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    Former inGame Designer and Consultant for 10 years, loves computer games and World War history

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  1. Grand_Admiral_Revan

    General suggestion

    There's something been bothering me a little and I thought about this idea about a "Transaction" history of where your doubloons and resources had been spent on in the past. Is there a possibility to have a Transaction history included on all the wargaming games either through the website under Account Management or ingame under say in World of Warships, perhaps, under your profile . The other suggestion is that the coal, steel rewards seems to be quick low on the resources given back to us. Is there a way to increase it a little? Just like a couple hundred extra for example? or increase the amount of rewards you get for them. I know why Steel has been restricted to Clan Battles and Ranked so I'm up for that but Coal has been a tough one actually. Especially when people like me keep on drooling over the new warships on there lol...