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  1. POIfection

    Name calling and abuse

    I apologize in advance for my rage.
  2. POIfection


    Other legislation renders it functionally so. Doubtful, there is nothing available in the public domain to enable connection to an individual. If this was true, then IP addresses would need to be encrypted .. they are not.
  3. POIfection


    Nothing I have said is incorrect. You should take your own advice. Please provide evidence of an individual being fined for breach of GDPR. You may be referring to an Employee of a Business / Enterprise being held liable for malicious intent or negligence .. but it is still in the scope of a Business or Enterprise .. not a Individual in the proper sense. I am not going to address the other points .. as I found on this forum trying to have a factual conversation with people like urself impossible. So instead I will post your details to the internet and if you want to prove your point then I will await my fine 😜
  4. POIfection


    Sorry, I don't think you understand the scope of GDPR. I recommend you read the directive in more detail. 1. GDPR is only applicable to a Business or Enterprise. 2. Your gamer tag and stats would not be classed as personal data. 3. Anything you send to another person or post to a public domain can be freely disseminated unless there is a legal instrument stating otherwise i.e. Court Order (injunction) / Non Disclosure Agreement etc. ... all are limited in scope and time. Is stat shaming morally wrong - Yes Is stat shaming illegal - No
  5. POIfection

    Should i start playing in Randoms?

    T6 and T5 are a lot of fun. The higher in Tiers you go the saltier people get. Perth is a great ship and a great one to take into Randoms IMO; Don't be seduced by Torps to get in close. Use smoke and spotter and hydro and rain HE on angled and AP on broadside at medium to long range. Keep moving and watch your smoke timer .. you are very fragile. 100% mount enhanced smoke (17k coal). The following build is doing OK for me after a potato start;
  6. POIfection

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Tough battle .. saw Atlanta and thought .. I'm going to have to be on the ball .. lol A nice group of players too .. T7 and below seems to be much less toxic.
  7. Love that series, my wife dismissed it as being the worst (but had only watched S1 about 10 years go in her early 20s) .. I suggested she give it another go and we watched all the series together .. its now her favourite.
  8. Yes please, I would also like a Borg Cube so I can seal club the entire player base by simply logging on .. except for Le Terrible .. that can get away at Warp 9.99999
  9. I got hit by what could only be described as .. the great wall of Torpedoes .. it was hilarious as I was planning a move and then .. oh I'm reversing and the sea has gone red .. needless to say our team got spanked.
  10. The Deposit was an example of how something written in a Contract or Agreement does not necessarily make it legally binding i.e. WG Purchase Agreement I think you have a limited understanding of Law and Legal Systems. The "Fossil Fuel Ban" example ... Lessor would have no obligation to offer an exchange. The lessee would have to seek indemnity from an insurer to cover the loss. * assumes contract was made in good faith (Lessor was un aware of Fossil Fuel Ban at point of agreement). I don't understand the relevance of that analogy anyway. A lease does not need to specify a end date. EU and UK law on digital sales are the same at this point in time.
  11. Same scenario but consider it a leased (hired) car. Digital law is still really unclear. You don't know the law until there has been a judgement or legislation enacted. WG can write what they want in their User Agreement but it does not mean it will be enforceable in court. Real world example; Non Refundable Deposits. You see this all the time in UK contacts. However, this is un-enforceable in court as there is legislation that covers refunds and it does not allow for this. I have had all of my "Non Refundable Deposits" refunded simply by either sending a link to the legalisation or showing an intent to sue. My money would be on a judgement in favour of the Customer in this dispute. I could write out the reasonings why using a car analogy but lets be fair .. nobody is going to court over $50 :)
  12. There is a great solution to Dead Eye and Camping. You can do both, but once per game by the 13 minute point your ship must have touched the G/F line .. else it instantly explodes.
  13. POIfection

    Radio Location - I like.

    Great point, I think that's why I see the value now as I play more aggressive than I used too.
  14. POIfection

    Radio Location - I like.

    I did not consider that, I'll bear that in mind :)
  15. POIfection

    Radio Location - I like.

    I have massively under appreciated the value of this skill. I may have tried it once or twice in the early days of my forage into DDs and then dismissed it after seemingly not getting much payback. I took advantage of the free re-train today and decided to mount it for curiosity .. it is now on all my DD captains and I think it will stay lol.