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  1. mdjmcnally

    This is why I will never have the Puerto Rico

    Well first set done and waiting 3 days for the next set to become available. About 5-6 hours total. Stuck to BB to get the XP done there and managed to bag a 3 kill game so didn't have to do the cruiser xp. Basically done the 37000 XP each day for the 3 containers and the 6 Daily Missions Things like Citadels from Cruisers, load up a Des Moines or Petro and go co-op. Fairly easy to get broadside targets and citadel. Set Fires with BB Conq/Thunderer Ribbon number - Schlieffen and secondary go BRRRRR Spotting Damage - had an right s**t show and got 46K spotting in a GK in one game only got 42K damage myself. For the FXP then going to have to get the boosters out. Annoying don't think can do the FXP in scenario's which would normally be where to grind FXP.
  2. mdjmcnally

    Negative income...?

    Also you don't get much reward for secondary damage. Even with Premium Time I bought the permacammo for the economic bonus along with catching enough premium time etc once went to Tier 9 and higher. With the loss in service reduction then you need to make about 200k on credits before start to get ahead of old system. Pretty muich below that you probably onto a loss.
  3. mdjmcnally

    Navigator Mod

    Running light I think the same as that greyed out as well I just use battle expert and find it easy enough to look at the circle for the running lights. really not that hard to use. recently a few of the mods in modstation not receiving any attention so I suspect some of the people have moved onwards from the game.
  4. mdjmcnally

    New Code

    Cheers for that. Every little helps
  5. Before I buy ANY coal or steel ship then I watch reviews on YouTube of them to get an idea if they for me or not. watch more then one to try and get a balanced view of the ships. then and only then do I spend the coal/steel on the ship.
  6. mdjmcnally

    Sevastopol hits the Armory for 58k RPs

    Came across one today in random and yes seemed to die pretty quick. still think slava will be the reward my my PR dockyard and taking research points.
  7. As the cammo has no bonus and purely appearance then cammo use is dead to me. Any cammos awarded just sell when can. working my way through ones I cannot sell just to get rid of them.
  8. mdjmcnally

    access to armory and clan base

    Well I am in UK and just logged in after finishing work, in game and armoury and clan base accessible fine and no vpn used.
  9. mdjmcnally

    Positive permanent camo change?

    Bit worried now as updates downloaded but not installed, I have 2 jingle captains both 21pts and yes do use the voiceover. was actually watching his YouTube videos that persuaded to download and install game. don’t want to lose 2 x 21pt captains which is a lot of grind
  10. I exchanged the T4 for T3 as yes am an average player and will get better results from having more games with T3 then will over 1 single game that on average is not going to be a blinder for me. yes I do get the odd game where the stars align and surrounded by even worse players then me on both teams and I clean up but is a VERY rare event.
  11. mdjmcnally

    performance issues?

    Not had any issues myself today. After last patch actually saw FPS increase.
  12. mdjmcnally

    "secondary battery aiming skill for Cruisers" yes or no?

    I would actually read what is said to be low skill. I have quoted it above you so is there, even though it is what you replied too, Computer Aimed Secondaries. being able to get into position to use them well is positioning and situational awareness skills which is knowledge and skill required period to do well. Those skills are required wether attempting to close and brawl or sit back and spam. Not actually related to secondaries. the number of people island humping not spotting ships flanking around them when is clear as day with a glance at the mini map shows clearly what is happening is unbelievable. Have even put into chat to warn them and still blithely shooting away whilst suddenly obliterated by the Kremlin (hardly stealthy) that somehow managed to creep up behind on them despite being visible on the mini map and being told in chat. these are also the same skills required by the DD to be able to remain unseen and fire the torpedoes. To remain unseen then has to track radar cruisers, where planes are flying where other DD’s are. Yet the DD is not using secondaries. I think off the top of my head there is 1 DD that has a secondary gun armament. positioning and situational awareness awareness are not brawling or secondary related but a universal requirement to do well no matter what ship or strategy wether be trying to get into secondary range, remain undetected to launch torpedoes or even HE spam from smoke. but then actual use of the secondaries themselves, any secondaries is automatic. if using the enhanced secondary skills then you have to select the target to focus then go back to looking at what going on around you but actual starting to fire at any ship in range is automatic. I have lost count the number of times that sunk a ship on the blindside with secondaries without realising as was focused on another target. I took no action other then attacking a separate target and managed to kill another ship that happened to wander into range of my secondaries on my blind side. it took ZERO skill for me to sink those ships. there is a reason why get very little rewards for secondaries damage. The only reward you get for good positioning and situational awareness is that stay alive longer. yes they are skills but they are not for secondaries or even brawling specific but universal to play the game.
  13. mdjmcnally

    Positive permanent camo change?

    Yep removed ugly perma cammo and sail naked. cammo pure looks and don’t spend time looking at my ship were bought for bonuses only
  14. mdjmcnally

    Commanders and superships.

    No chance at all I would say. Supposed to be credit sinks to drain credits from economy so unlikely to be not making you drain your elite cxp as well if you really want to play them. I fortunately now have most of my captains on my regular ships upto 21pts so generating more cxp isn't too much of a problem. I also not interested in superships either. So far not been any that really think is worth it compared to the TX
  15. mdjmcnally

    How can we ask for another break from the submarines?

    But what are the odds of coming up against it. If the average submarine player could achieve that then WG wouldn't need to make them more comfortable to play.