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  1. SLiguykyle

    Musashi *EVER* coming back?

    Ooh. Hmm.. guess I'll have to hope both musashi AND the HSF collab come back around, as i ended up not buying the musashi pack, for fear of wasting money lol
  2. SLiguykyle

    Musashi *EVER* coming back?

    Oof. I had a feeling it was something like that. :\ guess its better to hold off.
  3. SLiguykyle

    Musashi *EVER* coming back?

    is there any public information on drop rate %? feeling like i'm gonna end up missing the camo, and never getting the ship :( appreciate the replies, btw :)
  4. SLiguykyle

    Musashi *EVER* coming back?

    Hey guys, not sure where to ask this, as this is legitimately my first post here, but i'm thinkin' about grabbing the HSF "all that musashi needs" pack, BUT only if there's a way to actually obtain musashi at some point. i'm not asking for a date, just a confirmation on it being POSSIBLE to obtain the ship. is it???? will it be?? cheers! hoping to get a reply before the camo disappears from the shop as well!