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  1. StarbuckTheThird

    Player interest in Operations

    Honestly, add more op's, play at higher and multiple tiers and have more than 1 op a week, and I'd play them a hell of a lot more.
  2. StarbuckTheThird

    Give Smolensk a range boost in 0.10.0 plz

    The reason people have her range maxed out to 19.2km is because she is soooooo squishy. Having that range means she can keep her distance, making it easier to dodge incoming shells and making sure she doesn't get insta blapped. The closer you get, the more of a glass ship she becomes. Add to that, we already have the range. Why take it away?
  3. StarbuckTheThird

    Give Smolensk a range boost in 0.10.0 plz

    Already have it installed. without it, it would be down to 13km!
  4. With the new captain rework coming out next update, BFT and AFT are being removed, meaning a range spec'd Smolensk like mine is loosing 3.2km main gun range. 3 things instantly spring to mind. 1) in a ship as squishy as the Smolensk playing her is now a whole lot more hazardous. 2) She's a special ship, and WG have said special ships are effectively nerf proof, and this is a nerf, no 2 ways about it. 3) WG is adding 20% to the gun range of the Atlanta to offset the loss of BFT & AFT. So my question is: could we get the lost 3.2km of main gun range bolted onto the base range? I think a ~15% loss of gun range should be adjusted for.
  5. StarbuckTheThird

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN THE RAFFLE!!! Is that explicit enough?
  6. Have two 19 pointers & have 3.3m ECXP so I'm covered, but I'm still miffed as I was going to FXP the Yamato & Venezia then use my ECXP to get Yamamato & Sansonetti to 19pts. That I can't do know. So I've effectively gone from having 2 maxed out captains and another 2 in short order to having no maxed out captains and forsaking my potential 2 extra maxed captains to get the 2 I already had back again. Incidentally, that 3.3mil is the sum total of ALL the ECXP I have earnt in WoWs. Ever. Nothing like a WG update to insert itself into your rear end.
  7. Out of curiosity, what is the source of the data? I don't doubt the factual accuracy of the numbers, I'm just curious.
  8. StarbuckTheThird

    Poll: What will you do after the SantaGate?

    Honestly, my spending on WoWs came to an end quite some time ago and my hours spent in game have been on a downswing for some time, but SantaGate has still accelerated it some what. Ultimately all this has done is confirm what has been known about WG for some time: as a company, WG is scummy
  9. StarbuckTheThird

    excess ship exp

    I've never been one to disappoint!
  10. StarbuckTheThird

    excess ship exp

    Currently have 6.5 mil in Elite Ship XP. Conversion would cost 262,000+ dubs, or over £730. Would sooner crawl up Satan's back door than paying that sort of money on a game, let alone a WG game. Some of my 410,000,000 credits? That I would consider.
  11. StarbuckTheThird

    Recommend me a Tier VIII premium cruiser

    How so? Have smolensk, and is one of my more enjoyable ships.
  12. I'm considering a Tier VIII cruiser and wouldn't mind some input. Ships I'm eyeing up: Frontrunner is Irian because she has the 2nd longest range guns of all Tier VIII's (prefer not to get to up and personal) and decent looking(?) torps, but slightly put off by her having no heal (big deal?). Bagration has longer range, but worse reload and torps and am kinda bored with Russians. Eugen & Mainz also catch my eye, same range guns as Irian and both have heals, but worse torps. anyway, those are the front runners as my ignorant mind see's it. Any input, advice, thoughts or not-to-scathing comments welcome.
  13. StarbuckTheThird

    I have lost my premium money

    Really?! Pretty much did the same thing a while back and sent a ticket like you, came back saying they can't due to people potentially misusing or abusing the system. Well, at least you got yours back if nothing else.
  14. StarbuckTheThird

    Azuma, Alaska or Agir?

    Looking to get one of the 3 1mil free XP cruisers and am wondering which to get. Just two notes: (1) I prefer fire support cruisers (Read: dakka dakka) over utility support cruisers (hydro & radar) but am not averse to them. (2) Not looking for a coal/steel/doubloon alternative. Whilst I do plan on getting one of the tier X coal cruisers, it would be in addition to Azuma, Alaska or Agir and a seperate discussion for when I have the requisite coal.