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  1. Furius_Marius

    Waterline: Fall 2023

    Now I remember when people saw the Sonic movie trailer. Everybody hate it. So Paramount listened to the fans and changed the movie with a new Sonic. And they got 2 very successful movies. And now you see a lot of kids wearing and buying sonic merchandise. And a strong brand to make new movies and toys. Meanwhile WG doesn't listen to anybody. And the same people makes the same mistakes again and again. And the people is leaving the game. It's sad, cause I love warships.
  2. Furius_Marius

    Waterline: Fall 2023

    -Minefields is a bad idea. More and more camping. -More subs when they are not even balanced. -Good chance to try to balance CVs. -Airship is great, but outside of randoms it doesn't fit in randoms. -Make a full IJN BC line and fix the current BB line. 3 ships in the current line are BC. And you got real unfinished BB like Tosa for the BB line. 457mm didn't exist in IJN calibers where different. -All art improvements are welcome. Really listen a little to the players. Most of the players can agree with this points. You can see many post in here and youtube about these. Last year wasn't going good for WoWs maybe its time for change in the course... Thanks
  3. Furius_Marius

    My proposal for a proper BC and BB IJN line

    The problem is also that they focus too much in high tier that people want to play that ship. They ignore the problem instead of solving it. I like mid tiers. But almost all stuff they release is uptiers or needs to be played in uptiers.
  4. BB: Tier III - Kawaichi (Real ship) Tier IV - Aki Design number A-51 (305mm guns) 2 triple and 3 twin turrets (Real design) Tier V - Bizen Design number A-50 (BB with one turret less than fuso) (Real design) Tier VI - Fuso (Real ship) Tier VII- Nagato (Real ship) Tier VIII- Tosa (slower than amagi with more armour) (Real ship) Tier IX- Izumo (Real design) Tier X- Yamato (Real ship) BC: Tier III - Hokkai Vickers design from 1910 with 4 turrets with 2x305 (Ishizuchi one turret less) (Real design) Tier IV -Myogi (Real design) Tier V -Kongo (Real ship) Tier VI - Asama Hiraga Kongo's replacement with 3x3 360mm turrets. (Real design) Tier VII- Yumihari (WG proposal for tier VIII) (Real design) Tier VIII- Amagi (Real ship) Tier IX- Adatara (Wg proposal for tier IX) but they shouldnt use 457mm cause IJN was never going to put that. (Real design if guns are changed) Tier X - Bungo (But with 460 mm) cause the same reason. (Real design if guns are changed)
  5. Furius_Marius

    New Japanese battleships - Closed test (DB 447)

    @YabbaCoeplease listen a little bit to the players. Is a good chance to organize the IJN BB line and make a full BC line. You already got Myogi, Kongo, Amagi. And don't mess up with the guns IJN would never never never use 457 mm for that ships.46cm/50 5th Year Type (18,1") its a very unique trait of IJN that the calibers are different. Thanks
  6. Furius_Marius

    New Japanese battleships - Closed test (DB 447)

    I'm looking forward for the IJN battlecruisers but I'm agree for the very first time ever with CoronelPete, and bring a full line. You can move Kongo and Amagi to the BC and have Tosa in the BB tree. By the way the number 13 class was designed with 460mm guns. IJN never had 457mm. U have here a good chance to redeem yourself from the IJN light cruisers.
  7. Furius_Marius

    New ships – Closed Test 12.5 (DB 444)

    This!!!! Rising Sun is not banned in any country. But the soviet one is. I'm not in favor of banning historical symbols but I don't like when the criteria is different depends the symbol. Because he made most of his career for the Catalan navy in Barcelona. He is very famous in Catalonia.
  8. Furius_Marius

    New ships – Closed Test 12.5 (DB 444)

    Its not even a real ship. So you don't need to be really historical. I'm agree to have the historical appearance in the historical ships. But its funny how rising sun is banned when it was the ijn flag before WWII and still after WWII. But other problematic flags are allowed. Like soviet or communist's china flag. My opinion is or all allowed or all are banned. You can take out just the black eagle from the shield and the meaning is really different. But ok...
  9. Furius_Marius

    New ships – Closed Test 12.5 (DB 444)

    In the front of the SS of Numancia is the fascist spanish coat of arms (the equivalent of the svastica in spain) if the nazi symbols and the rising sun flag is banned from the game, that should be too.
  10. Furius_Marius

    Balance changes - 0.11.8 Public Test (DB 364)

    Also something for Hizen...
  11. Furius_Marius

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Santa’s Gift Cache

    Im having the same issue. I re-link and nothing...
  12. Furius_Marius

    is a worst BB than FLORIDA?

    Kawachi is the worst BB in the game by far.
  13. Furius_Marius

    Is too late for Hizen?

  14. Furius_Marius

    Is too late for Hizen?

    At the moment all dockyard ships seems superior tier per tier to Hizen. The weak point of Odin is the HP. But u have torps and hydro + great armour. Puerto Rico have one turret more and underwater citadel, the rest is very similar to Alaska. Anchorage have good guns, torps and smoke. Hizen is worse than Izumo in every single aspect. U get 3 shells more, but that shells are worse in sigma in pen and in damage, and also in reload. U don't have anything over Izumo.
  15. Furius_Marius

    Is too late for Hizen?

    I don't have Yahagi, so 5k. Even if you have Yahagi you spend 5k. The 4k compensation you could use for something else.