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  1. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    General Submarines related discussions

    ping dodge, repair ping next volley ping ping ping ping ping oh yay i can repair again sadly i have been flooded already and am now dead so much fun go [edited]yourself WG go [edited]yourself with a jackhammer wrapped in barbed wire strait up your urethra
  2. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    Leander Tier VI CL

    your more then maneuverable to dodge all BB shots so dont waste your smoke on anything then a big Fup situation the difficult thing about the ship is that unlike all other cruisers your main target is actually DDs and cruisers, your job is not to farm BBs for easy risk free damage you can deal with BBs with your torps if you have to but your guns are not great at that it also need some skill as its AP instead of the typical braindead HE spam cruisers get used to
  3. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    its suspicious

    the maps with only 2 points instead of 3, 4 or 5 the one where you capture it and win instantly if you are somehow able to sit in it for almost 3 minutes without interruption 15 fights today and 13 where those instead of the more common 4 point maps that would have served to get this mission over with
  4. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    its suspicious

    how all capturepoints disappear as soon as you get a mission to capture
  5. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    General Submarines related discussions

    please give me more irrelevant details unless its 45 seconds i dont care
  6. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    General Submarines related discussions

    why is there no cooldown on the ping there is a cooldown on the repair so why is there no cooldown on the ping choose one and stick with it, give us no cooldown repairs you mentally challenged people, or return the entire idea back into the rectum you pulled it out of
  7. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    try something different

    a revolutionary idea but its something you could try and i believe it will have a positive effect on sales try making your game better instead of worse just for once next time you have an idea, do the opposite
  8. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    halloween operations

    do they count as operations or are they just being annoying about missions
  9. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    Friendly Fire

    this was predictable
  10. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    TT-Cruisers < T10 in a bad state?

    roon isnt a hipper, its a nurnberg its not just below average at everything giving it versatility in exchange for being mediocre instead its good at something hindi adds the versatility back wich is a waste of the ships potential
  11. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    Submarines may effect the whole game ethos

    expecting DDs to spot can you imagine it and people wonder why there is no teamplay and BBs refuse to throw away their life moving closer go tank they say while nobody uses the few seconds you buy them what a bunch of jokes this games players are
  12. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    Saving Transylvania HARD is TOO HARD for the average player

    speed of the ship depends on how many ships are in the circle the mission should be easy to cheese if all players know this have yet to find a player that noticed, constantly DDs running in the circle complaining that the BBs are lagging behind the escort that they make higher speed then the BBs can possibly get honestly the hard version doesnt seem much harder then the easier version but i also didnt play it much, won a few times and got bored as its a mission i already did plenty previous year, not worth chasing the 5*
  13. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    Apparently subs in coop are a.....'total succes".......

    why even risk pinging with that torp speed just be invisible death forever
  14. Ashardalon_Dragnipur


    the fire isnt the problem its the braindead ease of use of HE thats the problem the damage tradeoff from AP just isnt enough to compensate for all the things that counter it and no citadel doesnt justify because HE citadels too keep fire as it is, reduce HE damage to 1/2 of current and you can keep shooting easy mode shells
  15. Ashardalon_Dragnipur

    Fantasy vs reality Submarine Edition.

    why do homing torps need so much speed? at a certain point they go fast enough that you dont even need the homing and without pings subs become completely invisible