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    [ALL] KanColle Voiceover Modifications

    hello, here is the new content for WoWs 0.8.5 all download links are already updated, if you run any problems please do ask me here or at my discord server. I have more content planned in the French arc
  2. Rswifhand

    [ALL] KanColle Voiceover Modifications

    Hello EU captains! Feel free to ask anything about the mod
  3. *PLEASE BE WARNED!! not for the person who dislikes weeb mods/content* Hatsuzuki artwork by Kazuto09(real thanks!!) his pixiv these voiceover mods use character voices of shipgirls from the Kantai Collection browser game. Currently has more than 35 voicemods of different shipgirls and it's constantly getting updated with new content and improvements. Ever wish to have something close to a KC x WoWs collab? then here you go! Enjoy! WoWs 0.8.5 New Voicemods: - KanColle Shigure (preview) based on numerous requests from the past. I'll be adding more voiceline once the shipgirl's 3rd remodel is implemented - KanColle Hibiki (preview) I started working this mod since the year started was planning to finish it earlier but reworks kept me at bay to get it done. Now it's ready Bug Fixes and Improvements: - The voice event "DetectionEnemySubmarine" and "FragSubmarine" are implemented to the following voicemods: Ark Royal, Hibiki, Hatsuzuki - New voicelines were added to Gangut on the following voice events: "GoodGame", "HelpInterruptedFighter", "HelpInterruptedScout" - New voicelines were added to Hatsuzuki on the following voice events: "NeedVision", "NeedSupportReceive", "CriticalFlooding" - Added the voice event "WeatherSnowstorm" to the following voicemods: Gangut, Hatsuzuki, Minazuki, Richelieu, Yahagi, Yamakaze WoWs 0.8.4 Mediafire - single 7zip files Mediafire - all zipped to one 7zip file GoogleDrive - Unzipped mod folders Steps for manual installation(Windows, WG WoWs client) Extraction - for zip file extractions I recommend using 7zip you can skip this step if you downloaded the unzipped files Installation - simply drag and drop the mod folder to the directory: World_of_Warships/res_mods/0.8.X.X/banks/Mods (example: G:\World_of_Warships\res_mods\\banks\Mods) the file structure should look like this create the "banks" and "Mods" folders if they don't exist Enabling the mods in-game: open the "SETTINGS" menu in-game and click on the "AUDIO" tab then open the selection box "Voiceover modifications" Enjoy!! You can follow the mod's development in our Discord server or ask questions about the mod itself(click the image above for the invite link)