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  1. Bought brother Stalinium, will deal with Napoli when it comes out. What a ship! Suffers from the spammers, but for all the rest is just insanely good.
  2. Not the greatest game, not the highest result ever, but still it was just the first game with this beast! What a ship! *laughs in stalinium
  3. Seems a reasonable logic. Stalin is in my port, thanks for the late night advice :D
  4. Howdy ho folks! What do you think about spending the hard earned steel on the tovarishch Stalinium or waiting for the upcoming Napoli?
  5. Spruss

    Karma and enemy spite reporting

    Negative reinforcement in this game has proven not that effective. Giving the positive one a try would be a nice change :)
  6. Spruss

    Karma and enemy spite reporting

    There are some karma based systems in other games where the good players (skill, communication, being nice) are rewarded with some in-game content and bad players (toxic ones mostly) don't get any kind of thing. A system like that would encourage a better behaviour, but it seems there is no real intention to consider this kind of alternative. Sadly. e.g. 1) You can't report opponents by in game tool, for verbal abuse you open a ticket which is correctly evaluated by some WG staff. Reports over teammates are still a thing. 2) At the end of the game you can assign a karma point to a teammate, premade or not. This on every game you play. If a player assigns the karma then he earns a small reward (credits? flags? camos?), if all players/a majority do that the reward is boosted for everybody in the team (+x% credits, +1 flag, +1 camo). Once a player reaches a certain score on one of the ladders (skill, sportmanship, leadership, friendliness) that triggers an additional reward (something more unique like a special flag/premium flags/good camos/doubloons). Ah, when somebody has a good point base on one of the ladders this is shown in the loading screen, allowing all players to know that [player1] is a good sports, skilled or whatever else. This brings to players actively trying to behave in a better way. Toxic players will stay toxic, others will slightly improve allowing the playerbase to raise the minimum standard. If good behaviour is rewarded MAYBE there is a slight incentive for all to behave better.
  7. The EU standard 19-23 means that a TON of time gets wasted and not played (dinner, return time from job and so on). Is there any chance that you will extend the time for clanbattles?
  8. Howdy ho nice folks! The free respec of capt skills is a one-shot-thingy or there is a possible immediate respec if you feel like there is something else to try? I have enormous doubts on what to place on my lovely Ohio and I still can't decide before trying it. Thanks in advance for ze anzwerz.
  9. Spruss

    Italian Masters: Torneo degli MVPs!

  10. Ranked with MVR. Enemy CV is a FDR. 148k dmg to ships. 184k spotting dmg. 148k dmg to enemy planes. NOICE edit: teamplay wins games. Thanks to the teammates for this great match.
  11. Spruss

    Italians all look alike?

    Uhm, as far as i know Andreotti should have a hump.
  12. Spruss

    EU login problems

    Hope this get fixed soon, this evening we are supposed to get a fair beating in the clan battles.
  13. Spruss

    EU login problems

    Same here, can't access both on game client (via Steam) and website (armory-premium shop)