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  1. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    How to tackle constant HE spam from CL, DD and CV.

    you see this game has a rock paper scissors mechanic in balance cruisers counter destroyers destroyers counter battleships and battleships get to be set on fire by cruisers because it wouldnt be fair that cruisers have nothing to fight back to the BBs that shoot at them, just like BBs have a way to find and fight back the DDs that hunt them oh wait, they can just wasd to try and dodge torps for a little longer without being able to fight back yay
  2. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    So you gonna blame Cruisers for HE spamming?

    BBs dont have support so better keep HE or else when the inevitable DD gets past unspotted you dont have to switch ammo in the short time you can shoot just switch to AP when a cruiser comes from behind a island for the few seconds in a match maybe have DDs actually get punished by BB AP if they mess up hard enough to get spotted and hit with BB dispersion
  3. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    State of BBs

    BBs surviving long is because they have learned that if they dont cower in the back they are dead your mixing up cause and effect
  4. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    State of BBs

    cruiser makes mistake gets shot by BB dispersion makes survival likely, cruiser turns and runs DD makes mistake pop smoke BB makes mistake and is too slow to even consider being able to stop, forget about getting out BBs can make 1 mistake and they will never be able to recover, other classes can make several without much trouble if cruisers didnt have repair you might have some point, but thats not the case not that this forum will ever listen about BB
  5. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    PSA: Odin nerfed right before release (again)

    "however, one on one, this battleship against other battleships *as long as its the first week and people havnt figured out it has torps yet like in the battles im showing* i would actually be scared if i was in the other battleship" lol its german armor + low hp no citadels but every shot a clean pen so that hp will drop, they dont need to fear or even back up, just shoot and you will be dead before you reach 6k and then the constant delusion of secondary build being viable
  6. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    PSA: Odin nerfed right before release (again)

    so a secondary joke without the armor or hp to make it funny but atleast with low hp the tick damage from fire will be lower have to look hard to find the bright side for german ships except when they are on fire... so usually
  7. lol subs have a slingshot mechanic, since that worked so well for CVs and people believe this one will get fixed not sure which one of these is more funny
  8. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    BBs in the sub mode

    and when the DDs scatter and the cruisers run and hide BBs will be left alone again to die and soon after you will see them again in the back, doing very little, but atleast able to survive and shoot for a few minutes lets be honest, BBs arnt protected this isnt going to change so the options for BBs isnt going to change
  9. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    Ranked Battles Concern

    why are people complaining it wouldnt be fair for a cruiser vs a BB its supposed to be a counter just like a BB will die to a destroyer in open waters and a destroyer will die to a cruiser in open water you know, the rockpaperscissors that this game is based around but cant be found anywhere in the constant firestorm that is the average battle and with a lot of the BBs dispersion would still give you a fighting chance
  10. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    ★AA exploit! Sector reinforcement sniping☆

    damage is % of current plane hp based not max plane hp based meaning you might kill a few planes of a full hp squad but once its a squad that already dropped something you will need 2or3 passes to do relevant damage and if you actually kill something the next damage you do will be lower still by that time the planes have been circling long enough to know exactly where you are even without the minimap helping and the tiny bit of damage you reduced by killing 2 planes isnt going to stop you losing 70% of your hp
  11. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    how can I evade rockets and bombs?

    its really not that hard with rockets or bombs and with torps you just make it impossible to dodge when he turns around the aa blocking of islands is massive
  12. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    how can I evade rockets and bombs?

    your just letting them take less damage from aa islands block aa if you hadnt noticed if he knows where you are there is no reason not to do the attack run over an island and guarantee that every plane survives only thing islands block you from is the CV players that are dodgeable anyway
  13. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    how can I evade rockets and bombs?

    just face the fact that every time there is a CV in the game you have a 1/12 chance to die before you get to shoot your throwing away credits, flags, camos and any assumption you had that this game is supposed to be fun fighter consumable does nothing, aa might reduce the pain of the third pass a little if your lucky and dodging is a joke the game is broken
  14. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    how can I evade rockets and bombs?

    american rockets get the most damage on you when you are broadside UK rockets and i assume most others get the most damage when you are strait on how do you avoid damage, you dont, none can be avoided, you are going to suffer, life is pain, balance doesnt exist you do tend to lose more systems if your broadside to planes so, considering your going to die anyway, you might aswell keep your guns to shoot atleast a few times before you die
  15. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    CV Rework Discussion

    cut plane hp down to 1/3 and double aa range and you have a fun game currently im considering just quitting as not having fun isnt a fun time