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    Danae 176K Damage, 3.1K Base XP, 6 kills, Solo Warrior

    Yeah, it's like they forgot what torpedoes were... Still, I have no idea how I didn't take more damage from them, I nearly died at the end, too. Thank you for the compliments! I am currently grinding back to the high tiers on this account, most I ever got to was tier VI like two years ago. Although, I absolutely agree with you in that low-tier battles have this sort of casual friendly atmosphere, it's really great.
  2. I was shaking so bad when I managed to do this, not gonna lie. I recently got back into WoWS and I think everything is going swell, eh? Angling and torpedoes really are amazing mechanics kek Here's the video, I apologize but the replay sort of glitched out near the end so it'll just be frozen, and you'll see me trying to alt tab because my screen went black. If you want to see it for yourself, download the replay and watch it yourself. I got an even better Danae clutch lol 9-14.wowsreplay