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  1. I like to provoke bit... and just because I sense some weird , almost hostile frustration towards half of the playerbase from a lot of people here on this forum. I kinda wanted to know if you think the game would be better without all us potatoes in it. So vote yes if you think WG should remove all sub 50% wr players. And no.... I do not do this as a mean to justify my wr. I care abort my wr, but I'm just not better than this. Maybe lots of the low wr ppl only have a few hours a week to play
  2. Pow_tae_toe

    Win Rate, what is that mean?

    I don't wanna drag this into a discussion about a single post in this thread, but according to you half the wows playerbase are terrible at the game. I mean.... if us potatoes weren't around, there would be no 70-80% players either. Calling ppl terrible just because they for some reason aren't good at wows is mean T
  3. Pow_tae_toe

    Win Rate, what is that mean?

    Why are he terrible because of 47% WR. That's a bit rude I think. He might be less skilled or god forbid that he cares less about WR, but being terrible is harsh I think.
  4. Pow_tae_toe

    Crash Numbers X

    0 crashes in 6k games
  5. Pow_tae_toe

    Team Damage penalty and Torpedos.

    Well, you're right :D didn't see this was a necro :D sry bout that
  6. Pow_tae_toe

    Team Damage penalty and Torpedos.

    Pretty sure the Yolo Emilio with 60 kts can outrun some of the IJN 56kts torps... (Yudachi)
  7. Pow_tae_toe

    Yours worst and best premium purchases of the 2020

    Best: Cossack B Alaska Siegfried Worst: Oklahoma Odin
  8. Pow_tae_toe

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    I'd like to join the lottery. As a certified potato I should win a T9 Happy holidays all
  9. Pow_tae_toe

    WG you have a golden opportunity here!

    I'm not sure that's gonna be enough.. Most ppl lost fate in WG and their way of doing buisness after this xmasgate
  10. Pow_tae_toe

    MM who harassed the game

    If you look at this guy's post history, you'll see that he complains about this everytime his forum ban lifts And everytime ppl somehow take the bait
  11. Pow_tae_toe

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Have a nice game in my favor T6, Arizona And during the day, my karma somehow vent from 0 to +6 an all time high
  12. Pow_tae_toe

    Odd loading screen

    Could have been fun though.... fire, fire and more fires :D
  13. Pow_tae_toe

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My first +200k game in the Monty