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  1. gslick

    Sub_O is moving on

    It's been over 24 hours since I read the joyous news. I am still smiling.
  2. Quoting the relevant part "we concluded that in order to fix the issues that prevent us from delivering this mode in the state we want". It's always what "they", want and not what the players might enjoy. Typical.
  3. Not sure it would cost them anything. There seem to be lots of people who will spend real money (doubloons basically real money) to obtain a tech tree ship a couple of months sooner in the early releases WG has been doing. And how much did people bid in the lighthouse auction for the tier 10 BB? Agree that it is sad, but in retrospect the writing has been on the wall for some time. There is no sleazy trick WG will not pull no implied promise they will not break in order to make an extra euro. Prediction: In 2022 we will see tier X ships on sale in the armory for doubloons along with the ability to obtain by coal or steel. WG may (and I emphasize the may) wait until 2023 before doing a strictly for money only tier X.
  4. gslick

    So....it seems that we have a new bug......:(

    Might negate its purpose.
  5. gslick

    Update 0.10.11 - Bug reports

    Apparently, you (and I) are suppose to? For free. Pay to respec your captains, then pay again to respec back when the fix their FU. (That is if it was done in error.) Have felt the difference on my Marceau. Not paying to respec. If my main account clan wants me to run a DD, they can take what I have or send money to respec the captain twice.
  6. The tactic I saw him use was when he started getting the worse of a discussion he would bring up his Asperger syndrome. Then reiterate his losing opinion, and if you persisted in bringing up your facts and opinion, he would imply you were a bad person for picking on the afflicted.
  7. You are correct, thank you. That seemed obvious, so I did not bother. Might be interesting to attend one of the events that WOWs hosts on museum ships if he is a host.
  8. Totally agree about that. He will go even further than just bending the facts about the CV vs other ship interactions. To the point where he will say that the CV is the weakest type in the game. This, despite the fact that his WR in CV is over 7% higher than any other ship type. He also has been one of those who always sides with Wargaming on controversial issues, to the point of also denying facts and bending the truth. When the fiasco happened this summer and quite a few of the CCs resigned, he totally defended WG, and said they (CCs) were the parties completely in the wrong. (Misunderstanding, bad translation, difference of cultures - the standard tripe always brought up when someone is trying to defend some indefensible action of WG. Then when finally cornered about and issue he would plead "I got this disorder which causes me to inappropriately interact with other people." {He threw out some name for it, but who cares. He was the one who entered the discussion that was going on about the storm on the way WG was planning to reintroduce the Missouri.} I became fatigued with his drivel, so he became one of the few on my ignore list. This news sucks because NA is my main account and I may have to deal with him for some reason. (I see Bear responded while I was writing. Bear, you are probably correct. Question is "will I be the first?"}
  9. gslick

    Clan Battles Season 15

    And you again feel the need to wave your better win rate to belittle other people. You are a very good very good player, but as for person to person interactions I will just skip you. Ignore the "I'm superior" waver and keep playing and having fun. (A request in semi-jest: Please avoid quoting him, this is an example why he is on my ignore list and your quoting him forced me to read it.)
  10. gslick

    WG survey regarding subs

    Sadly, I think this sums up what will become of the survey.
  11. I think not. I'd say go ahead an buy out the pieces with tokens since they exchange on a 1 for 1 basis even if we can get more later nothing is lost.
  12. I suspect that some previous level of spending on your part is needed before they will send you the email for not playing for awhile.