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  1. There are three "simple" ingredients for this problem Time, money, resources. I'm gonna be honest Moskva is my first Legit grinded TX ship. From T1, to T10 no money was spend in doubloons to get FXP. All my other TX were gotten by me saying "screw pre T8 im buying my way to T8" or "Screw T8 im buying straight to T10" Lemme tell you I enjoy moskva. I also enjoyed grinding to it. Using my xp camos and xp flags I had laying around unused as I like the premium ships more. I also have a premium account so from budyonny to Moskva only took about a week for me? Stat check it took 13ish days? From Budyonny to Moskva The last part was the most painful. Cause I wanted the ship but the xp just didnt cooperate. So do you have enough time YES if you want the ship for "free" go grind right now while you can. Its a good ship worth the coal. But there's more fun stuff to come for coal. For money eh never a good Idea can speak out of experience don't. Resources. If you have free xp laying aroind and are not gonna spend it on the fxp ships sure?
  2. Sirius_IV

    Team killers and how WG deals with them

    Team killers / team harassment gets punished if it hits the nearest team target. It rarely happens that I get triggered by people that act like they know all in chat. And fire a salvo that's roughly where they are. If it hits it turns me pink / gives warning and I get a minor debug in earnings. (Should be like a 10% margin. But I guess if its accidental friendly fire, what ever the debuff % is now is fine). I've been fired at for (almost) no reason. A Musashi/Yamato, out of no where started shooting at me repeatedly while I was using Smolensk. I wasn't pink yet but I returned fire as any fool does.
  3. So since the PR with dockyard was introduced into the game we got the ability to buy camouflages that normally didn't show up before it. The type 10 camouflage in the images below was always there. But the other never showed up till the PR update. My question is, how long will this stay? As I'm trying to get my hands on this skin for Venezia. But I don't have it yet, as I've only just started with Amalfi. But the event skins of the french destroyers still are purchasable and it's been a while since they got added. How long do you recon we still have till they become unpurchasable?
  4. Sirius_IV

    How to Moskva

    Fair enough. Ever seen my stats I'm learning slowly but at T5 we do all the forbidden things.
  5. Sirius_IV

    what tier 10 ship to buy with my coal?

    Fixed it
  6. Sirius_IV

    How to Moskva

    I tried getting the one for Des Moines but Baltimore not really my style. Could've gotten it if I didn't focus on DM so much. I still don't have DM by the way. have the leg mod for Montana. Could unlock gks once I get to it again. And hakus.. But you know. Cv legmods don't have a function atm. No reason to rush when the missions last till the end of the year.
  7. Sirius_IV

    what tier 10 ship to buy with my coal?

    But would you call it fair if you win? I might use it a couple to ten matches as well. Then say mm yes. Defeat chain. I'll pick another ship. Though I'm expecting a saturates mm with 3 Smolensk on each side. No DD play for me this season.
  8. Sirius_IV

    Coal spending help (sought)

    Harugumo doesn't have soviet bias build in. And much more engaging than Smolensk which you can rain fire with at 19kms behind islands. Wait did I Soviet bias I ment uh. Stalins guidance. Yes Harugumo is a gun ship has equal or less rpm comes with to it Japanese slug rotation. Also Harugumo has less hp. And sort of needs more skill. Smolensk ez mode. Boat for babies that can't handle using their brains. Harugumo less ez mode. Only for real men and woman and the other genders.
  9. Sirius_IV

    How to Moskva

    Not to be that guy but um. (Unless it's litterly only on T10 you won't learn much cause everyone is camping nowadays)
  10. Atlanta bh its not that wow amazing. I enjoy Harugumo somewhat due its ridiculous RW camo. But aside from that occasionally burning a Yamato. Devastating other dds. It's um not my kind of style. Smolensk.. If it wouldn't be a rare ship soonTM I would definitely refund it to get a Yoshino instead. But I've already got 93 matches on it so D for doubt they'll refund the coal. As for what you want to pick. Depends do you want a "Rare ship" hated by everyone. Which will bring little to no entertainment after 5-10 matches. Its a good directive ship just uh.. Unless your creative. Just get a Worcester?
  11. Sirius_IV

    How to Moskva

    But running Moskva with these modules only take away the sniper accuracy? (Didn't get legmod cause was to late. Thought we had till March smth)
  12. Sirius_IV

    How to Moskva

    But while Random has better xp gain the odds of winning are diffrent as wel. pick your poison. I picked mine
  13. Sirius_IV

    How to Moskva

    BTW you'll love Dmitri Donskoi. Sadly it doesn't have a space camo
  14. Sirius_IV

    How to Moskva

    Chapvey reminded me why stopped playing cruisers and focused more on bbs. I find it awefull
  15. Sirius_IV

    How to Moskva

    Ahh coop good luck. I managed to grind from shors to Moskva with Randoms in a time span of about 5-6 days. But each time I dared to use a 200% xp camo my team got fisted so I'd get the xp I would gain if I'd just would have under performed in 100% camo.such a waste. But Heyy RISK OF WEEKEND GRINDING.