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  1. Agree with your sentiment 100%. Watching WG shoot themselves in the foot and screw over their players is much more fun than playing the game with the reworked CVs. (Not to mention their obscene promotion material for the Puerto Rico event, screwing over operations {my favorite thing to do with clan mates} and in general jacking up prices while requiring excessive grinding to obtain rewards all the while eliminating fun play).
  2. gslick

    Addition of CVs to CB next season

    Likely to be true of my main clan also. Since will not even get a free commander respec out of it, not any reason to even play even one CV contaminated clan battle.
  3. gslick

    Addition of CVs to CB next season

    Speechless at WGs continuing idiocy. To sell the new T10 premium CV the Roosevelt of course.
  4. gslick

    European Tokens, WG's RNG at it's finest

    LOL. And everybody thought that Puerto Rico was expensive at only 59,000 doubloons to unlock immediately. I'm way past giving a dam#. WG can raise the price to 5000 doubloons for all I care anymore.
  5. gslick

    Planes in Ranked are invincible

    Am I shocked at this total screwup. Not in the least. Have been well trained to expect no less from WG.
  6. I am also upset that Narai is being pulled. A long history of WOWs promises that were broken has left many (at least one person-me) extremely distrustful of WGs assurances. A better lesson is "_NEVER_ invest real cash into a ship WOWs just because it is good in an operation... since the operation your reason to purchase can be removed.
  7. gslick

    how to con people out of steel

    Flint and black originally took 3 & 5 rank outs to obtain. Then WG changed to selling for steel you could earn in clan battles and ranked without even ranking out or obtaining many wins in Typhoon League in Clan Battles (for Stalingrad). Then WG sold mission to obtain steel in 2018 and also snow flakes so everyone could obtain steel and also possibly drop some in a supercontainer. After they introduced steel instead of a number of rank out flags for the reward ships the writing was on the wall. WALL>>> WG will change anything and everything at any time if they feel that will squeeze out another ruble and will then spin some song and dance excuse why everyone should be thrilled.
  8. gslick

    Why no CVs in matches of tier 7 an above?

    I am doing the only thing I can. I will only tolerate 1 CV random game per day, and continue to not spend any money like I have been doing for the last 12 months. Wonder which is more important to WG, saving face or making more money? My bet is they would prefer to go bankrupt rather than admitting the rework was a failure.
  9. gslick

    Why no CVs in matches of tier 7 an above?

    Even if the red CV is absent (AFK), the presence of my sides CV and his spotting eliminates the interesting play possibilities and fun game play from the uncertainty of positions of the enemy. With a CV in game might as well just give all ships a 100 km vs 2 km assured detection.
  10. gslick

    Why no CVs in matches of tier 7 an above?

    Except the mere presence of the planes flying around, even if they are bad at attacking, their accidental spotting (in my CL) ruin all of the fun and interesting play possibilities. I will only play 1 random battle per day that contains a CV. And have not spent any money on this game for over a year.
  11. gslick

    CV Rework Discussion

    Comments from good to great players in very competitive clans regarding the recent 12 v 12 clan brawls. If CVs are such a sh-show with them when are divisioned with clan mates, then they (the CV) also does not belong in randoms either. They totally kill the enjoyment for the other 18-22 players in the battle.
  12. gslick

    CV Rework Discussion

    We are on page 472, because CVs are NOT FINE. Exactly, when I get dropped into a game with CVs, even if both are AFK it feels like a horrible experience and a waste of time.
  13. Just checked. No matter the mode selected, cannot change commanders and respecing costs 25 Doubloons or 10,000 XP per skill point. I think that OP's title nailed the reasons.
  14. gslick

    CV Rework Discussion

    No hint of any improvement in AA in 0.8.9 either. If their target was to increase revenue with the CV rework, at least from me it has been a total fail. Have spent 0 money since the rework first dropped in 0.8.0. Looks like that will continue. I will only subject myself to 1 game with a CV present per day. Then a couple of coops or operations for a container and maybe 1 daily mission just for old time sake, and in the likely forlorn hope they (WOWs) will come to their senses about CVs and just remove the class.
  15. gslick

    Too many CVs

    Well, S_O says lots of things at lots of different times. Whether what is said is factual or just so much bs again is at best a coin toss. Most likely it is what is the most convenient from WGs perspective for you to believe at the time.