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  1. Counter_2019

    PTS - General Feedback

    Hello @WG_Lumberjack, Is this "Server Temporarily Unavailable" normal for after the last PT update: How long will the server stay unavailable? Regards, C_19 ______________________________________________________________ Ambassador answered me just now on Player Support: "Round 2 Schedule Starts Thu. 05 Sep. 18:30 CEST (UTC+2) Ends Mon. 09 Sep. 17:30 CEST (UTC+2) PT is not available to players since Monday. That's why you can't log in". ______________________________________________________________ I didn't know how it works yet! Thank you!
  2. Good Day WOW's Developers @Sub_Octavian, Community Managers @MrConway and Fellow Commanders @Excavatus, Following these Posts, I searched for guidance to re-build my Commander skills: Following the second post, where Mr Crysantos made a post (still @Gamescom), I sent him a PM yesterday 24 August @10:33 AM, but perhaps it isn't that easy... I headed to Player Support, inquiring about an (outdated) guide on US server. I clarified that I was not looking for the Commander Skills Builder, but the Guide. From them, I then then understood that I might need to head back to the Forum. I confirmed whether Forum assistance was indeed needed. I finally resolved to consult the Forum: Should an updated Commander Skills Guide not be available on all servers? The outdated Commander Skills Guide is available on the US and Asia servers. I checked the WOW's Wiki; only explanations given of skills arrangements. The new developments cannot perhaps be reflected immediately, everywhere; Basics guidance must, however, be provided swiftly to aid in re-builds. Modstation Mod "Help Me" update (& therefore correctness) seems confirmed. Currently, after the reverts, it is the only thing in place to re-build skills with. The Community and myself would greatly appreciate any aid in this regard! Many thanks in advance! Kind regards Counter_2019 (P.S. Kudos for WOW's Wiki and "Help Me" Mod being up to date! Should players learn sooner to build themselves?)
  3. Counter_2019

    Free Commander Respeccing


    Good Day Mr Tuccy, Hope you can answer my question: I wonder if the guide here "https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/guides/commander-skills/" is already updated or when it will be for me to do new commander builds after the free skills revert. The player below had a similar question, but I would simply like to know if I can at all follow the online guide or whether I should wait a bit. It would be cool if you can add an indicator to the page, saying when it was updated. Thank you in advance! Kind regards! Counter_2019 P.S. I will also send this to Mr. Crysantos here (but as DM):
  4. Counter_2019

    [ALL] ModStation

    Cool, thank you MedvedevTD!
  5. Counter_2019

    [ALL] ModStation

    Hello MedvedevTD amongst others, Is it possible to mod the PT client? Thank you! Counter_2019 (P.S. This is what is displayed when I try and I cannot locate either the PT or EU <to test how> clients manually).