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  1. mdjmcnally


    Every stream of him these days seems to be why am I playing this game. be surprised if lasts the full month.
  2. Even in lower level co-op you cannot just press W sail in a straight line and fire at everything and hope you outhit the bots. not going to say never lost to bots but usually when yoloing torpedo hits so just do a W, slide up to nearest enemy torp and usually die. don’t turn into a camper but avoid close contact so not getting rammed and taken out. try to avoid late night when few people and sometimes you are only real person on team. watch some of the videos on you tube, there are some good ones out there of replays. what I found was angle off to the side so not going head on into the bots but slightly to the side so that getting at there sides etc. I have seen this happen myself but for the opposition so was quite glad to see it happen. I had sailed down the side and gotten to the other base. bot had somehow got past my team and to our base before me.
  3. mdjmcnally

    AFK Players in ranked

    Unfortunately I like many other people don’t know in advance when Pc will generate a problem in the middle of a game. When I have problems I fix them when they occur. I don’t know in advance when I will have a problem. I also don’t know when people will ring my doorbell, People may ring the doorbell at anytime. Maybe a delivery for neighbour and out for instance. People still exercise and shop. Delivery hours extended due to extra demand. How will you know this is going to happen. People update at last minute. Friday I got an update saying parcel would be delivered on Monday, Saturday afternoon whilst out shopping got an update saying would be in the next hour. Forutnately I could get back in time. Just because pandemic I am not in my flat 24 hours a day every day. Here things do happen in the real world. They wouldn’t ring the doorbell for 20 minutes because I would answer the door when the doorbell goes unexpectedly. Unfortunately Ranked is closed between 1 and 8 when delivery not happening so can guarantee won’t get anything as most people in bed. Also would impact my ability to do my working hours as well if up all night. I don’t arrange to play when I know i don’t have time, but i don’t know the future and the unexpected that will drop on me without notice. My Pc doesn’t tell me don’t play WOWS tonight or if you do finish before 10:00pm because at 10:01 I am going to crash if you are on. I also don’t know that my neighbour will be out when get an unexpected delivery at 7:00pm so don’t play then either please. do you see what I was saying or are you actually that intolerant of that things happen outside of peoples control, or are you actually blessed that you know 100% in advance exactly what is going to happen and expect everyone else does as well. You are basically saying I don’t care why they are AFK and if it wasn’t something in there control then i don’t care and I want them punished. Wether that is what you meant or not it is how it has come across. I mean you wouldn’t blame people involved in the Ethiopian 737max crash saying there fault because they got on the plane. There had been recent crashes involving 737max so the possibility there could have an issue. Yes taking a very extreme example there but things do happen that people don’t expect. They didn’t expect the plane to crash, i don’t expect my Pc to crash when I switch it on and generally it doesn’t but had two crashes of the game during the 10.0 release. Thankfully since 10.1 then not occurred. if people are getting this worked up then I would suggest that they take a break. It is a game and meant to be fun. If it stops being fun then seriously take a break
  4. mdjmcnally

    AFK Players in ranked

    I wander perhaps if going to punish people for not keeping track of what is on the PC, Anti-Virus or other process taking over then where does it end. It may simply be that the phone goes, doorbell etc. I live on my own, if whilst waiting for the game to start my doorbell goes are people seriously saying that I let my doorbell ring for the next 20 minutes odd whilst finish the game? automatically assuming that they simply trying to free ride and that they deserve punishing is a very poor attitude. if someone posts in the the chat to do Caps A and B and someone goes to C instead. Perhaps they should be punished as well and fined doubloons. Wouldn’t surprise me if some people don’t genuinely think that would be a good thing. I got reported once for lack of team play. Person at cap A asked for support. At the time I was at C supporting the DD at C and firing to take out a radar cruiser for the DD, but because I didn’t leave the DD at C to die and fire in support of the Player at A, then they genuinely reported me for lack of team play. At C there was the two of us with rest at A and we we’re outnumbered so the fact that A lost because the lot up there weren’t as good as they think they are not that I didn’t support them and was supporting the DD at C. No i didn’t hear or see anything afterward about it. yes it can be frustrating but unless you actually have the details of a user repeatedly afk then in that game you don’t know why they are afk. Most times see people reporting AFK within 30 seconds. Player comes back after a few minutes that PC crashed, apologies but they have still be reported in the meanwhile. can anyone here say that they NEVER had the game disconnect, crash, have another process take over. I cannot so I don’t tend to judge people that aren’t moving.
  5. I used the heavy ap for American cruisers like Baltimore, Alaska etc but rest all my cruisers earlier in the week. just 2 captains configured now 21 point jingles for conqueror but can also move to a few tier 7-8;uk BB and thunderer. 21 point captain on pommern. just going to play those now till get more information regarding cruiser skills
  6. Reset on day one. All that have specked now is 21 point jingles on conqueror, and 19 point pommern that working up to 21. working my through now what ships can share captains etc and work out how to use captains most efficiently. whaled at Christmas so lots of 10 point captains off premiums that can use to get starts on next ships in tech tree, but going to hold off more ships till more info about what works etc on different ships. is ther a good site that is showing suggested builds for ships now
  7. mdjmcnally

    British BBs

    Prince of Wales also sailed straight from shipyard with people from the shipyard still onboard when met Bismarck. when sunk not going there about airplanes.
  8. mdjmcnally

    Scientists studied the brain of a Thunderer player

    Clearly was only part time thunderer player. Real thunderer players have swapped the reload for the extra range so can do the 28km and start fires from either further out, it is quite nice because most other people kept the 23/24km on the thunderer and conqueror and if manoeuvre properly can just about keep out of there range.
  9. mdjmcnally

    Heads-up : Discounted ship slots

    To be honest I do the daily missions so get 2 free slots a month. enough to mean that don’t have to buy slots at all. I don’t unlock two tech tree ships a month and any premium ships, come with there own slot. I guess though if don’t have the time in the month to play enough games then is worth it to stock up on.
  10. mdjmcnally

    Should WG ban all sub 50% wr players from randoms?

    The problem there is A) you would have a very small playerbase straight off, most of whom are probably the whales that keep the lights turned on, who will likely stop playing with massive drop in income for WG. B) remaining peoples WR will average out and some of those will start to drop below 50%, so do they now drop out. C) repeat B.
  11. mdjmcnally

    Which Commander Skills does Wargaming actually recommend you take?

    Going from the title (like others said then the actual post is unreadable) then on each ship then for a suggested commander skill there is a small triangle in the bottom right hand corner of the icon for the skill.
  12. I had a shock lunchtime. game with no cv, no thunderer and only 2 conqueror. 3 dd each side. Didn’t all die in 5 minutes either. actually enjoyed the game for a change.
  13. mdjmcnally

    Respond to DD influence how?

    I tend to try and fire on a dd when I can but is very dependent on it being spotted. which comes back to how good your own teams dd is or there dd being bad. i don’t try and charge in but will fire across the map on fire and Hope sometimes just to put shells around the dd on the basis that if people fling enough then some will hit, not sure if bb players grew or dd players shrunk but certainly less to be seen in matches and even fewer what would say are good, If I have to play a dd for mission then play it in co-op so not quite so bad as I really suck at dd play.
  14. mdjmcnally

    HE-AA interaction needs to be adressed

    Well even I recall that when people complained about the Kremlin being too strong WG used to need the AA a bit in response. would make more sense to actually address where people said was too strong rather then the AA. of course it does make it easier for precious lambs in CV to get through
  15. mdjmcnally

    The WG Bank card for us to pay even more

    Would imagine like that as well, here in the uk then my credit card is Debenhams, another family member has marks and spencer. Whilst these are the brands they are actually run by newday but you get certain perks (or did before Debenhams went into administration) such as points that redeem at Debenhams.