still be figures for peoples personal battle influence. the imaginary numbers were in this imaginary system and i want to be clear here, doesnt exist, its imaginary, it was simply a demonstration of one method (and there are many if you dont like that one) of achieving what you claimed would be lost.