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    idk what this place is.
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    I love History so I'm Historian (kind off) also I love anime and movies (but I'm not weebie) and I play Team Fortress 2, Total war, HOI4, Arma 3 and World of Warships (and dozens more

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  1. Captain_WeebSons

    Propose WW1 Buttle of Jutland Premium Ships

    Guys Off-topic, can I post my own battlecruiser/battleship with alternative history on this page "Warship project"? Im just new to the English speaking forum.
  2. Captain_WeebSons

    I need help

    Really? Off-topic with ship design and alternative-history, ok...
  3. Captain_WeebSons

    I need help

    Now I have question, I'm new to English speaking forum. Where can I post some posts with alternative history, my own or somebody's ship design, and can I make ship guides here?
  4. Captain_WeebSons

    I need help

    Thanks, it finally working.
  5. Captain_WeebSons

    I need help

    And tgan this again... (i typed everything right!)
  6. Captain_WeebSons

    I need help

    Damn still not working, I did everything right... and it's says this...
  7. Captain_WeebSons

    I need help

    Okay I should try this...
  8. Captain_WeebSons

    I need help

    God damn 0.8.4.
  9. Captain_WeebSons

    I need help

    Yes I did a very same thing apparently and it's still says "Incorrect email address or password. (6001)"
  10. Captain_WeebSons

    I need help

    So I created an account (for EU server, actualy I have several accounts but all of them CIS) I logged to the forum and stuff that, I use WG client put my another account an BAM its say that my passward and email incorect (but I typed it correctly)! WHAT IN BLOODY HELL IS THAT?!