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    Improving my PR.

    Thank you Pete, appreciate your opinion, and I shall apply your advice to some degree. But it doesn't really answer my question. :) -Never.
  2. Never_In_The_Plan

    Improving my PR.

    Hi guys, I'm looking to improve my PR. I see them at WoWs stats and numbers and they suck, or at least so I believe they do. I'm still reasonably new to the game but have been playing WoT for many years where my stats were very good indeed, and I guess I just like to pursue personal improvement. It gives me some kind of satisfaction knowing I'm good at something and obviously, I have to learn a lot more than what I already have been learning from friends in the game. So please, give me your assessment and advice. If there are specific ships you think I should improve on, let me know. If you see a pattern in how I might be applying a less fortunate game style? Let me know that as well, please. Here's a link to WoWS Stats and Numbers.: https://wows-numbers.com/player/563082263,Never_In_The_Plan/ I aim to become as good a player as possible, which should reflect itself in the stats eventually. This must be possible with the help of a great community. Ty in advance. :) - Never.
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    Old post.

    I'm good.
  4. Never_In_The_Plan

    Old post.

    I'm fine now, ty.