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  1. Pow_tae_toe

    CV FAN ONLY ( Bring back Enterprise )

    This is cv fan....
  2. Pow_tae_toe

    World of Camperships

    This made me wanna watch a few episodes of that show...
  3. Pow_tae_toe

    Best Tier 10 russian cruiser

    Moskva also doubles as a sub now, so it has to be the best
  4. Pow_tae_toe

    Easter Holidays , time for gaming > ranked starts 12:00 CET

    Easter is a great time for ranked. This way wg ensures that everyone has time for ranked.
  5. Pow_tae_toe

    WG is leaving Russia & Belarus

    If WG is just trying to wash their hands and make themself look good, then nothing has to change. They could just create a new company called "WG's left hand" who will then buy the development from Lesta and resell it to Wargaming. That way Wargaming will have left RUS and have no direct moneyflow to rus/Lesta.
  6. How is this possible... 12 players under 300 bxp 14 under 500
  7. Pow_tae_toe

    WG donates to red cross

    Too many boths i this thread
  8. Pow_tae_toe

    Enough is enough !!

    I would play the "Smack My citadel, daddy" mode. And maybe even yell it while playing
  9. Pow_tae_toe


    Torpedo protection = 100%
  10. Pow_tae_toe

    Epoch Camo – personal survey

    Used mine on kita and jutland
  11. Pow_tae_toe

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    A loss in the T-61, some teams are just.... weird And a nice game in Cossack somehow I managed to get reported in that game
  12. Pow_tae_toe

    Tips for Absolute Beginners !!!

    Don't use smoke while still going full speed
  13. There are ppl out here for whom 50k dubs isn't really that much...