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  1. gslick

    Respecs should be free anyway

    Agree about not spending for respecs. I think this would be fine, but at that point why not make it free to change anytime? Seems would be easier programing (they know how to do already) versus having to keep track of when you last changed a captain. I have long felt that the cost of respecing a captain was excessive and subject to abuse by WG. The meta changes for CV rework, new ships, and of course the recent captain skill tree rework have pointed out the abuse. Over a year ago I wrote the following in the forums (EU or NA not sure, can't bother to check). "In my opinion the present cost to redistribute a captains skills (25 Doubloons or 10,000 elite XP per distributed skill point) is extremely excessive and punitive. It punishes players who perhaps chose incorrectly, or hastily. It tends to lock players into a build which they do not want any more as the meta is frequently changing (CVs) and their play style and game knowledge evolve. The high cost also discourages experimenting with different builds for fun for a few games and then switching back to their "regular" build. The occasional and irregular occurrences of a free respec is not a substitute. They are infrequent, often locked behind a game mode (Clan Battles) not everyone participates in, and are NOT a perk upon which one can count. Also, the player is still locked in during the interim times. I am NOT necessairly advocating for free skill redistributions all of the time. My recommendation is for a nominal cost to redistribute a captain’s skills of 2 Doubloons or 100 elite cmdr/free XP per distributed skill point. This is very easy to program as it is just changing 2 constants in their calculations." WG totally ignored this, and the usual shills crapped all over my opinion. Also, note how after the reworked CVs were allowed in clan battles for the tier 10 CB that we no longer got to freely respec our captain because "since CVs are now in CB there is no need to respec your captain from random where CV is allowed". However, for the latest CB which was tier 9 and no CV was present there was no free respec of the captains. TOTAL SCAM by scummy company.
  2. gslick

    Bye bye Deadeye, you will not be missed

    A cynic might think that you spending real money was their real motive from the beginning of the captain skill rework. …….. Who am I kidding, that's the fact jack.
  3. gslick

    How about no WG?

    What part of "NEVER" does WG not comprehend?
  4. gslick

    Happy PI day

    Yep, that's a close enough approximation for government work.
  5. gslick

    Clan name disapeared.

    Me also. Wargaming competence, the light that is always shining.
  6. Not really, a mere already gnawed on dried up chicken leg to try and placate us peasants. I have reached the same point myself.
  7. Let's assume 100 games is right, was my estimate also. I might play 12 games per day to get my dailies done and 2 containers, so 8 days to get the camo. If I have to forgo an average of 1000 BXP per game, and with premium and camo I can easily get 3000 elite commander XP or 300,000 elite commander XP for the 100 random games I did not play in order to get the Tier 9 permanent camo. At the on sale price of 35 free xp per doubloon for converting elite ship XP the worth of th foregone commander XP is 8,500 doubloons, which you can buy the same economic benefits for 4000 for a T9 regular permanent camo. Not to mention the 8 days of steel from the daily mission chain (320 steel) and the 1600 coal. To me the mode itself is not enjoyable enough to forgo those rewards. If I want battle royal I'll go back to other games.
  8. I also think that free respecs are called for. Asking for a silver option allows WG to charge an obscene amount there also. Example 25 doubloons (1 cpt point respec) will only buy 875 free xp (on the 35XP per 1 doubloon sale). Yet if you want to use elite commander XP or free XP the cost is 10,000 free XP per captain skill point. That is over 11 times more costly in free XP than its sale price would imply. The despicably excessive cost of a captain respec is an example of how a flimflam is operated. And their excuse for there being no more free respecs with clan battles because "it's not needed anymore because CVs are in clan battles and your random captain is perfect for CB also" would be amusing if it was not such a pathetic excuse they dredged up at the last minute. With the continual shifts in meta, some greater than others, the ability to freely respec captains at any time is the only option which does not give the appearance of being a scam.
  9. gslick

    Ban enterprise from ranks

    BUT, such a play style is so dull and boring that there is no reason to even try.
  10. gslick

    Ban enterprise from ranks

    And we've been getting nothing but banal platitudes about the apparent hopelessness of getting any interesting counter play to the omniscient airplanes.
  11. gslick

    WoWs v0.9.6 Replay feature news

    Easier place for WG to place spyware into.
  12. The spotting they provide and the speed at which they can react to the battle flow is 95% of the problem that having airplanes in a surface ship causes. Damage amounts can be tweaked. I'll be ducking the next CB season if CVs are involved. Battles where both sides ran BBs were much more fun and interesting than when our CV player was playing CV, even though we won games more often with our CV.
  13. gslick

    CVs in ranked sprint.

    My findings also. In the 6 ranked battles played, the team whos CV had the best random win rate won the match. (To CV apologists I know small sample size but its enough for me. Since no other ship seems to have any influence on the win not playing ranked anymore.)
  14. My very first purchase for real $$.$$ because then I would not have to feel like that I have been ripped off with their actions.
  15. gslick

    Clan battles season 9

    My main accounts clan made it in low Storm and had our better results when our CV player was available. When he was not available and we ran with a BB we discussed how this was more fun even though our win rate went down. The DDs could be slightly tuned (reduce reload speed, reduce max speed, less concealment) to bring them into line with other picks. To make a BB pick in CBs equal in team value to a CV would require gutting the defining characteristics of the present CV play style.