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  1. Peter_Abel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    The critical error happens and game was closed. After relogin i saw that
  2. Peter_Abel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Not a best one, but i am still was killed by bots can finish it
  3. Peter_Abel

    Public Test 0.11.7 - Bug Reports!

    Maybe you're right about, i didnt try to proove it but hope that can be interesting to testing on PTS, not IRL. Thanks for idea! Update: Kleber reached 56.3 kts. On that speed cant see some troubles with shooting on the move too.
  4. Peter_Abel

    Der LETZTE Post gewinnt

    vorderletzte post
  5. Peter_Abel

    Public Test 0.11.7 - Bug Reports!

    Sure it can happens on 38 kts and line of sight point can easily be moved a bit at the backboard in this situation. In most cases i would believe it
  6. Peter_Abel

    Public Test 0.11.7 - Bug Reports!

    Hello ~Sera! Screenshot i am already posted here but now i took a short video (as asked) which should be succefully zipped and pinned to this post. First time you can see the loading progress bar #1 and a bit after comes overlapping window (full alpha?) with loading bar #2. Hope that can be helpful & sorry for my English WorldOfWarships64 2022-07-29 15-29-56-10.zip
  7. Peter_Abel

    Public Test 0.11.7 - Bug Reports!

    Well, by clicking Dockyard/ShipBuildingProgressButton was exactly the same effect. Thats seems to be more depending on code, looks like loading screen procedure was called twice. First time it looks like a artifact/some_backbuffer_from_renderer but when starts loading it was two animated and synced loading screen circleform progress bars instead of one. Not a bug, maybe just unclean piece of code deployed in testing stage or my graphic card just trolled me doubled it Edit: The problem is still here after PTS update but it needs a bit to be corrected. The loading screen works nice, but when it starts loading, the second animated progress bar comes from overlapped window which theoretically i can close by clicking on ESC X at right upper screen corner. This situation i cant repeat everytime because sometimes it works nice and looks clean (meant only one progress bar)
  8. Peter_Abel

    Public Test 0.11.7 - Bug Reports!

    By clicking Armory/Waffenkammer menu options the loading screen got two(2) logos with circleform loading progress bar.
  9. Peter_Abel

    Public Test 0.11.7 - Bug Reports!

    500 internal server error
  10. Peter_Abel

    Public Test 0.11.6 - Bug reports

    The new EU test phase (0.11.7) starts tomorrow, right? If yes, then what exactly should be tested (exept AI and interface) by volunteers and which priority can it be? Well , a some bugs(gameplay/visuals/economic/something_else) needs to be fixed and eliminated at first if they can be found. Hope public test client will be autoupdated fast. Now it took a bit long with 6.6 Mb/s (fresh install)