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  1. XayahEnjoyer

    General CV related discussions.

    so there is only 2 cv players in this game interesting
  2. XayahEnjoyer

    WGP2Weeb & WGP2Lolis

  3. XayahEnjoyer

    Attack plane nerf

    how exactly they were supposed to counter other carriers ? cuz they always are supposed to counter the enemy dds than focus on the other targets
  4. XayahEnjoyer

    Attack plane nerf

    that sounds like a "you" issue more than dds being "almost unplayable to attack"
  5. XayahEnjoyer

    Why everyone hates CVs?

    no it is just about cvs that it ruins the game play you cant take a position to actually be usefull you cant make plays to win the games cuz if you do that you get punished for no reason and you get punished in situations where actually no one is able to do anything to you everyone complains about cvs cuz they are broken,ruins the game and killing the game slowly but im not expecting you to understand that.
  6. XayahEnjoyer

    Attack plane nerf

    you mean all your clanmates which have no idea about how broken was cvs and how much they needed something like this nerf? seems good.
  7. XayahEnjoyer

    Attack plane nerf

    no no no they cant cvs are so bad and cant kill dds now!
  8. XayahEnjoyer

    General CV related discussions.

    i have been hurting peoples bad by those and i know how they feel
  9. XayahEnjoyer

    General CV related discussions.

    oh no cv rockets are bad now! anyways
  10. XayahEnjoyer

    General CV related discussions.

    i know potato cvs are not going to pay attention to map but still even getting detected once when there was actually no sufrace ship near to spot you normally will give info to enemy team and if they have atleast 1 intelegent player he would ruin everything you try to do just cuz of that stupid moment you got detected by plane
  11. XayahEnjoyer

    loser looking for a clan

    they are not feeding the troll they are joining him
  12. XayahEnjoyer

    General CV related discussions.

    not like you are going to get spoted cuz he wants to go for another target behind you and lose your 3-4k hp for no reason but ok (yes im a bit late ik ik)
  13. XayahEnjoyer

    General CV related discussions.

    even when they are potato they can permaspot you like its nothing so you would die cuz of the spotting of the cv does so it doesnt really matters if cv is a potato or not
  14. XayahEnjoyer

    General CV related discussions.

    not like you can find a counterplay to that "perfectly balanced" class after you watch the replay