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  1. Smart_Hound

    New ranked system looks cool af

    Good rewards.... I guess it's ironic...
  2. Smart_Hound

    A suggestion about boxes

    You should learn of your parent game WoT and how manage this lottery of yours. https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/holiday-ops-2021-boxes/ As always, there’s no way you can lose—all the items inside are greater or equal to the price of the Box in gold. Each Large Box contains four goodies, three of which never change. We still buying virtual items, you still get real cash, but you don't need to straight scam people's money. Start here --- add a value of contains in doubloons to every box that at least equals is value in real money... and would be nice if there where real chances to get every ship on those boxes instead of getting all the crappy ones first.
  3. Smart_Hound

    Santas refund

    Don't spend a dime ever again on WG games. Best refund you can get. Spread the issue everywhere you can.
  4. This is my average team, doesn't matter if it's ranked, ranked sprint or random. I'm always throw in teams with awful stats, while the opposing team is always above average. I can't find a definitive answer anywhere so... Does the ships in the line you reset keep the bonus beyond the three months season time? Or you have to research and play them to get the bonus whiting that period? Thanks in advance.
  5. Smart_Hound

    Premium ammunition in WoWs

    What's next? Removing the captain and placing instead a tripulation of 10 sailors?
  6. Smart_Hound

    Premium ammunition in WoWs

    Hate WoT for that thing, love WoWs because doesn't have it. Premium ammo is the most blalant example of p2w, so no thanks. And for the record, me as a new player in WoT I'm having hard times to fight against people using premium ammo because I can't expend my credits in that if I want to buy new tanks. So if you can explain how help new players that lacks credits, the need to buy another consumable? The only ones that premium ammo helps are players that lack skill, so instead to ask unskilled players to learn to play we give them a p2w item so they don't need to learn? Just no thanks.
  7. Smart_Hound

    Ranked 18 Experiences

    This is my average game. MM throws all the potatos in my team, leaving most good players in the opposing team. Almost every battle the team I'm in has a win rate of less than 50% while opposing team is generally way over 50, most time in the 55-60% win rate. Isn't not the rank progression. Is the absolute utter trash of MM they have what completely ruins ranked. Waste of time in the current state in my opinion. I doubt that more than the 1% of the player base is reaching rank 1.
  8. Smart_Hound

    Odin, how do you find it now?

    A brawler without hp. It's crap, not wort the time.
  9. Smart_Hound

    Summer Sale in the Premium Shop and Armory!

    I tought it was a "sale". Then I looked at the prices and discovered that everything is more expensive and is me who is supposed to "sell" a kidney to participate in some lottery with crap prizes.
  10. Smart_Hound

    How and when does 30% discount voucher drop?

    Got one on my firts year aniversary. I guess everyone gets theirs on the first year.
  11. Smart_Hound

    Beware when selling a ship.

    Just sold a DM Donskoy and after that the ship remained in the port but without the upgrades, couldn't sell again, received an error. Tried to move the commander to the new ship but couldn't again an error, so the commander got stuck with the ghost ship, or so I thought. It didn't, he was dismissed because I had no space in the reserve and I didn't noticed nor checked because I thought he was stuck with the ghost ship as he showed there. Happened with a different ship again, but this time made space in the reserve so the captain didn't go dismissed. So, beware if you don't want to lose your hard trained commanders, I lost a 18 points commander thanks to the bug.
  12. Smart_Hound

    CV's Nerfed once again

    Bonus to AA continuous damage from "Defensive AA fire" consumable increased from +50% to +75% ..... Like there is not enough overpowered AA ships already. Soon there will be nothing you can get near enough to attack except IJN ships. At least you could change AA to something that requires some skill not just a button that generates an energy shield.
  13. I't's you who came here to give lessons from absolute ignorance about the ships I had in front. Every game I face Lyon, and King George's and the kind. So if I confront similar ships and the only difference is that my team have an awful win rate compared to the opposing team then the fault is my choice of ships, that casually is similar in the opposing team.
  14. I'm one of seven, plus there are similar ships on the opposing team, so if you don't have something intelligent to say please... refrain from saying it. P.D: I'm sorry for not havin P2W ships like Belfast. Sorry, I'ts my fault.
  15. Nice this matchmaker you have. Every game my team has a win rate between 22% to 45%Then the opposing team is always around 50% win rate, five points up, five points down. If the target is to put all the potatos in the same bag, good work then .